Electric Bus Charging Solution

Electric Bus Charging Solution

Reduce the complexity and cost of running your electric bus fleet with our intelligent and efficient chargers.

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Electric Bus Charging Solution

Effective Charging Solution for Electric Buses

At Electrly, we offer a cost-effective charging solution for e-buses. Our EV chargers are designed with durability, safety and fast charging in mind. We also provide comprehensive support from planning to installation, giving you hassle-free charging experience for your buses no matter what industry you're in.

Effective Charging Solution for Electric Buses
  • Campuses

    Our easy-to-install and reliable solutions provide a safe and efficient way to charge campus buses, helping colleges serve their students, faculty, and visitors better.

  • Airports

    We can help airports get their bus fleets powered up and ready for the future. Our efficient e-bus charging solutions can be tailored to any airport’s specific needs.

  • Public Transits

    Our EV chargers are designed to work with almost all e-bus types and models used in public transits, and meet the ever-evolving needs of the transportation industry.

  • School Buses

    Our e-bus chargers can keep school buses eco-friendly and cost-effective, providing reliable and sustainable transportation for students everywhere.

Why Choose Electrly for Your E-Buses

Lower Setup Costs

With our e-bus chargers, you can enjoy affordable prices and low operational costs. We also offer bulk purchase discounts to help you save more money on your charging infrastructures.

Higher Vehicle Uptime

Advanced Safety Features

Comprehensive Support

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Why Choose Electrly for Your E-Buses

Adaptable E-Bus Charging Solutions for Different Needs

You can easily find a suitable charging solution at Electrly for your e-buses no matter what your requirements are.

  • E-Bus Fleet Operators

    Our fast and safe chargers can meet the unique needs of e-bus operators, allowing them to reduce costs, maximize the efficiency of their fleets and keep them running smoothly.

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  • E-Bus Makers

    We bring cutting-edge charging solutions to the e-bus manufacturing industry. Our customizable products can help you bring a smooth charging experience for your customers.

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  • Cities & Governments

    Our chargers are ideal for public transportation to reduce emission and increase efficiency. They make it easy for cities and governments to build a more sustainable future.

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Recommended Chargers for E-Buses

PD20 Series

PD20 Series

  • Compact design

  • CCS1 or 2 cable

  • MID-certified electric meter

Rocket FC120

Rocket FC120

  • Max efficiency 95%

  • AC & DC Compatible

  • Type A RCD

Turbo FC60

Turbo FC60

  • Ethernet/4G/WiFi supported

  • Max efficiency 95%

  • AC & DC compatible

Power Plus

Power Plus

  • Strong Power Output Up to 240kW

  • RFID Authentication

  • Over Temperature Protection

  • IP54 Protection

  • High Charging Efficiency of 95%

  • Fully-loaded Electrical Protection

How Our Services Work

Our streamlined process can help you get the suitable chargers for your buses with no trouble.

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  • Tell Us Your Requirements

    Contact us and let us know your requirements for the charging facility for your e-buses in detail.

  • We Propose a Solution

    We will propose a suitable solution based on your requirements. You can take your time to review the proposal.

  • Get Your Free Quote

    After you confirm, we'll send you a free quote specifying the price and details for our products and services.

  • Place Your Order

    Once you're okay with everything we offer, you can place your order and make the payment.

  • Wait for Delivery

    We will schedule the production right away and deliver your e-bus chargers as soon as possible.

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Smart Management Software for E-Bus Fleet Operators

Our charger management system provides an easy way to monitor your charging facility. It can track energy consumption, charger status and performance in real-time, allowing you to adjust your charging schedule or power output as needed. This can ensure that your chargers are always running at their best.

Smart Management Software for E-Bus Fleet Operators

Cutting-Edge E-Bus Charging Solution

💰 AffordableLower setup and operation costs
🚀 EfficientLess charging time required
🛡️ SafeAdvanced protection features
💪 ReliableComprehensive product support
Seeking Charging Solutions for Other Vehicle Types?

Seeking Charging Solutions for Other Vehicle Types?

  • Electric Car Charging Solutions

    Build your charging infrastructure for electric cars conveniently with our range of smart charging solutions.

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  • Electric Truck Charging Solutions

    Keep your electric trucks on the move and environmentally friendly with our innovative truck chargers.

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Power Up Your Electric Buses Now!

Contact us for tailored charging solutions for your e-buses.

  • Lower setup costs

  • Higher vehicle uptime

  • Advanced safety features

  • Comprehensive support

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