Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia


Do you ever wonder who the top suppliers and manufacturers of EV chargers in Australia are?

Like the rest of the world, Australia is part of the moving train of transitioning from fossil fuel to a safer and more environmentally friendly cleaner transport, which is electric vehicles. And for every other EV owner, their major difficulty is easily accessing EV charging stations. However, the top manufacturers of EV charging solutions highlighted in this article are making EV charging points less difficult to access and are fulfilling the charging needs of EV owners.

So, come along as we take a rollercoaster ride into the Australian EV charging world as we beam the spotlight on the best suppliers and producers in Australia.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia

1. Tritium

  • Address – Unit 1, 31 Archimedes Place Murarrie, QLD QLD 4172, Australia
  • Year of Experience – 21 years (2001)
  • Certificates – CE, FCC, RCM, UL, IC
  • Company Introduction – Before its official establishment, Tritium was in the energy business as it developed and manufactured its first product (A gold controller motor inverter solar-powered vehicle) in 2009. With that early success in the e-mobility arena, Tritium was then founded to further develop future technologies. For the next eleven years, Tritium continued to thrive in the development of clean energy as it manufactured a battery system management for the Deepsea Challenger in 2012. Shortly after that, it created the world’s smallest footprint DC fast charger and the pioneering company for customizable branding. Later, Tritium established its international office in California in a bid to go global, and a year after, it expanded to Europe with its first Amsterdam office to assist the growing EV market in Europe. Collaborations with top EV manufacturers allowed it to develop more advanced charging stations. Tritium has been one of the best producers of EV charging solutions with its seamless and easy-to-use charging equipment. Tritium is now listed on the Nasdaq stock market.
  • Products OfferedDC fast charging solutions, high-power charging solutions.


  • Address – 3/17 Gould Road, Herston Brisbane, Australia
  • Year of Experience – 2 years (2020)
  • Certificates – IEC, RoHS
  • Company Introduction – EVOS Energy is a startup that was established in 2020. Its specialty has been developing clean energy solutions for fleet energy management for EVs. EVOS’ Energy management software allows EV users to identify the appropriate charging time and assists in reducing charging costs as well as minimizing grid pressure. Innovations such as this are why EVOS energy is touted as one of Australia’s leading sustainable clean energy suppliers. In 2021 EVOS Energy completed a seed funding round up to the tune of A$1.7 million, which was expected to contribute to its expansion and development of other innovative, seamless EV charging solutions. Since founded by three former top three senior position holders from Tritium, it’s no wonder it has met expected benchmarks in the EV charging solutions industry.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted AC home charging stations.


  • Address – 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Level 24, International Tower 3, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO.
  • Company Introduction – Jolt Charge is a provider of ingenious EV charging options for EV users as it manufactures, installs, and maintains a network of EV charging facilities. Established in 2018, Jolt Charge has upheld its quality EV charging solutions standard. Also, it has, through the years, employed advanced technology in manufacturing sustainable and functioning EV charging facilities that are entirely powered by green energy. Jolt aims for EV infrastructure spread out all over the Australian cities, and local hubs with chargers developed to supply fast charging capacities to EV users.
  • Products Offered – Fast charging stations.

4. EVSE Australia

  • Address – Unit 19/287 Victoria Road, Rydalmere 2116 Australia
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014)
  • Certificates – CE, RCM, TUV, FCC, CSA, RoHS
  • Company Introduction – EVSE Australia was founded in 2014. and with eight years of market experience in green energy production for the satisfaction of EV users, owners, and drivers. It remains the number one supplier and installer of reliable, tested, and trusted EV charging facilities. Its innovative software and long-lasting equipment make it a recommended brand amongst EV users and other manufacturers. EVSE Australia produces a range of fast charging AC or DC charging outlets. From the wall-mounted home charging installations to the fleet management systems and the other commercial charging points. It also makes available cables and accessories for different charging hubs.
  • Products Offered – wall-mounted home charging stations, fast charging stations, accessories.

5. JET Charge

  • Address – UNIT 10, 350 BRIDGE STREET PORT MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, 3207 Australia
  • Year of Experience – 9 years (2013)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL
  • Company Introduction – Jet charge was founded in 2013 mainly for the installation and supply of EV chargers to expedite the growth of EVs in the Australian market. Jet charge has made a formidable impact in the EV industry which has seen it grow from humble beginnings to mind-blowing growth. With a team of close to a hundred experts, Jet Charge is forming an indigenous team of locally trained hands in assisting the integration of EV solutions as Australia transitions into a low emissions future. Its market presence has also grown from an alliance with Tesla to leading the Australian EV market and foreign establishment in New Zealand.
  • Products Offered – Outdoor charging pods, home charging solutions, Cables, and Accessories

6. EV UP

  • Address – Unit 32/536 Clayton Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169, Australia
  • Year of Experience – 2 years (2020)
  • Certificates – OCPP
  • Company Introduction – EVUp was founded in 2020 by a couple of climate change supporters who wanted to help Australia transition to a cleaner and environmentally-friendly mode of transport. EVUp and their partner company, Evolution, founded before EVUp (2015), have a positive conviction that a direct focus on planet-saving initiatives and a sustainable business operation is paramount to aid its smooth and easy transition to cleaner cities and a safer future. Its range of AC and DC EV charging points is aimed at assisting businesses as well as creating skills and job opportunities, and that is why its products and software are developed and produced in Australia. Its technologically advanced professionals are dedicated to the research and development of more EV charging solutions and Indigenous manufacturing, among other goals.
  • Products Offered – External charging stations, commercial EV charging.


After all said, a highlight of the top EV charger suppliers and producers in Australia is needed to aid you in your search for a suitable one. So, in situations where you seek options for EV charging solutions in the Australian space, you might want to check this list of top suppliers for your EV charging needs.

But there’s more. One more EV charging solutions supplier in the Chinese market is worth checking.

Electrly is a Chinese supplier with a consistent track record in successfully delivering quality EV charging solutions. They have one of the most sophisticated, durable, and reliable EV charging options, and they manufacture the best quality at a budget-friendly, competitive price.

So, you have your options on a platter. Choose wisely.

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