Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Spain

Do you know which manufacturers of EV chargers in Spain are the best? We have listed the top 6 Spanish EV charger manufacturers in the article for your choice.


How often is your curiosity aroused as to which manufacturers of EV chargers in Spain are the best?

The transition from fossil fuel cars to renewable energy electric vehicles has been the new race in the automobile world, and as remarkable and environmentally friendly as it is, it does not exclude it from the drawbacks of expanding the use of electric vehicles. Luckily, given these drawbacks, solutions have been forged for them all. Consequently, pinpointing the best solution providers to these EV difficulties in Spain can be a little arduous. Hence, the necessity for this piece.

Come along with us as we unearth the best EV charger manufacturers in Spain.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Spain

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Endesa X 2020
2 Iberdrola 1992
3 Repsol 1987
4 Wallbox 2016
5 Ingeteam 2011
6 Circontrol 1997

1. Endesa X

  • Address – 60 28042, Calle Ribera del Loira, Madrid, Spain
  • Year of Experience – 2020 (2 years)
  • Certificates – ISO, EMAS, SIGAEC, UNE 171330-3, IEC.
  • Company Introduction – Since its establishment two years ago in 2020, Endesa X has deeply sunk its teeth in the energy transformation program worldwide. It has vowed to provide its customers with new, digital, sustainable, and innovative energy solutions, typically in the EV charging sector, over the couple of years it has existed. Also, Endesa X has thrived solely on the generation of renewable energy that is hundred percent environmental-friendly, with a ninety-three percent reduction in CO2 emissions as contrasted with the level of CO2 emitted in 2015. With over two hundred and fifty professional hands that have kept the flag of the EV charging solutions flying high, Endesa X assisted EV users to transition effectively into sustainable mobility and created easily accessible, user-friendly, home and public EV charging options throughout Spain.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted home charging stations, commercial charging stations.

2. Iberdrola

  • Address – Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spain
  • Year of Experience – 29 years (1992)
  • Certificates – EFQM, UNE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Iberdrola, another top EV charging solution manufacturer in Spain, has been around the block spanning twenty-plus years of its dedication toward sustainable, renewable energy. Iberdrola, which is close to a score and a decade of industry experience, has over the years formed partnerships and alliances with other top industry giants and automobile companies, such as Wallbox and Mercedes. These partnerships have fostered clean energy initiatives all over Spain to roll out more EV charge points and other EV services that benefit EV users. In 2021, Iberdrola partnered with First Stop and Bridgestone to roll out the additional ultra-fast, super-fast, and semi-fast charge points across major stops, homes, and workplaces in Spain. These infrastructures allow EV users to locate and charge their EVs in no more than thirty minutes. Other subsidiaries of Iberdrola include the supply of gas and electricity distributions. With Iberdrola, bye-bye fossil fuel, welcome, clean energy.
  • Products Offered – Home charging stations, commercial charging stations.

3. Repsol

  • Address – Mendez Alvaro, 44, Madrid, 28045, Spain
  • Year of Experience – 35 years (1987)
  • Certificates – ISO, IATF, CE
  • Company Introduction – Repsol, the Spanish oil giant, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a leading EV charge points supplier with an investment in EV charging stations of 42.5 million euros for the installation of 610 fast-charging stations at its various filling stations. Currently operates 350 top-of-the-range charging stations. However, the number of charging stations by the end of 2022 is to climb to a total of 592 charge points and close to a thousand charge points by the end of 2023. Repsol isn’t looking back when it comes to renewable energy, and this is why it further requested financing and collaboration with Nissan, which is to amplify the speed of EV charge points installation all around the Spanish country.
  • Products OfferedFast outdoor EV charging stations.

4. Wallbox

  • Address – Carrer del Foc, 68 Barcelona, 08038 Spain
  • Year of Experience – 6 years (2016)
  • Certificates – UL, ISO, CE
  • Company Introduction – Wallbox is a universal clean energy proposition company. Founded in 2016, Wallbox has been committed to manufacturing intelligent charging solutions for EV users. They’ve accomplished this feat via cutting-edge technology and exceptional designs, thereby managing interactions between charge points and EVs through digital applications. Wallbox’s range of home EV charging options has provided EV drivers with easy-to-use home EV chargers, not leaving out other EV charge points for businesses and cities.

Wallbox is dedicated to unfettering the world from fossil fuel energy mobility and launching a global innovative and sustainable green, renewable energy model. They fully support the transition to clean energy with all these initiatives.

With over six years of experience, over five hundred certified installers located in over seventy countries, and two hundred plus chargers sold, Wallbox is gradually but surely taking the world to the next level of renewable energy generation.

  • Products Offered – Wallbox fast home charging, Fast-charging outdoor EV charging solutions.

5. Ingeteam

  • Address – 106 PLT 2 48170, Zamudio, Spain
  • Year of Experience – 11 years (2011)
  • Certificates – OCPP, CE, ISO, UL
  • Company Introduction – With eleven years of industry experience, it is understandable why Ingeteam is considered one of the topmost manufacturers of EV charge options. Ingeteam is a global company with diversified investment in power and control electronics, systems, and rotating electric machines. Still, one of its most noteworthy diversifications is its investment in EV charging stations and home charging options. Ingeteam thrives on its understanding of the global market through research and development. They have consistently committed five percent of their annual revenue towards researching market trends and developing appropriate tools. And it hasn’t taken a back seat in the EV charge industry.
  • Products OfferedWall-mounted home and outdoor charging stations, Rapid public and fleet EV charging stations, and Rapid commercial EV charging stations.

6. Circontrol

  • Address – 3 Industrial Park Can Mitjans, 08232 Viladecavalls, Barcelona) Spain
  • Year of Experience – 25 years (1997)
  • Certificates – ISO, CE, IEC, FCC, ROHS
  • Company Introduction – Since its founding in 1997, Circontrol has always upheld its belief in innovation, globalization, and manufacturing quality products. This belief brings them closer to their customers, offering them the best quality product and service at the best possible, pocket-friendly price. At its core has always been manufacturing quick-witted EV charging for EV drivers and supplying efficient EV solutions for public use. Circontrol undertakes various ingenious challenges to solve many of its customer’s EV challenges. This is why its professionally capable team works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions to difficulties encountered by EV drivers. It’s the reason it has earned its reputation both in the Spanish domestic and international market when it comes to renewable energy solutions.
  • Products Offered – Universal fast chargers, Wall box chargers, charging accessories.


Numerous corporations have joined the transition from fossil fuel to clean energy in Spain and globally. But some of these corporations have taken the responsibility to be more proactive than others. One of such corporations dedicated to this cause is Electrly.

Electrly has been a for-runner in the quest to transition smoothly from fossil fuel energy consumption to renewable energy globally. Its range of EV charging solutions is top-notch and typically available to EV drivers at modest prices. Although not a Spanish EV manufacturer but a Chinese manufacturer, Electrly will cater to all of your EV needs and supplies.

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