How to Choose Your Volkswagen e-golf Charging Station?

Are you a Volkswagen e-golf electric car owner? Do you have to buy a charging station? Which charging station is right for you and what should you consider when buying it? The article gives you an understanding of the charging station of VW e-golf.

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Your electric car Volkswagen e-Golf has been delivered to you. And now What?

Do I have to buy a charging station? Which charging station is right for me and what should I consider when buying it? What is the idea of zero emissions by EVs?

As the 2022 version of Volkswagen e-Golf is just released, drivers have no idea about the extravagant charging system of the EV. Incorporating the latest EV system into Volkswagen Golf’s highly complete body, the e-Golf is the latest version of EV that combines tradition and innovation. In the following, we would like to shed some light on the most important points.

I. Volkswagen e-golf Charging Stations


II. What Volkswagen e-golf Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

If there is one thing that impresses Volkswagen, it is its extraordinary ability to get up from falls and get the machinery moving again in pursuit of a new goal. In less than two years it has advanced electric cars and has occupied the place of honor in the race for electrification. By acquiring Volkswagen e-golf, you will not only benefit from the numerous economic advantages in the cost of recharging, parking, or maintenance of an electric vehicle, but you are also contributing to reducing CO2 emissions. By raising the graph of EV vehicles, e-golf is manufactured to stay energy efficient.

III. Volkswagen e-golf EV Charging & Range


The Volkswagen e-golf is a 100% electric vehicle and has 300 km of autonomy to conquer the city. Volkswagen e-Golf consumes 12.7 kWh per 100 km. In addition, it offers acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds, maintaining constant torque throughout the entire rev range. Its lithium-ion battery is guaranteed for 8 years and is perfectly integrated and protected inside the vehicle. EV charging range can vary with various power options available with level 2, fast AC charging range can be up to 6 hours with 7.2kW power. Even faster charging range with level 3 DC fast chargers can be handled by e-golf, in this way charging time can be minimized up to as low as 35 minutes.

IV. Volkswagen e-golf Connector Types and Charging Rate

It is no surprise that connector types installed in e-golf will be compatible with all charging types. A Type 2 connector is installed at home and public charging points with a maximum AC charging rate of 7.2kW. Tethered CCS connector is also present for rapid DC charging with a maximum DC charging rate of 40kW.

V. How Long does it Take to Charge a Volkswagen e-golf?

The fastest way to charge the battery of the new e-Golf is to use direct current at public charging stations or CCS, which charge up to 80% of the battery in less than 1 hour.

There is the option of incorporating a fixed charging point for electric vehicles called WallBox. This system provides a greater charging capacity than a conventional plug and sets the recharging time at about 5 hours and 20 minutes. WallBox generates a charging power of up to 300% higher than a domestic outlet.

In summary:

  • The conventional 230 V at 2.3 kW charge or plug provides you with a full charge from zero in 17 hours.
  • In a 3.6 kW WallBox system it will take about 10 hours and 45 minutes.
  • With the 7.2 kW WallBox system, the charging time is 5 hours and 20 minutes.
  • And with the 40 kW CCS system in just 35 minutes, we can charge the battery to 80%.

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VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

The 2022 version of the Volkswagen e-golf is considered the fastest Electric Vehicle till now and it is accepting the fastest level of charging accessible. Level 3 DC fast charging is the fastest charging rate available for the EV. At this speed, e-golf can be charged up to 80% in just 35 minutes.

VII. How to Charge a Volkswagen e-golf?


The VW e-Golf is providing accessibility to every charging type. It has the CCS charging standard, comprising DC and AC inlet ports.

  • For charging at home or at slow public charging points or fast AC charging, you can use the upper section of the port to plug in Type 2 connector.
  • For DC fast charging, both parts on the inlet port are engaged to bring high power.

The VW e-Golf allows slow, fast and rapid charging from public charging stations.

  • Slow charging entails a 3-pin-to-Type 2 cable
  • Type 2-to-Type 2 cables are utilized for fast charging
  • The EV has a built-in tethered CCS connector for fast DC charging.

VIII. How Much does it Cost to Charge a Volkswagen e-golf?

You can get an approved charging station as a basic model with fixed prices according to the level of charging unit you need. The more the power, the more the price.

The price may also become higher, depending on additional features such as connectivity, smart power management, etc. You also have to take into account the assembly and electrical installation, in addition to the charging station itself.

The local circumstances play an important role here. How far is the car park from the meter or from the general picture of the house? Will there be a hole in the wall or excavation work to be carried out?

AC 3.7kW power stations are the cheapest charging units while DC fast charging units are the most expensive charging stations.

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IX. How to Choose Your Volkswagen e-golf Charging Station?

When choosing Volkswagen e-golf Charging Station, it is important to pay attention to these aspects of charging units which will help control the recharging process. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Manufacturers: While opting for a charging station for your Volkswagen e-golf, never for granted the manufacturer. Your EV charger manufacturer should have a good track record in the sector and has the appropriate certifications. In the Electrly store, you can find a wide range of approved charging station manufacturers.

Moisture protection: For an indoor garage, moisture protection is not critical, but if you plan to recharge in your yard or in an open-air parking lot, choose a dust and moisture protection level.

Portable or stationary chargers: To understand which is better suited in your case, you need to calculate your driving time. If you enjoy long journeys frequently then portable chargers are the better option for you.

Billing: Billing is the key factor when choosing charging stations, the different levels of charging units are of various prices. At home, you can install charging level 1 and level 2 with the power of 3.2kW or 7kW, choose your charging unit which is just right for your e-golf at the right price. Other factors that can affect price are connector types, adaptors, and cable.

Usage: The use and purpose of your EV is another point to keep in mind. If you are a family person and have a daily routine with 9 to 5 offices, then a 3.7kW wallbox is the best and the cheapest option for you as you can charge your car overnight. But if long trips to rare places is your option then go for a fast charging station to minimize the waiting time.

X. Where to Buy Quality Volkswagen e-golf Charging Stations for Home Use?

The best-suited pick is to charge your EV at home, as it is a cost-effective and convenient way. You can enjoy 2 options while charging at home. One is a home already installed domestic plug, but it will prove slow charging other is wallbox charging at home.

Many companies are offering fully installed charging stations at home with 7kw power and fixed prices. These charging points are high power wall-mounted stations that are a bit more costly than 3KW charging units but can charge your e-golf in half the time. There are two ways to find a quality charging station for home use, which are as follows:

Specified EV charger manufacturers: Just like other popular brands, VW e-golf manufacturers have joined hands with some of the EV charging manufacturers to provide specifically designed charging stations according to the features of EV. This is the best option for you to buy a quality charging station for use at home.

Exhibitions: To showcase products, first-tier EV charging station manufacturers present their units at different exhibitions. These exhibitions are open to everyone. You can understand EV chargers there and learn about their specifications, after that you can easily choose quality EV charging for your home use.

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XI. Electrly Advantages for Volkswagen e-golf Owners

  • Top Quality

Electrly always keeps a long-term relationship with its customers. Top-quality of their products with ISO9001:2015 quality management systems certification make their customers satisfied and happy. The number of Electrly charging units is increasing day by day due to its known quality guarantees.

  • Affordable Price

Despite the fact that Electrly chargers are the most compatible chargers with the latest EV cars, their production cost is driven down to make the EV charging units affordable. The reason for such competitive prices is a huge group of experienced labor.

  • Rich Experience

Electrly has a rich experience of more than a decade. All these years, with the help of customer reviews, their EV charging technologies grow more innovative, high-tech, and unique.

  • Qualification Certificates

Electrly prioritizes the application of safety and quality certifications for quality insurance and customer satisfaction. Some of the Electrly certifications are IP, EN, CE, ISO, UL, etc.

  • Comprehensive Service

Electrly is an authorized selling company for the electric vehicle recharging infrastructures, for this reason, it can advise you correctly and help you throughout the process of selling, installing, and using your wallbox and also provide after-sale services, so that your only concern is driving your electric vehicle.


This article was conceived with the intention of giving you an understanding of the charging station of VW e-golf. To conclude, your e-golf cannot be efficient enough if you don’t keep these points of charging stations in mind. You must know there is no universal charger for everyone. They are all different according to your different requests, depending on the characteristics of the home network, the brand of the machine, or the installation location. Now it’s up to you to choose the charging station with the right level of quality and functions. To know more about EV chargers, visit our Electrly website.

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