Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Italy

Is it find a reliable EV charger manufacturer in Italy is difficult for you? The manufacturers highlighted in this post give value consistently to the EV industry and its users. You can choose one right manufacturer for yourself.


You want to locate a reliable EV charger manufacturer in Italy but don’t know-how.

Getting a reliable EV charger manufacturer is a common challenge with most EV owners. While it is not due to the absence of quality manufacturers in the market, most EV users simply don’t know where to look. This article aims to help you solve this challenge, especially if you are looking to the Italian market for your supply. Nonetheless, your choice will mostly depend on your present and future requirements as well as your electrical capabilities. So, if you are ready to meet these manufacturers, let’s dive in.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Italy

Here is a list of the top 6 manufacturers of EV chargers in Italy.

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Enelx 2017
2 Fimer 2017
3 Scame 1999
4 Be Charge 2018
5 Hypercharger 2009
6 Gigieffe 1995

1. Enelx

  • Address – Rome, Italy
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO
  • Company Introduction – EnelX was established in 2017 and has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of EV charging stations in the last 5 years. With its collaboration with various automotive companies. Enel X has continued to secure major contracts to provide charging stations. Enel X has built intuitively yet cost-effective charging solutions for several automotive manufacturers, relying on their experiences that span multiple industries and with automation at the core of its production processes. Additionally, a commitment to research and development has helped them quickly rise in industry ranking as an innovative and quality manufacturer of EV chargers. More importantly, their chargers are intuitive and very accessible to many EV drivers who often require a fast-charging solution while on the road. Their revenue boasts over 470 million US dollars, and their staff strength is more than 3,000 employees dedicated to making the Enel X brand a household name. Furthermore, they have successfully installed more than 50,000 charging stations globally and are set to increase to 736,000 by the end of 2022.
  • Products Offered – Residential EV chargers, public charging points, smart charging accessories.

2. Fimer

  • Address – Via J. F. Kennedy 26, 20871 Vimercate (MB) Italy
  • Year of Experience – 5 Years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Firmer has been a customer-centric EV charger manufacturer since its inception in 2017, creating charging stations that meet their customers’ requirements. Their complete lines of both AC and DC charging solutions are tailored to meet the needs of various EV owners and businesses across public, private, and commercial categories. While over 70 years of experience in alternative energy production has created a solid structure for its manufacturing successes, Fimer still relies on its 1,100 employees to keep doling out quality EV chargers. Their manufacturing facilities in Italy and India also house the research and development team committed to innovative solutions development.
  • Products Offered – AC/DC fast chargers, residential charging units, commercial charging stations, charging accessories.

3. Scame

  • Address – Via Costa Erta 15, Parre, Lombardy, 24020, Italy
  • Year of Experience – 23 years (1999)
  • Certificates – RBCO, IEC/EN, IP54, ISO
  • Company Introduction – As a fully Italian company, SCAME was the first corporation to develop, design, and build EV charging systems in 1999, when the EV industry was in its infancy. However, they have since expanded and grown into world-class manufacturing, featuring some of the smartest EV charging solutions. Based on feedback from its teeming customers, SCAME produces charging stations that have very advanced features, including screen protection against accidental contact, making them safe and durable. Additionally, they also have ergonomic designs with intuitive and functional chargers, especially for their series of AC and DC fast chargers suitable for residential and commercial use. With over 640 employees dedicated to innovation and quality manufacturing and its 3 production facilities, all in the heart of Italy, SCAME is surely positioned to push the boundaries of user-friendly and accessible charging solutions. It also leverages collaboration with agencies both home and abroad to increase its network and reach even more EV users.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted charging units, column charging stations, connectors, adapters, charging cables.

4. Be Charge

  • Address – Via Carlo Bo 11, 20143, Milan, Italy
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO, UL,
  • Company Introduction – Since its establishment in 2018, Be Charge has been at the forefront of manufacturing intuitive and cost-effective EV charging solutions. Its parent company, Be Power went into an agreement with Eni to acquire 100% of its shares in Be Charge. This arrangement has made it possible to leverage Eni’s longstanding manufacturing structures and quality management processes. This acquisition has also enhanced Be Charge’s production ability, helping it surpass its over 5,000 installed EV chargers, the second-largest EV charger manufacturer in Italy. Eni’s strategy in acquiring Be Charge is to help make it a leading force in the EV charging scene as more Fossil fuel cars and drivers transition to electric vehicles, creating a need for more EV charging stations to be installed.
  • Products Offered – Public fast-charging station, residential charging station, charging accessories.

5. Hypercharger

  • Address – Via Di Mezzo Ai Piani 33 Bolzano, Bolzano, 39100 Italy
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates – ISO, UL, CE
  • Company Introduction – Emerging from its parent company, Electronic, Hypercharger is an innovative EV charging solutions manufacturer to produces cost-effective and accessible charging stations for EV owners. With a dedicated team of EV specialists having many years of industry experience, Hypercharger is often considered a powerhouse. Established in 2009, it has been able to produce some of the most technologically advanced charging stations in collaboration with many automotive and EV manufacturers with differing requirements. Their complete AC and DC chargers line is made with every EV driver in mind using in-house manufacturing capabilities and premium production tools. Their commitment to quality manufacturing has earned them a reputable status in the industry with an additional benefit of enormous revenue growth over the years.
  • Products OfferedDC fast chargers, charging accessories,

6. Gigieffe

  • Address – Via Dell’Artigianato, 2/4 48022 LUGO (RA), Italy
  • Year of Experience – 27 years (1995)
  • Certificates – CSI, MID, KIWA, CE, IMQ, CSQ.
  • Company Introduction – GIGIEFFE SRL was established in 1962 to install electrical systems but ventured into the EV manufacturing business some 27 years ago. It was quickly adopted as the main supplier for various industries, especially in the service sectors, marinas, and campgrounds, with charging units still in high demand several years after their first appearance. With a 4,000 square meter production facility in the Lugo industrial park area, they have been able to consistently release innovative EV charging stations to meet the needs of its teeming EV customers. GIGIEFFE SRL has considered a leading manufacturer in the EV industry thanks to its quality releases and consistent commitment to research and development.
  • Products Offered – Fast charging stations, column chargers, AC/DC chargers, charging accessories.


In conclusion, the manufacturers highlighted in this post give value consistently to the EV industry and its users. However, it is also beneficial to consider some equally quality EV charging solutions providers like Electrly, especially since they offer the same quality at very competitive prices. Electrly has been around for more than 35 years and has very experienced hands, including highly qualified engineers with expertise in EV design and manufacturing. They also build some of the most innovative bespoke EV charging solutions putting the EV user at the center of consideration. Ultimately, their commitment to quality and cost-effective charging solutions ranks them higher than most manufacturers in the market today.

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