EV Charging for Hotels & Hospitality

EV Charging for Hotels & Hospitality

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Improve Guest Delight with Convenient EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle usage among travelers is on the rise. This makes EV charging stations a must-have amenity for the hospitality industry.

Installing our EV charging stations can help you attract more EV drivers, increase guest loyalty, and gain an edge over your competitors. With our user-friendly management system, overseeing your EV charging stations is also a breeze.

Power Up Your Parking Business with Seamless EV Charging

How We Can Benefit You and Your Guests

  • Enhance Guest Satisfaction

    Our chargers are designed to be universally compatible with all types of EVs, ensuring that all your EV guests can enjoy a convenient charging experience during their stay.

  • Attract More Guests

    Installing our EV charging stations can help you reach a rapidly growing market of EV drivers, which can translate to more bookings and an increase in repeat visits.

  • Increase Revenue Stream

    With our management system, you can set prices for your EV charging services, which enables you to earn more revenue and generate higher profits.

  • Safe Charging Service

    Our electric vehicle chargers meet the highest safety standards. You can rest assured that you are providing your customers with not only reliable but safe charging services.

  • Payment Management

    You can integrate our management system into your existing parking system to simplify and streamline the process of managing dual payment systems.

  • Reduce Installation Costs

    Say goodbye to the complicated installation process and expensive costs when you choose our EV chargers with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules.

Recommended Products

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    PD 20 Series

    With its advanced smart charging features, lower power requirements, and high energy efficiency, it is the perfect solution for hospitality EV charging needs.

    • Max Power 20 kW
    • CCS2 Cable
    • Compact Design
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
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    TF 60 Series

    Turbo FC60 delivers a power output of up to 60 KW and offers tremendous reliability and flexibility. It is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry.

    • Max Power 60 kW
    • Ethernet/4G/WiFi
    • Max Efficiency 95%
    • AC & DC Compatibility
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    RF 120 Series

    Rocket FC120 is a DC fast charger. With this EV charging solution, you can easily provide your guests with a fast, safe, and convenient charging experience.

    • Max Power 120 kW
    • Max Efficiency 95%
    • AC & DC Compatibility
    • Type A RCD
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    Electri Charge - A23

    Explore Electri Charge - A23, a level 2 EV charger with smart control and maximum safety protection. With an output of up to 22 kW, it is the ideal EV charger for residential and commercial use.

    • Max Charging Rate up to 22kW
    • WiFi Mesh Supported
    • Type 1 or 2 Connector
    • Smart Mobile APP Control
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Customizable Cable Length
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    Electri Charge - A19

    Electri Charge - A19 is a powerful level 2 EV charger with a maximum output of 22kW. With an IP 55 waterproof rating, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    • Maximum 22kW Output
    • RFID Authentication
    • 5.0 Inches LCD Screen
    • Optional Charging Connectors
    • Over voltage protection
    • IP55 Waterproof Enclosures
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    Electri Charge - A20

    Featuring smart charging control, dynamic load balancing, and comprehensive safety protection, Electri Charge - A20 delivers a convenient and peace-of-mind charging experience.

    • Up to 22kW Charging Power
    • Smart APP Control
    • Type 1 or 2 Charging Cable
    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Secure User Identification with RFID
    • OCPP Communication protocol
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    Electri Charge - A21

    With its top-notch quality standards, intelligent charging control feature, and customizable charging connectors, Electric Charge - A21 is the perfect solution for all your EV charging needs.

    • Up to 22kW AC Charging
    • Compatible with All EVs
    • Dynamic Load Balancing
    • Built-in PEN Fault Detection
    • Highest Electrical Safety
    • Easy Indoor / Outdoor Installation
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    Road Charge - A11

    Explore Electrly’s Road Charge - A11, a simple, secured, and smart home charging solution with features including LED status indicator, RFID authentication, and remote control over WiFi App.

    • Max Power up to 22kW
    • Remote WiFi App Access
    • IP65 Rated Dust/Water Protection
    • OCPP 1.6 Protocol
    • LED Charging Status Indicator
    • RFID Authentication Support
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    Road Charge - A10

    Electrly’s Road Charge - A10 offers maximum versatility with built-in Type 2 socket, ready to handle EV charging needs in all situations with weatherproof resistance, RFID unlock, and smart WiFi App control.

    • Max Power up to 22kW
    • Type 2 Charging Socket
    • RFID Authentication Support
    • 3-color LED Charging Indicator
    • Remote WiFi App Access
    • IP54 Rated Dust/Water Protection
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    Energi Flow - A2

    Upgrade your charging experience with Energi Flow - A2 – where power, connectivity, and safety converge to deliver a state-of-the-art charging solution for your electric vehicle.

    • Maximum Power Output of 22kW
    • Equipped with WiFi and 4G Connectivity
    • Compliant With OCPP Standards
    • MID Certified Energy Meter
    • Features Dynamic Load Balancing
    • Comprehensive Protection Against Various Risks
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    VoltPlug - A1

    Introducing VoltPlug - A1, where style meets substance. This Level 2 charger boasts a stunning design, dual 22 kW power, and RFID/plug & play convenience, making every charge a seamless and visually appealing experience.

    • Maximum Power Output of 22kW
    • Dual Output Sockets
    • RFID/Plug & Play Operation
    • MID-Certified Energy Meter
    • Beautiful Design
    • Ethernet/4G/WiFi Communication
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    VoltPlug - A2

    Elevate your business with VoltPlug - A2, a robust Level 2 charger. Boasting dual 22 kW sockets, it's tailor-made for business applications, delivering maximum power for efficient and convenient charging solutions.

    • Max Power of 22kW with Two Sockets
    • Type 1 or Type 2 Cable
    • Suitable for Business Application
    • IP65 Rating for Waterproof and Dust Protection
    • Ethernet/4G/WiFi Communication
    • MID-Certified Energy Meter
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    Panda Power

    Discover Panda Power, a sleek charging solution with dual 22 kW outputs. This compact wallbox design features two connectors, combining powerful performance with a beautiful aesthetic for an advanced charging experience.

    • Power Output up to 22kW * 2
    • Two Output Connectors
    • Beautiful Design
    • MID-Certified Energy Meter
    • 7-inch LED Touch Screen
    • Compact Wallbox Design
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    Volt Go - A57

    Embrace the elements with Volt Go - A57, an IP65-rated charger boasting smart connectivity, a clear LCD, and custom color flair for vibrant, versatile electric vehicle charging.

    • IP65 rated - ready for outdoor use
    • Level 2 charging with Type 2 connector
    • 4.3" LCD display
    • Comes with Wi-Fi/app and RFID control
    • Beautifully designed
    • Can be customized in multiple colors
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    Recharge Pro - A4

    Recharge Pro - A4 merges safety and flexibility, offering adjustable amperage, comprehensive connectivity, and remote access in an elegantly robust design with advanced protections.

    • UL listed certificate
    • Adjustable output of 32A/40A
    • Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet connectivity
    • RFID authentication and app remote control
    • Beautifully designed
    • Equipped with multiple protection functions

Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

Create a sleek, professional look that is consistent with your brand and enhances brand recognition for your guests.

Electrly can help you imprint your business logo, name, or slogan on your chargers, or even change the color and appearance of the chargers to match your aesthetics.

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Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

Smart Energy Management Solutions

Smart Charging
Remote Control
Payment Systems
Detailed Reports

Our load-balancing functionality ensures proper power distribution and prevents real-time grid overload. Furthermore, hospitality operators can set maximum power limits to evenly distribute energy consumption and save even more money.

Smart Charging
Remote Control
Payment Systems
Detailed Reports

Why Choose Electrly?

  • In-house Manufacturing

    Our factory upholds the highest quality standards in manufacturing all EV chargers.

  • One Piece MOQ

    Test your business idea with just one single order, providing a validated solution.

  • No Middlemen

    You can benefit from our low prices by purchasing directly from us.

  • Wholesale Discounts

    Buy in large quantities and enjoy our attractive discounted rates.

  • 2-Year Warranty Coverage

    Rest easy with our 2-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Customer Support

    Our experienced customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

How Our Services Work

Simply tell us what you need and we give you a customized, perfect solution.

How We Work
  • Tell Us What You Want

    Get in touch with us and let us know your EV charging requirements.

  • Get a Customized Solution

    Our professional team will collaborate with you to create a tailored solution that caters to your needs.

  • Receive a Free Quote

    If everything meets your satisfaction, we'll give you a free quote with product and service details.

  • Place Your Order

    If the offer sounds good to you, you can place your order and make the payment.

  • Expect Fast Delivery

    When everything is set up, we'll schedule the production immediately and get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

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Advanced Charging Solution for Hospitality

🔋 Charge efficientlyBecome a top destination
❤️ Delighted guestsIncrease guest loyalty
💰 Auto billingCollect additional revenue
✅ 100% safeHighest safety standards

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  • Multiple charging levels available

  • Compatible with most EVs

  • Scalable for all types of businesses

  • State-of-the-art safety features

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