How to Choose Your BMW X5 Charging Stations?

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The BMW X5 is one of the best-selling SUVs of the moment. It is part of BMW’s SUV offer, one of the widest on the market. Due to dimensions, it is positioned between the BMW X4 and the BMW X6 and is one of the four PHEVs in the X range, in which there are also two one hundred percent electric models: the BMW iX and the BMW iX3. Today we focus on the charging stations of the BMW X5, as without its energy, every EV is of no use.

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I. BMW X5 Charging Stations Options


II. What BMW X5 Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

The BMW X5 approves an electrical consumption of 29.0–33.5 kWh/100 km. On the outside, the car is of the hexagonal design grille with X elements in blue.

The X5 xDrive45e SUV has an engine of 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged and six-cylinders to create 443-pound feet of torque and 394 horsepower. These numbers mean a lot of power is contained in the car. The combined power of this electric SUV is 390 hp; it reaches a maximum speed of 243 km/h and only needs 5.7 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. In electric mode the maximum speed is 135 km/h.

III. BMW X5 EV Charging & Range


The BMW X5 is plug- in hybrid car, that means it can be charged as an electric car with an electric motor. Without a doubt, where this plug-in X5 is most striking is its battery. A pack of 24 kWh , 21.6 useful, which allows it to achieve a range in electric mode of up to 87 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, with an average consumption that according to BMW is between 23.1 and 28.3 kWh at 100 km. Something that, added to the significant power figure of its electric motor, which allows it to move up to a maximum speed of 135 km/h, will mean that this model will be able to circulate without emissions even in situations such as driving on the highway.

IV. BMW X5 Connector Types and Charging Rate

The BMW X5 uses the IEC 62196-2 Type 2 connector (Mennekes connector), to charge the vehicle. Charging in mode 3 can be done while using any AC charging station. The Type 2 recommended charging for the BMW X5 is the 1-phase 32A charging cable. The BMW X5 can be charged with all single-phase (up to 7.4 kW) or three-phase (up to 22 kW).

V. How Long does it Take to Charge a BMW X5?

Another aspect to take into account in electric vehicles is the power of slow and fast charging. In this section the BMW X5 XDrive 45e has a Type 2 Mennekes charging port, CCS combo that allows charging in Alternating Current (AC) or slow charging of up to 3.6 kW.

  • When you charge your car at home with the power of 2.8kw then the slowest time to charge your BMW X5 will be 8 hours. The BMW can charge up to 80% of its battery capacity in this time.
  • If you charge from a wallbox of 3.7kw which is recommended then, the BMW X5 will get charged in 7hours only.
  • If you charge from public stations with 7kw then the BMW X5 will get charge in 4 hours only.
  • BMW X5 can get faster at a commercial or public fast-charging station with 50 kW. In these cases, you can completely charge your car in just 50 minutes. But right now these charging stations are not available for the model.

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VI. Level 3 DC Fast Charging

Level 3 DC fast charging is the fastest type of charging. But there are very limited DC charging stations. BMW X5 with its extraordinary features, also has a fast charger port. The port utilizes SAE’s CCS combo cord standard. DC charging stations supply 50-kilowatt power which can charge a BMW X5 in 50 minutes.

VII. Which Type of Charging Speed is Perfect for you?

There are different types of charging points for the BMW X5 xDrive45e and they are classified according to the charging speed you want. The higher the speed, the charging point will be more expensive. The most common charging speed are:

  • Slow or linked. At low power (3.7 kW maximum). A BMW X5 xDrive45e could be charged but the average charging time, depending on the battery capacity, would exceed 10 hours.
  • Normal. At standard power (up to 10 kW). It is the usual one for a BMW X5 xDrive45e that recharges at night and the most suitable for community or private garages. Full recharge takes 6-8 hours.
  • Semi-fast or opportunity. At medium power (11 kW and 22 kW). For public spaces such as revolving car parks or shopping malls, where the BMW X5 xDrive45e spends only a short time. It is also recommended for community or private garages where you want to charge the BMW X5 xDrive45e quickly. Full recharge takes about 4 hours.
  • Quick. At high power (43 kW). For places that require fast charging, such as gas stations. Recharging could take less than 1 hour.
  • Blazing fast. At very high power (50 kW), for spaces where the charging of the BMW X5 xDrive45e must be extremely fast. The complete recharge would be done in a few minutes.

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VIII. How Much does it Cost to Charge a BMW X5?

This is the big question to ask before buying a BMW X5 xDrive45e. When buying an electric car, dealers offer the possibility of installing the charger at your home and for this they take charge of its installation or offer an equivalent discount when formalizing the purchase of the vehicle.

Different options have different prices to charge an electric vehicle:

The cheapest is the recharging point with a regular plug in the garage of a single-family home, then comes the wallbox type of charging, which is also installed in your garage. If you charge your car from public charging point it will cost more.

IX. How to Choose Your BMW X5 EV Charging Station?


The BMW X5 XDrive 45e has a consumption of 1.2 l/100km. On the other hand, it has a 24-kWh battery with a range of 87 kilometers under the WLTP approval cycle. Considering the capacity of its battery and approved consumption, it can be used for various purposes. But mainly it is beneficial for City and Highway. Which EV charging station should be used depends on your riding routines but following detail can help you in selecting EV charging station?

On a regular basis, which is best suited for office routines, you can charge your car up to 7.4 kW at your work charging stations.

If in a day, your traveling time is not much or less than 30km then a 3.7 kW Wallbox at your garage will be sufficient for you. You can charge overnight in this case.

If you are on long trip and EV stations are far from each other, then the BMW X5 can have fast charging due to its Combo connector. This will be DC charging and Car tank will be full in 50 minutes.

X. Where to Buy Quality BMW X5 Charging Stations for Home Use?

As already discussed it is better to have a charging station at home. There are 2 types of charging points which can be installed in your garage.

  • Recharging point with any plug in the garage. In this case, the load of the BMW X5 xDrive45e can be considered at an intensity of up to 16A with up to 3.7 kW of power.
  • Recharging point for the BMW X5 xDrive45e wallbox type or wall base in the garage of a single-family home. For this type of charge, the power supply would be single-phase at 230V, 7.4 kW of power, 10mm2 surface-mounted section, and a wall-mounted charging base or wallbox with a 32-amp charging connector.

To get the quality product in all the exposed cases, it is necessary that EV drivers consider his needs and take necessary suggestions or search for them and then order his desired EV charger. We can suggest you Electrly, which we find to be most efficient in providing charging solutions. For the BMWElectrly X5 they have portable and Smart Home Wallbox.

XI. Electrly Advantages for BMW X5 Owners

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  • Comprehensive Service – EV- Top Company is not a new name. It is giving services in the market from the start of EV charging technologies. Their services include installation services, technical guidance and after sale maintenance services.


In this blog, you have learned about the charging of the most accomplished car on the road. BMW has presented the new generation of the plug-in hybrid version of the BMW X5. A model that is mainly characterized by the evolution of its electrical system, which has received one of the largest batteries mounted to date in one of these models, and whose maximum capacity is equal to that installed in the first Nissan LEAF. The blog is all about the charging stations of BMW X5, but if you want to know more about BMW X5 specs or other EV charging stations then feel free to contact us or keep visiting our website.

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