Best 8 Chinese EV Charger Manufacturers

As one of the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) producers, China has a thriving market for EV charging equipment. There are numerous car charging station manufacturers in China specializing in producing high-quality, efficient, and reliable EV chargers. These companies are poised to meet the needs of a growing international EV market.

What are some of the top EV charging station companies in China? From well-established brands to emerging players, we look at the top Chinese EV charging companies that you should consider when looking for an equipment supplier for your residential or commercial EV.

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Electrly is one of the leading EV charging companies in China, providing chargers for homes and businesses. The company is focused on the manufacturing, development, and design of EV charging stations. Electrly manufactures more than 30 products in nine series to meet various international EV charging standards, to meet different power requirements.

Electrly’s product range includes portable and wall-mounted chargers for residential installations, wallbox and pedestal chargers for workplace and hospitality settings, and direct current (DC) fast chargers for public charging stations and quick-stop locations. The company also provides charging plugs and other accessories including cables, station brackets and poles and replacement connectors.

Electrly’s charging devices are designed to be scalable for different installations and the company provides bespoke services including manufacturing to suit customers’ requirements.

Electrly ships its products to a range of countries including the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Russia, India, and Australia.



Founded by a team of German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD specializes in smart power equipment manufacturing and automobile charging. The company was an early entrant into the EV charging sector, entering the market in 2014.

It has become one of China’s largest electric car charging station companies and produces substations and electrical components for various industries. TGOOD manufactures all its electrical components in-house and offers fast assembly, construction, installation, and commissioning.

The company’s TGOOD New Energy (TELD) subsidiary produces a range of high-end intelligent alternating current (AC) charging single-pile products for electric vehicles. Its charging models are compact and portable, offering easy self-service operation, and suitable for AC charging in various locations. TELD has also built an extensive network of DC fast EV charging stations across China.



StarCharge is a car charger manufacturer and infrastructure provider focused on supplying smart hardware and software solutions for homes and businesses. The company has more than 40 partners worldwide.

StarCharge manufactures three types of AC charging station models, three DC fast charging series, and a DC ultra-fast model, with another ultra-fast charger in development. The company’s range of chargers features energy-efficient and ergonomic design, safety and protection in harsh environments, and connectivity.

StarCharge’s single-phase Inverter product is a total solution that includes clean energy generation, storage, charging and consumption. It operates with Starcharge's big data, cloud, and edge computing to help households manage their energy consumption.

The company’s product line-up also includes charging connector assemblies, power modules, smart power cabinets, and battery swap equipment. Its software offering includes cloud platforms, smartphone applications, and smart energy management systems.



Sinexcel has established its business installing electric vehicle charging stations around China in various settings, including garages, carports, and driveways – making it one of the country’s main EV charging companies.

The company’s charging stations can integrate with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems or energy storage systems to charge vehicles using renewable energy. Sinexcel has sold more than 400,000 EV charger modules and 30,000 fast chargers and operates in over 50 countries.

Sinexcel’s SEC line of DC fast EV chargers provides constant power output and an ultra-wide voltage range to support the increasing requirements of the newest EV models. The chargers have a robust enclosure and structural design that ensures they are waterproof.

The series is designed to be modular and scalable, with flexible configuration and dual EV charger connectors that make use of real-time intelligent power switching to charge two vehicles at the same time.



EAST supplies products to three strategic business sectors: 5G smart power supply, data centers, and smart energy supply. Its energy business includes solar PV inverters and power generation systems, battery storage systems, charging piles, micro power grids, and smart distribution networks.

A DC fast charger manufacturer, EAST’s range of EV charging piles includes AC wallbox, DC wallbox, DC pedestal and AC/DC pedestal models. The chargers are easy to install and maintain, with quick setup and network connectivity to provide remote software upgrades and monitoring.

The DC models are robust and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use. The AC/DC model features three outlets – a 60kW DC port meeting European standards, a 60kW Japanese standard DC port, and a 22kW European standard AC port, allowing simultaneous charging in DC and AC.

Autel Energy


Autel focuses on the research, development, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent analysis systems and automotive electronic components.

The company’s products include EV charging pile hardware, charging management software, and battery power detection systems. Applications for its EV charging products include homes, workplaces, commercial sites, gas stations, highways, fleets, and charging network operators.

Autel’s range of chargers includes its MaxiCharger AC Stand and wall-mounted DC charging piles, which operate with its cloud battery management service and security protection to provide real-time data analysis and safer charging.

The company’s 60-240 kW DC fast charging pile also features dynamic adaptive power adjustment and high-power charging for two cars simultaneously. The 480kW DC supercharging pile is designed for supercharging scenarios such as highways, gas stations, and fleets. The model can support four cars simultaneously, providing a recharge in as little as 15 minutes.



XPENG is one of China’s most prominent electric vehicle manufacturers and also produces charging stations. The company is building an extensive supercharging network on major highways, expressways, and urban roads throughout China, having installed more than 770 branded charging stations.

XPENG plans to reach an annual production capacity of 600,000 cars annually from three smart factories in China and extend EV mobility to customers whether they are making long-distance journeys or short urban trips.

XPENG’s proprietary 480kW high-power charger offers users a convenient charging experience. The charger’s lightweight, ultra-thin connectors allow users to plug in and charge, and its IP67 protection and built-in monitoring chip provide safe operation while fast charging. The model also features a smart auto-locking function to protect against energy theft.



NIO jointly manufactures premium smart EVs and develops technologies for autonomous driving, electric powertrains, and vehicle batteries. The company is known for introducing battery swapping technologies and Battery as a Service so that drivers can switch out batteries on the road without having to wait for them to recharge.

The company is also among the top manufacturers of EV charging stations with its NIO Power line. The 7kW Power Home 2.0 and 20kW Power Home Plus provide users with a seamless plug-and-charge experience and automatic matching voltage fluctuation for stable charging. The Internet-connected devices provide remote scheduling and real-time charging status checking via mobile app.

The NIO Power Charger DC model can charge at up to 180kW and 250 amps, providing fast, smart and reliable charging services for NIO and non-NIO vehicles in public charging locations. The model supports plug-and-charge and scan-and-charge with a fast and efficient payment process.


The top Chinese EV charger manufacturers offer a range of efficient and reliable chargers to meet a variety of requirements. By choosing a charger from one of these EV charging suppliers, you will be investing in a product that is designed to provide advanced battery management and keep your or your customers’ EVs running smoothly for years to come.

Amongst the different charging station models produced by Chinese manufacturers for you to choose from, Electrly can provide you with a customized, scalable solution. The company prioritizes providing high-quality customer service, ensuring that you have access to the support and assistance you need to make the most of your EV charger.


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