How to Choose Your BMW 330e Charging Station?

The question of how to get a charging station for your BMW 330e is one people often face. We know the hassle of not being able to charge your car and then having to go back home and plug in.

If you want to buy a charging station for your BMW 330e, you have many options to choose from. Whichever option you ultimately choose, the important thing is to get one as soon as possible so you’re ready for the next time your BMW 330e needs some juice.

This blog post answers all your questions about charging your BMW 330e electric car and shares how you can effectively choose an effective charger for you.

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I. BMW 330e Charging Station


II. What BMW 330e Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

The BMW 330e can be charged using home charging stations, public charging stations, or simply plugging into a standard 120-volt household outlet. Of course, it takes longer to charge by plugging into a standard wall outlet.

The BMW 330e uses an onboard 3.7-kW charger. A 3.7 kW charger is suitable for BMW’s plug-in hybrid system but not a pure EV with a larger battery pack. The vehicles will charge at similar rates, but the higher amperage allows you to reduce the time required to recharge each vehicle by half – down to about 4 hours per vehicle. Plus, you’ll have plenty of power left over for other devices in your home.

III. BMW 330e EV Charging & Range


BMW 330e range: BMW 330e range is quickly coming up, the range for 330e EV is about 97 miles on pure electric combined driving. BMW says the range is based on a mix of factors: weight and stopping power of the battery pack, how economical you drive it, and how much charge it has left.

BMW 330e charging time: Charging time for a BMW 330e can take anywhere from 2 hours to 9 hours, depending on the car, charger, and battery charge.

BMW 330e charging times vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and strength of charger used for the charge. Charging times may also vary depending on ambient temperature and in-car or workplace energy demands, and charging rates may slow down once the maximum charge is reached to prevent potential battery damage.

IV. BMW 330e Connector Types and Charging Rate

The BMW 330e is a hybrid electric car and can be charged using different types of connectors. The most used connector is the standard J1772 connector for 240-volt charging.

The charging rate of a BMW 330e might be as high as 7.7 kW, which is on par with the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S. The 330e also has an electric range of 150 kilometers, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the market today.

V. How Long does it Take to Charge a BMW 330e?

For the BMW 330e, charging times are influenced by several factors. These include the energy supply used, the charging rate and duration required to reach a full charge, the type of charger used, ambient temperature, and any external loads on the car battery.

The 330e can charge up to 80% of its battery in just 1 hour. So, on a typical day, you can charge the electric tank about 3 times. When you want to leave for your next adventure, charging is as quick as plugging in your BMW 330e at night or from any outlet via the Fast Charging Adapter. This also gives you peace of mind when it’s cold outside or if there is ever an unforeseen power outage where your car won’t startup.

The BMW 330e can be fully charged with a Level 2 (240V) charger in 5.5 hours and can achieve a near 80% charge in 3 hours. In comparison with other electric vehicles, the 330e has one of the quickest charging speeds.

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VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

A key feature of the BMW 330e is its capability to charge to 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes at a Level 3 DC fast-charging station. This comes with two advantages: a major increase in range and fast recharge when you’re on the move.

With sufficiently powerful chargers, charging can be completed in less than 15 minutes. That’s almost three times faster than conventional charging at home. And with its impressive 89-mile range, you can keep your car going for longer after work or on longer journeys – especially if you stay within a 20-mile zone that provides free recharging.

VII. Which Type of Charging Speed is Perfect for you?

If you’re not looking to purchase a high-powered charging station and want to top off the battery in your Electric Vehicle, then Level 1 is all you’ll need.

Universal charging is simple, and it is the easiest way to charge your vehicle overnight without having to worry about installing a Wallbox or additional charging stations.

If you want a safe place to plug in your vehicle overnight or several times a week and don’t want to be tied down to one place for your charging needs, this option will allow you the most freedom.

The most common Level 2 charging stations are equipped with 32 amps or 16 kW (240 Volts, 32 Amps).

This is the fastest and most widely used level of charging station. It provides 440 volts at a rate of 208 amps. This allows for an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes, often down to 20 minutes or less.

VIII. How Much does it Cost to Charge a BMW 330e?

To charge a BMW 330e with a single-phase AC charger will cost under £1.20 at home. At a public charging station, costs are dependent on the rate of electricity billed to the user, the time taken to charge, and any charging subscription requirements.

Charging at home with a 7 kW installed charge point will cost around £1.10 to charge a BMW 330e fully. EV drivers could pay as little as 2 p/mile on unmetered parking or as much as £4 per hour at rapid chargers on public networks.

The fastest charging network connections typically cost more than double the standard 3 kW AC charging price but take just half the time to reach a full charge in most cases.

IX. How to Choose Your BMW 330e EV Charging Station?


1. Deciding where to charge: Home or public?

There are two main options for charging 330e, depending on where you live. If your vehicle is home-based, there is one good option – charge at home. If you travel from place to place, you may want to consider a public charge point if it is faster and more flexible than a home charge point.

2. Charging station costs

The cost of BMW 330e public charging tends to vary widely, depending on location and the charger used. The most common tariffs are around 16p per kWh, but you are likely to find a tariff of just 10p per kWh in some areas. Many of the more unusual tariffs offer no connection fee and cost per minute as an alternative to a fixed daily or monthly charge.

3. Charging times

BMW 330e charging times range from 3 hours for some rapid chargers to around 5 hours for home chargers with a higher output rating. The best advice is to research the type of charger you intend to buy and choose one that offers the longest possible charging time.

X. Where to Buy Quality BMW 330e Charging Stations for Home Use?

If you’re in the market for BMW’s 330e or any other EV charging station, here are the places where you can purchase them for home use:

  1. Search engines – the internet is your friend. You can type in the search term “BMW EV charging station,” and you will be provided with several suppliers who sell quality, good-looking 330e charging stations for home use. You can also type in “EV charging station” and see all your options.
  2. Local dealers – local dealers are usually the best places to purchase BMW products because they have excellent customer service and close relationships with your vehicle manufacturer (in this case, BMW).
  3. Online stores are also an excellent place to purchase 330e charging stations. They usually have a larger inventory and offer more options than local dealers. However, you have to be careful because some shady characters still sell low-quality chargers for high prices.

XI. Electrly Advantages for BMW 330e Owners

  • Top Quality

The Electrly high-speed EV charging station adopts the latest technology. The charging power is up to 7kW, effectively solving the charging time and energy consumption.

  • Affordable Price

The price of the Electrly station is competitive and reasonable. Of course, with enough orders, the price can be adjusted.

  • Rich Experience

Electrly has achieved consistent growth and a high reputation. The rich experience of their team, who has been in the electronic industry for more than 10 years, will give you full confidence.

  • Qualification Certificates

Electrly is committed to delivering items of the highest possible quality. The company puts its EV chargers through inspections and certifications to guarantee their high level of quality. CE, ISO, UL, and CQC are some of the available certifications. The company’s chargers meet the standards, so they can be used worldwide.

  • Comprehensive Service

Electrly provides an efficient and effective service. They know how to manage customer relationships and commit to providing the highest possible quality.

Electrly also provides all-around services, covering installation guidance, technical support and maintenance, etc.


The BMW 330e charging station is an excellent investment for those who own an electric car. For example, if you are traveling to a location that does not have charging stations, you can plug in and charge up your vehicle from your hotel room.

BMW has made this process very easy and convenient for drivers of the 330e, as it allows them to charge up easily from standard household outlets.

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