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EV Chargers for Commercial Uses

  • VoltPlug - A1

    VoltPlug - A1

    2 * 7kW / 2 * 22kWLevel 2Business Charger
    • Maximum power output of 22 kW

    • Dual output sockets

    • RFID/plug & play operation

    • MID-certified energy meter

    • Beautifully designed

    • Ethernet, 4G, and Wi-Fi communication

  • VoltPlug - A2

    VoltPlug - A2

    2 * 7kW / 2 * 11kW / 2 * 22kWLevel 2Business Charger
    • Max power of 22 kW with two sockets

    • Type 1 or Type 2 cables

    • Suitable for business applications

    • IP65 rating for waterproof and dust protection

    • Ethernet, 4G, and Wi-Fi communication

    • MID-certified energy meter

  • Power Plus

    Power Plus

    • Strong Power Output Up to 240kW

    • RFID Authentication

    • Over Temperature Protection

    • IP54 Protection

    • High Charging Efficiency of 95%

    • Fully-loaded Electrical Protection

  • Panda Power

    Panda Power

    2 * 7 kW / 2 * 11 kW / 2 * 22 kWLevel 2Business Charger
    • Power output up to 22 kW * 2

    • Two output connectors

    • Beautifully designed

    • MID-certified energy meter

    • 7-inch LED touch screen

    • Compact wallbox design

  • Energi Flow - A2

    Energi Flow - A2

    • UL listed certificate

    • Adjustable output of 32A/40A

    • Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet connectivity

    • RFID authentication and app remote control

    • Beautifully designed

    • Equipped with multiple protection functions

Chargers for Residential Uses

  • Electri Charge - A23

    Electri Charge - A23

    • Max Charging Rate up to 22kW

    • WiFi Mesh Supported

    • Type 1 or 2 Connector

    • Smart Mobile APP Control

    • Over Temperature Protection

    • Customizable Cable Length

  • Electri Charge - A19

    Electri Charge - A19

    • Maximum 22kW Output

    • RFID Authentication

    • 5.0 Inches LCD Screen

    • Optional Charging Connectors

    • Over Voltage Protection

    • IP55 Waterproof Enclosures

  • Electri Charge - A20

    Electri Charge - A20

    • Up to 22kW Charging Power

    • Smart APP Control

    • Type 1 or 2 Charging Cable

    • Emergency Stop Button

    • Secure User Identification with RFID

    • OCPP Communication protocol

  • Electri Charge - A21

    Electri Charge - A21

    • Up to 22kW AC Charging

    • Compatible with All EVs

    • Dynamic Load Balancing

    • Built-in PEN Fault Detection

    • Highest Electrical Safety

    • Easy Indoor / Outdoor Installation

  • Volt Go - A26

    Volt Go - A26

    7 kW / 11 kW / 22 kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • Fingerprint authentication

    • IP55 waterproof and dustproof

    • 4.3"/7" LCD screen

  • Volt Go - A57

    Volt Go - A57

    7 kW / 11 kW / 22 kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • IP65 rated - ready for outdoor use

    • Level 2 charging with Type 2 connector

    • 4.3" LCD display

    • Comes with Wi-Fi/app and RFID control

    • Beautifully designed

    • Can be customized in multiple colors

  • Road Charge - A10

    Road Charge - A10

    7.4kW / 11kW / 22kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • Max Power up to 22kW

    • Type 2 Charging Socket

    • RFID Authentication Support

    • 3-color LED Charging Indicator

    • Remote WiFi App Access

    • IP54 Rated Dust/Water Protection

  • Road Charge - A11

    Road Charge - A11

    3.7kW / 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • Max Power up to 22kW

    • Remote WiFi App Access

    • IP65 Rated Dust/Water Protection

    • OCPP 1.6 Protocol

    • LED Charging Status Indicator

    • RFID Authentication Support

  • Recharge Pro - A4

    Recharge Pro - A4

    • UL listed certificate

    • Adjustable output of 32A/40A

    • Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet connectivity

    • RFID authentication and app remote control

    • Beautifully designed

    • Equipped with multiple protection functions

  • Flexi Charge - A12

    Flexi Charge - A12

    • Max Power up to 11kW

    • IP65 Rated Dust/Water Protection

    • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    • Comprehensive Electrical Protection

    • Interactive LED / LCD Display

    • Type 2 Plug

  • Flexi Charge - A56

    Flexi Charge - A56

    3.5 kW / 7 kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • 3.5 kW to 7 kW power delivery

    • Beautifully designed

    • Type 1/Type 2 connectors (SAE J1772)

    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

    • Overtemperature protection

    • Comes with app control

  • Flexi Charge - A63

    Flexi Charge - A63

    3.5 kW - 22 kWLevel 2Home Charger
    • Maximum power output up to 22 kW

    • Portable charging solution

    • LED indicator with optional LCD screen

    • Can use an extension cable to match various power outputs

    • App-controlled charging

    • IP66 rated for ingress protection

  • Flexi Charge - A15

    Flexi Charge - A15

    • Powerful Charging up to 11kW

    • LED/LCD Charging Indicator

    • WiFi Support for Remote Access

    • IP65 Protection

    • Comprehensive Safety Measures

    • Type 2 Charging Socket

  • Flexi Charge - A13

    Flexi Charge - A13

    • Maximum Output of 11kW

    • Remote Access via WiFi

    • IP65 Rated Dust/Water Protection

    • Dynamic LED/LCD Display

    • Type 2 Connector

    • Robust Safety Measures

DC Fast Chargers

Electrly Chargers' Advantages

  • Easy to Use

    The EV chargers of Electrly are designed for people to charge their vehicles without any trouble. Most of them come with a plug & charge feature, and can be started with a swipe of an RFID card, or controlled with an intuitive mobile app.

  • Advanced Protection

    Our EV chargers are equipped with multiple protective features and meet all safety standards and regulations. This ensures the users are protected from various electrical issues and withstand different types of weather conditions.

  • Scalable and Adaptable

    Easy to install and scale, our EV chargers can adapt to your needs to expand your charging infrastructure. With our products, you will be able to handle the changing demands of your business with ease.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We don't offer just the chargers themselves, but also the assistance of finding the best solution for you. And with our 24/7 customer support and 2-year worry-free warranty, you will have access to quick help with our products.

White Label Solutions

Electrly's white label services makes it simple to brand your EV charging business. By letting us know your designs and requirements, you can get chargers with customized logos, colors and appearances from us.

And they can be easily integrated into your business and increase your customers' awareness of your brand.

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Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

EV Chargers for Every EV

Our chargers are designed to work with vehicles manufactured by a wide range of automakers and provide the highest level of compatibility with the existing connector standards. So wherever you put our products in use, there will be no hassle that your customers are unable to use your charging facility.

EV Chargers for Every EV

Uncomplicated Charger Management Software

Electrly's chargers are powered by a smart management system that makes managing your charging business convenient and efficient. It enables you to optimize the charging process for maximum efficiency with simply a few mouse clicks. Our management system can help you:

  • Monitor and control the chargers remotely, track their status and detect issues;
  • Adjust the charging power to avoid overloading and optimize energy usage;
  • Set the prices for your chargers and streamline your billing process;
  • Get real-time data and analytics to help you make informed decisions about the station.
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Uncomplicated Charger Management Software

Ideal Chargers for Different Industries

Whichever industry you're in, you'll be able to find the right charging solution at Electrly. Our charging products can be used by the following types of businesses or organizations:

EV Chargers You Can Rely On

Easy to use, control and manage
Advanced protection
Safe from different issues
Highly scalable
Adaptable to changing demands
Satisfaction guaranteed
2-year worry-free warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Multiple charging levels available

  • Compatible with most EVs

  • Scalable for all types of businesses

  • State-of-the-art safety features

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