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I. Choosing an Appropriate EV Charger for Your Vehicle

Do you know that the rapid growth in the owners of electric vehicles is already saving the planet? The more people switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles, pollution is steadily reduced in some parts of the world. This is why EVs are becoming popular each day. This is also a reason to assist EV owners to identify and select the best EV charger for a memorable and hitch-free experience. Therefore, without taking more of your time, let’s begin.

It is essential that you consider a few factors when selecting an appropriate EV charger for your electric vehicles. Either newly purchased or already a user. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase Chargers: Let’s start with deciding whether to choose a single-phased charger or a three-phased charger. This in particular is determined by the current supplied. The single-phase charger is typically suited for home charging purposes. It’s a 120-240V charger and this type is commonly installed for home charging. EV owners will have to charge their electric vehicles for longer hours. Meanwhile, the three-phased chargers are most suitable for offices or other public charging points. The three-phased chargers supply an electric charge of 240-480V. Therefore, they are the best top-up charger for E V drivers as it offers convenience and speed.


  • Type 1 or Type 2 Chargers: With these types of chargers, compatibility is very essential. It is also important to note that if charging is done at home and overnight then a type 1 charger can offer you that. Furthermore, a type 1 charger is also best when it’s just a single EV that is to be charged. A level 2 EV charger on the other hand is appropriate for when multiple EVs are to be charged. Thereby, charging can be done at a faster rate and multiple electric vehicles can be charged. Another noteworthy fact is that where type 1 chargers are mostly compatible with American and Asian-made EVs, the type 2 charger fits the European-made EVs perfectly.
  • Tethered or Untethered Chargers: Choosing between a tethered charger and an untethered charger can be reliant on the EV owner. This is because a tethered charger can not be moved from place to place like a portable EV charger as it is installed at a particular charging hub. Therefore, the advantages of a tethered charger might be limited. With that said, an untethered charger offers an EV owner mobility. This means that you can travel wherever you want with your charger and juice up at a public charging station. And that is another benefit of an untethered charger. An untethered charger is deployable to charge both type 1 and type 2 charging ports. This provides you the opportunity to share your charger with other EV drivers, provided their EVs are compatible with your charger.

With all of these factors considered, it’s time we considered the best chargers in the market. These chargers are not just efficient but also pocket-friendly.

Making a choice between the top EV charger companies available in the industry today can be daunting since all seems to promise the best of services. However, data and feedback has shown that these EV charger manufacturers have consistently raised the bar of quality products and customer satisfaction.

A. Electrly EV Charger

Electrly is a top Chinese brand known for excellence in its supply of quality products. And their EV chargers are no exception. Electrly’s EV chargers are one of the best in the market. Electrly manufactures and supplies type 2 chargers that offer durability. Its fast-charging features ensure your EV is charged within 2-4 hours. Some of its other sleek features include an inbuilt system that automatically starts and stops charging your EV. Electrly likewise offers its customers a 2-year warranty on all its EV chargers and accessories. This guarantees maintenance services while still in its warranty, something that you don’t often see with other EV charger manufacturers.

B. ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint Home Flex is a type 2 charger from the range of charging hubs represented by the brand. It is a home charging point with a 23 feet long charging cable. It supplies a charging output of both 40A (9.6Kw) and 32A (7.7Kw). It features remote monitoring that regulates charging as well. Additionally, it aligns with its public charging network app. Therefore, if you are already a user of the ChargePoint app, installing a home flex model in your home just got better.

C. Enel X JuiceBox 40

Most of these chargers have quite similar features, but also have distinct contrasts. Like the ChargePoint charger, the Juicebox 40 also has remote monitoring of your EV’s charging status and likewise controls your charging schedules. But the better advantage the JuiceBox 40 possesses over the others includes a longer charging cable of 25 feet and a sophisticated charger that allows you to charge two EVs from the same power source simultaneously. It also possesses the ability to adapt to your electricity tariff which makes it cost-effective



D. FLO Home EV Charger:

The FLO home EV charger is another top-class EV charger with a sleek design that allows it to cope with extreme weather conditions. The FLO home EV charger has both tethered and untethered models. Automatically monitors your consumption and gives an update on power level. This assists to set the next charging of your EV. It offers up to five times fast charge, and also has a five-year warranty.

E. Tesla Wall Connector:

The Tesla Wall Connector is one of Tesla’s best EV charging equipment since the evolution of electric vehicles. It is a 24-feet long charger, with a maximum output charge of 48A often obtainable with most level 3 EV chargers. This charger allows an EV owner to enjoy charging and top-ups. It is made with the capacity to withstand dust, dirt, and water. And another lustrous feature is its slimmer design which makes it lighter. The Tesla wall connector is usually hardwired when installed, which means you may not be able to move it around. The Tesla Wall charger also has a 2-year warranty.



F. Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger:

The Grizzl-E EV charger is considered the best home EV charger for EV owners. No wonder we saved the best for last. The Grizzl-E level 2 charger is a 40A EV charger, with a 24 feet cable. Its compatibility is vast as it has multiple installation options. It can either be hardwired or plug-in. The plug-in option also has two different connectors. It has a three-year warranty that ensures maximum satisfaction before any necessary adjustment or replacement. The Grizzl-E is most of all pocket-friendly when compared to other EV chargers and can likewise cope in any weather.


Before we pull the curtains a quick recap. It is very important to choose the right chargers for your EV. For efficiency and to guarantee that you would enjoy your transition to cleaner energy, identifying and selecting the appropriate charger is of utmost importance. Therefore, you must determine whether you require a single or three-phased charger, a type 1 or type 2, and lastly a tethered or an untethered charger according to your preference. Consequently, we’ve assisted in highlighting the best EV chargers in the market. Feel free to select which suits your preference and enjoy driving your electric vehicle.

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