10 Best Car Chargers for Tesla


If you’ve ever had to decide what the best car charger for Tesla vehicles are there besides the standard car charger made by Tesla, you’ll also know that it can sometimes feel bizarre.

Undoubtedly, Tesla has been one of the best things to happen to the automotive industry with its innovative developments in battery-powered vehicles. Though many people thought it would be a battery-powered cardboard toy, they were pleasantly surprised. Tesla makes some of the most captivating and innovative EV designs. However, they’ve not been able to manufacture a car that runs endlessly on a single charge. The point is you must charge your electric vehicle. But then, how do you select a suitable charger from the sea of chargers in the market today? This post aims to answer this question for you so let’s dive in.

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1. Tesla Wall Connector


It is no wonder this charger is first on this list since it was manufactured by Tesla. This charger is often suitable for various locations, including homes, workplaces, businesses, and residential blocks. Its 7.3-meter-long accompanying cable ensures that it can reach the farthest corner in any parking garage. Moreover, it can charge your car batteries at a rate of up to 44 miles per hour, and its sleek design adds a smooth aesthetic feel to the building walls. The Tesla Wall Connector is an epitome of convenience, smartness, and compactness, all built into one charging box. But more importantly, it is built to serve multiple cars simultaneously without a break or fail.


  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • There is adequate after-sales support by the Tesla support team.
  • Plenty of information in the form of guides and knowledge booklets.
  • It has an incredible charging speed of 44 miles per hour range.


  • It is pricey
  • Installation is cumbersome and requires only trained experts to install it, which increases its overall costs.
  • It is not compatible with other car models outside of Tesla except with an adapter.

We like it – It is very fast in charging and can be installed both at home and in public places.

2. Electrly Smart Home Wallbox


If you require a charging unit that gives fast charging with high consideration for safety and convenience, then Smart Home Wallbox is your best bet. Having a three-phase AC power supply ensures that you spend very minimal time charging your EV. It can release up to 11KW of power to any EV, significantly reducing the charging time required to fully charge your EV battery. Additionally, it is tightly packaged to prevent the ingress of water, dust, and frost in different weather conditions, making it safe from electrocuting users. Its various options of secured charging connection, including plug and play, RFID, and Apps, makes the charging efficiency even better.


  • High charging power output (11KW) to reduce charging time
  • Various charging connection options
  • Tightly packaged to prevent water ingress
  • Proper certifications


  • It needs an adaptor to charge a Tesla, which comes at an extra cost

Why we like it – Quality production with a longstanding reputation for innovation and excellent aesthetic design.

3. JuiceBox 40


One thing that makes the JuiceBox 40 stand out among its peers is the easy installation requiring only a plug-in method to install at home. This increases the level of convenience you have with this charger with no stress with its installation. Furthermore, it has an accompanying adaptor that allows it to connect and charge Tesla cars quickly without the additional cost of purchasing the adaptor separately. As a level 2 charger, JuiceBox 40 is powered by a 240v socket and can charge up to 60-mile per hour of range. Also, it satisfies the highest international standards of safety with its UL certification, making it safe for users in any weather condition.


  • High-speed charging of 60-mile range per hour.
  • Beautiful design.
  • A plug-in installation without stress.
  • Has the highest safety certification – UL.


  • It is more expensive than the Tesla charger.
  • The adaptor requires more effort to use.

Why we like it – It has a reward system for its customers with a 3-year warranty.

4. Blink HQ 200 Smart Home Level 2 Charging


The infusion of innovative home charging technology and IoT (Internet of Things) makes this hone EV charger a delightful piece of equipment. Its 50 Amps current output also makes it one of the fastest level 2 chargers in the market today. Coupled with the several connection options that include plug-in charging and connecting over a WIFI connection, it can also communicate with intelligent home assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google homes to give a fantastic user experience. But that’s not all. HQ 200 comes with a 23-foot-long cable that ensures it reaches any corner of the house where the EV is parked, whether installed indoors or outdoors.


  • Long reaching charging cable.
  • Highly competitive price
  • Multiple connection options
  • Technologically advanced with connection to smart home apps
  • Fast charging


  • It can be too sophisticated for anyone looking for a simple standard charger.

Why we like it – It has a sleek, high-end look with a reasonable price tag along with customer support that is available round the clock.

5. ChargePoint Home Flex


With its 37 miles per hour charging rate, this ChargePoint Home Flex can significantly reduce your charging time. It also features three different connection options that allow the charger to give different power outputs depending on what is required per time. With a hardwire connection, ChargePoint Home Flex can deliver up to 50 amps of charging current, whereas connecting it with either a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 plugs only delivers 80% of the 50 amps (40 amps). Being a level 2 charger, this device uses a 240-volt input and has the option of connecting a NEMA 14-60 plug to deliver up to 48 amps of charging current.


  • It has the required safety certification
  • Its design is simple yet sleeky and elegant
  • It can deliver various charging output power
  • Installation is not cumbersome


  • It is a bit expensive despite its simple design

Why we like it – Its installation is easy and can deliver variable charging power output as needed.

6. Wallbox Pulsar Plus


Manufactured by a European manufacturer, Pulsar Plus delivers 9.6KW and 11.5KW using 50 amps and 60 amps charging current, respectively. Also, there is the option for 40 amps and a 48 amps model from which you can make your choice. However, they both require a 240-volt input as they are both level 2 chargers. Alexa and Google homes are also part of the integrated applications that make them easy to use. Other features of the Pulsar Plus include its glossy but stylish finish that adds aesthetic value to the building on which walls it is hung. The added remote is another tool for easy charging using the Pulsar Plus.


  • It is very convenient and easy to operate.
  • It has a compact glossy design with a pleasing aesthetic
  • Multiple connection platform
  • Compact design that makes it easy to install
  • Safety certified


  • Connecting with the app can sometimes be unsuccessful

Why we like it – Its multiple connection platform for easy charging is highly commendable

7. Grizzl-E Classic


A very affordable level 2 charger, Grizzl-E Classic has a sturdy shape and is designed to withstand rough handling and harsh environment. This charger is manufactured for the long haul with a well-printed circuit board, durable manufacturing material, and a well-executed design. The IP waterproof rating is high, making it tightly packaged against water ingress, which ensures there is no case of electrocution of users or damage to the PCB. It can accommodate various current settings between 16 – 40 amps as required for different charging levels. However, the output can be as high as 9.6KW.


  • It has adjustable power settings
  • It can be installed outdoor or indoors
  • It has a long charging cable (24-feet)
  • It has the necessary safety certifications, and it is easy to install and use


  • It does not have multiple connection options like most chargers.

Why we like it – Its plug-in and charge make it perfect for a stress-free charging connection, and its 3-year full replacement warranty is also commendable.

8. EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 EV Charging Station for Homes


With its compact and easy-to-install box, this level charger delivers a fast charging current through its plug-in, 20- or 30-feet charging cable its 240 volts. This charger is built explicitly for home charging and will effectively charge the Tesla using the power available from the grid. Still, it will usually be at night when the electricity tariff is substantially low. However, it still charges faster than a level 1 charger, seeing as a level 2 charger. Also, the safety certification is of the highest standard given UL-level safety certification. Furthermore, it uses an input of 240 volts to generate a charging current that makes charging 8 times faster than a regular level 1 charger. The accompanying adaptor makes it easy to charge Tesla cars.


  • It has fast charging, which reduces the time to fully charge a battery
  • You can install it indoors and outside
  • It has the UL safety certification
  • It is easy to install and operate


  • It does not have an integrated app for more connection options

Why we like it – It has other accessories to make its use very easy.

9. Electrify America HomeStation


HomeStation is another level 2 charger intended for homes and can comfortably charge any Tesla EV. With a sleek, well-thought design that integrates the power of technology, HomeStation makes it easy for Tesla owners and other EV owners to efficiently operate the charger and charge their EV without stress. It uses a 240 volts input and 40 amps charging current to generate a 9.6KW power that speeds up the charging time to almost seven times the speed of a regular level 1 charger. With the integrated app, HomeStation can connect through a phone to commence or stop charging. It can also schedule a preferred charging time for the EV with just the click of a button on the phone. The accompanying 24-foot can reach far corners to charge the EV.


  • Selectable charging current
  • Easy installation and operation with an integrated mobile app
  • Long 24-foot cable for easy reach and charging
  • Remote operated option


  • A bit pricey

Why we like it – It has a 3- year warranty that is commendable and a well-thought compact design that is aesthetically pleasing.

10. ClipperCreek HCS-40


HCS 40 has a simple design yet delivers a powerful charging current that reduces EV charging time significantly. Its 32 amps charging current is supplied by 240-volt input and generates 7.7KW, making it suitable for charging Tesla and other brands of EVs. There is a 3-year warranty for the complete replacement of a defective charger within this period after purchasing. Its safety is not in question as it has the UL safety certification as a mark that shows commitment to quality manufacturing and care for lives. Other certifications include ETL, cETL, and Energy Star certification. The added charging cable also helps to reach far within the house where it is charged.


  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Simple but very effective charger.
  • Fast charging speed with reduced charging time
  • Easy installation


  • It is very pricey

Why we like it – Its simple design and effective fast charging and its long charging cable make it commendable.


In conclusion, charging a Tesla using other chargers shouldn’t be a big deal so long as they can charge effectively and safely. However, the additional benefit of speed, affordability, and ease of use should be of concern. With the chargers highlighted in this article, you are sure to choose the best that most meets your needs in charging your Tesla. Ultimately, your choice should develop around your requirements, and even if you need an adaptor to use the charger, it shouldn’t deter you from using it if it meets your requirements. The ball is now in your court. What’s your next move?

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