How to Choose Your Volkswagen id-4 Charging Stations?

Are you finding suitable Volkswagen id-4 charging stations for your electric car? Do you know where to get and how to choose? This is the right article to help you get the best EV charging station for your car.

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Be in a situation where you have done all the possible calculations and you have finally chosen the Volkswagen electric vehicle of your dreams. You are now ready to experience electromobility in the first person, but you have a question… how can I charge my electric car?

Using an electric vehicle entails a great series of advantages, among which we can mention greater control of energy management, enormous economic savings or even avoiding trips to service stations. And it is that having a charging point in the garage is much easier than you might think.

I. Volkswagen id-4 Charging Stations


II. What Volkswagen id-4 Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

The Volkswagen ID.4 is the second model based on the German group’s MEB platform. An electric SUV that has landed strongly in Europe and that has stood out for its different versions, among which the one with the largest battery capacity and high power in rapid recharging stands out. The Volkswagen ID.4 is based on the ID.CROZZ concept car and promises to be a real hit. Thanks to the low position of the battery pack, which predictably gives it good road stability and a pleasant drive.

III. Volkswagen id-4 EV Charging & Range


The Volkswagen ID.4 has a 77.4 kWh battery pack and therefore a range of 500 kilometers (according to the WLTP protocol). In practice, autonomy may differ. A range of 300-350 kilometers could be a more realistic figure. Since the ID.4 is a relatively large vehicle, driving style will have a great influence on the actual range. In practice, it takes 4-6 hours to fully charge on a standard charging terminal. In a fast-charging terminal, the vehicle can be charged at an average of 110 kW DC, which allows it to go from 10% to 80% charge in about 31 minutes.

IV. Volkswagen id-4 Connector Types and Charging Rate

Volkswagen ID-4 is manufactured with a CSS connector for rapid charging and a type 2 connector for home and public charging points. They have the following characteristics.

Connector type Speed of connector Connector phase Current type Charging rate Connector location
Type 2 Slow phase 1 AC 7.2kW Right Side – Rear
Type 2 Fast phase 3 AC 11kW Right Side – Rear
CSS Rapid DC phase DC 126kW Right Side – Rear

V. How Long does it Take to Charge a Volkswagen id-4?

The speed of charging in Volkswagen id-4 varies with different charging types.

Super slow: Charging time with domestic socket, the conventional ones in all houses can be of lowest speed almost about 36 hours. Its maximum intensity is 10 A and has low power.

Slow recharge: It is a normal or conventional way with a power of 3.6 kW with a range of 13 m/h. VW id-4 can 22 hours. It can be installed in homes, offices, and shopping malls.

Semi-Fast charging: With 7kW, id-4 can be charged on high power. The charging time is half from the previous one. Therefore, this is the best option, since you recharge your EV in 12 hours.

Fast recharging: Charging stations are only available on public roads and charging stations with 22kW power. It takes only 8 hours to fully charge your Id

DC rapid charging: Since power at these stations is between 50 kW to 150kW, it takes half an hour or one hour for 80% charging of the EV on DC current.

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VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

To charge your VW id-4 battery at minimum time and fastest speed, use level 3 DC rapid charging. At this Charging level, 80% battery charging of VW id-4 can be done in 31 minutes only. Now, you are thinking why to spend so much time with slow charging if the DC charging option is available. the answer is that DC charging stations are rarely available.

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VII. How to Charge a Volkswagen id-4?


The presence of CSS charging AC and DC port in VW id-4 gives leverage to EV to charge effectively in different situations.

If you want to charge your EV at home, then there are two ways.

  • First charge it with a domestic plug, you don’t need to do any further installation. Just plug the cable that comes with the EV into the home charging plug and in 36 hours your vehicle is good to go.
  • For fast charging at home, type 2 connector is connected on the upper portion of the port.

To charge VW id-4 in public places there are three methods:

  • To slowly charge your EV, plug 3-pin-to-Type 2 cables in the port.
  • Type 2-to-Type 2 cables are used for fast charging
  • Charge your EV with tethered CCS connector for DC charging

VIII. How much does it Cost to Charge a Volkswagen id-4?

The cost of charging a Volkswagen id-4 will depend on whether we are charging it in our home or on publicly available charging stations. Cost estimates are based on the remaining charge, usable capacity and age of the battery.

According to the energy consumption, the cost of Volkswagen id-4’s charging largely depends on the kind of charging. On average, home charging is the lowest per-mile option, whereas public fast charging costs approximately twice as much. These fuel prices are competitive with traditional petrol and diesel cars, which cost higher.

IX. How to Choose Your Volkswagen id-4 Charging Station?

While choosing the right Charging Station for Volkswagen id-4, we may need to pay attention to the following aspects of charging units which will aid in the process of recharging. Let’s take a closer look at them below.

Portable or stationary chargers: The type of charger depends upon the driving time of the buyer; if he goes on long trips more often then he should buy portable charges as they are a better option while for shorter trips stationary chargers can be used.

Manufacturers: Volkswagen id-4 charging stations manufacturers should be of higher quality and have a good image in the market. Always look for the certifications before buying such types of products. You can always find the certified manufacturers of these units on the Electrly.

Pricing: While buying the charging stations, the price of the stations differ due to quality and specifications they offer so they are of different prices. The major challenge is to buy the charger while remaining in your budget.

Driving pattern: Purchasing a charging station that corresponds to your driving habits is crucial and can save you money. For instance, if you don’t drive as much on a daily basis to far distances then there will be a different requirement in opting for a charger. In such situations getting a level charger can be a cheap and perfect option.

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X. Where to Buy Quality Volkswagen id-4 Charging Stations for Home Use?

The most convenient and easy to implement method to charge your EV cars like Volkswagen id-4 is to have a charging station at home. At home the users can charge via wallbox charging station or through plugging in a pre-installed socket. But due to the faster charging experience of wallbox at home, it’s a better option.

The charging units are usually mounted on the wall and come with a tethered Type 1 or Type 2 cable that can be plugged directly into the car, or a Type 2 socket that can be used with the vehicle’s charging cable. Most providers offer two power ratings: 3 kW and 7 kW. If the car has a fast charger, it is expected to increase the payment for the 7 kW, which cuts charging time significantly.

A lot of the companies are already supplying fully fitted charging stations with 7kw power and fixed pricing at their customers’ homes. For your electric vehicles to get charged in a lesser time, highly efficient wall mounted charging stations are required which costs you more than an average 3KW charging station. To find better quality products for home use different approaches are used, which are as follows:

Trade fair: For the promotion of their products, some high level manufacturers of EV charging stations showcase their products in different public places where a large number of people can participate. This method has the advantage of allowing you to meet the manufacturers and compare the characteristics of EV chargers before placing an order.

EV charger manufacturers: The most effective method to have a home based charging station which is also of a better quality is to directly buy from the manufacturers of the EV charges. They sometimes also manufacture the products with the specific characteristics which may be beneficial for the electric vehicle.

XI. Electrly Advantages for Volkswagen id-4 Owners

  • Top Quality

Electrly, the charging station manufacturer, is continuously producing better EV chargers because there is a lot of development going on in this field. The internationally recognized certifications for the quality check like ISO 9001:2015 are being used, which are important for implementing some quality certifications and feedback of the customer. Due to the production of high quality products, the manufacturing of EV charging units is increasing by time.

  • Affordable Price

EV chargers are easily accessible for the general public due to their lower price per unit and also compatible with the electric vehicles. The reason for the low prices is the large group of experienced employees.

  • Qualification Certificates

Electrly prioritizes the Quality certifications and Safety because they provide clients with a greater level of confidence and assure them of Electrly’s foreign compliance. These certifications include UL, CE, ISO, EN, IP etc

  • Rich Experience

Due to the increase in customer feedback since the past years, the techniques used by Electrly for the charging of electric vehicles have become more novel and innovative.

  • Comprehensive Service

Electrly provides the detailed services to their customers, as they help from purchasing to the installation of home based charging of their products. They properly guide the customer through the process as well as provide the services afterwards so the buyer doesn’t need to worry about anything.


In this article, Volkswagen id-4 charging stations are discussed in detail. We should focus on these points regarding the charging station in order to make the Volkswagen id-4 efficient enough. It should be understood that there are different chargers according to the demand. The EV chargers vary depending on the machine’s maker, whether the charging is home based or not and from where we are getting the installation done. After purchasing the electric vehicle, it’s up to the customer to decide which type of charging station meets their needs keeping in mind the specifications.

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