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Smart EV Charging Management Software (CMS)

A detailed, yet easy-to-read dashboard giving you real-time insights and control over your charging networks.

Smart EV Charging Management Software (CMS)

Seamlessly Manage All Aspects of Your EV Charging

Electrly gives you full control over your EV charging infrastructures, simplifies the management of your charging networks into one control panel, and gives you holistic insights into drivers' charging activities. This helps you analyze usage patterns and optimize operations to drive profitability.

Seamlessly Manage All Aspects of Your EV Charging
  • Control entire charging network

    Centrally manage numerous OCPP-compliant EV chargers at home or on the go using an internet-enabled device.

  • Monitor charging activities

    Monitor which chargers are in use and by whom. Keep track of charging sessions, meter readings, EV driver activities, occupancy status, energy usage, etc.

  • Manage users

    Set up groups for your employees, residents, or fleets and assign them the permissions for charging.

  • Set availability

    Set the availability or unavailability of every charging unit. Limit the number of chargers available for use at once or disallow access to faulty chargers.

  • Manage charger errors

    Identify inactive and malfunctioning chargers around the clock. Update firmware remotely to tackle software issues.

  • Alerts & notifications

    Set up alerts and notifications so you can be reminded via email or phone whenever an issue comes up with EV chargers or charging stations.

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Streamline Billing and Payments

Get complete visibility and control of the entire billing process. Increase customer satisfaction by integrating popular payment platforms into your solution and providing users with multiple, convenient payment options to choose from.

Automated billings

Automate billings so that customers are billed automatically after each session. Receive payments securely and directly to your account.

Contactless payments

Various payment models


Collect & store billing info securely

Streamline Billing and Payments

Guide decisions based on real-time charging statistics

Gain insights from several critical metrics from all your charging stations to make informed business decisions and improve user experience.

Guide decisions based on real-time charging statistics
  • Visualized charging data

    Data are visualized in the form of charts, graphs, and a real-time dashboard, showing key performance metrics like station utilization, power usage, charging duration, revenue trends, etc.

  • Track historical data

    View detailed records of charging activities, user charging behavior, charging station performance, and payment history at all charging stations.

  • Statistics exports

    All data can be exported in CSV or Excel format. Our platform is also integrable with other systems' APIs which allows you to extract data and export it to external applications for further analysis or use.

Energy Management for Smart Charging

Optimize the charging capacity and efficiency of your EV charger network. Reduce energy costs and avoid blackouts.

Power redistribution

Dynamically distribute the available power more effectively among active charging stations. Reduce the chances of grid overload and minimize energy costs.

Power redistribution

Power regulation

Regulate the amount of power that goes into all changing units based on demand. It can maintain grid stability and prevent blackouts.

Power regulation

Increased Convenience For Drivers

Our EV driver mobile app works in tandem with the charging management software to provide a seamless charging experience for your users. They can:

Locate nearby charging stations

Find nearby charging locations and check their availability in real-time. This can save time and save your customers the frustration that comes with arriving at a location only to see that all available charging spots are already taken.

Pay with their card or another preferred method

Schedule charging

Track charging progress in real time

Increased Convenience For Drivers

Increased Profits For Businesses

Optimize revenue by implementing flexible pricing strategies like adjusting pricing based on charging speed and demand, tracking maintenance needs, minimizing running costs, and implementing dynamic load management strategies which help to reduce downtime and energy bills.

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Increased Profits For Businesses

Highly Intelligent EV Charging Solution

Rapid Recharging120kW DC fast chargers
Cutting-Edge Safety ProtectionsOvercurrent, overvoltage & short-circuit prevention
Unified Charging Management DashboardAccess essential operation data
Tailor-Made Charging InfrastructureCustomize logo, size, height & outer case

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  • Multiple charging levels available

  • Compatible with most EVs

  • Scalable for all types of businesses

  • State-of-the-art safety features

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