Top 3 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel

This is the top 3 leading EV charger companies in Israel. To help you choose your best suited EV charging station manufacturers, we also include years of experience, company introduction, products offered, and certificates they have.


The arrival of new energy vehicles implies that a charging infrastructure is necessary for the greener and cleaner environment and is more economical. That’s why we can say in a decade or two streets will be filled with electric vehicles. In this sense, the providers of stations and charging points have been competing for years and investing huge amounts to achieve the largest possible market share.

We have listed a ranking of the top 3 leading EV charger companies in Israel. To help you choose your best suited EV charging station manufacturers, we also include years of experience, company introduction, products offered, and certificates they have.

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Top 3 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel

1. EV Meter

  • Address – 3 Arik Einstein St., Building B, 1st Floor, Herzliya, IL.
  • Year of Experience – 7 years(2015)
  • Certificates – ROHS, REACH, FCC, CE Compliant
  • Company Introduction – EV Meter is dedicated to changing how the world uses energy. EV Meter is an advanced EV charging technologies firm powered by Nayax, cashless payment solutions company. Their vision is to provide power to their customers to control fuel consumption, live a sustainable life, and save money. They offer a one-stop solution as production, installation, and software app for operating the charger, all provide by the company. Their software App HIVE is the uniqueness of the company. There is a wide range of home and commercial products, such as EV Bee Meter AMIT and EV Bee Meter VPOS Touch, which can be installed in different businesses, charge point operators, and municipalities. They have hired the best and most experienced product engineers, designers, and software developers to provide quality services and completely intuitive products to create an EV team. Currently, there are many international level companies to which EV meter is providing their EV bee meters such as pay charge, car plug, FA charge, Pilot group, and Bell group. EV Meter has successfully worked with EV chargers in 13 countries and counting.
  • Products Offered – Level 2 charging stations, Home charging stations, Commercial charging stations, high-voltage charging station.

2. Chakratec

  • Address – Hamelacha 4B, Lod, 7152008, Israel.
  • Year of Experience – 9 years(2013)
  • Certificates – /
  • Company Introduction – Chakratec has been serving leading automotive companies and businesses since 2013. The company has launched flywheel energy storage technology for EV chargers based on nonchemical flywheel and is environment friendly. This technology offers high-power charging and discharging. Chakratec delivers installing, maintaining, renewable energy integration, peak shaving, power trading, and grid stabilization options in its charging station. They have a team with experience in developing, marketing, and maintaining recharging point installations, both for energy and for adapting homes and businesses. In collaboration with the most professional team in the local area and required certifications, they provide safety and guarantees. Their entire range and equipment are according to your needs because of the right equipment for your location: private garage, community garage, in your business building, restaurant, commercial establishment, etc. The company has won many prizes in industry, including Move 360 award in 2017, the ENREL award in 2018 and the EVIES award in 2020 in the energy storage category.
  • Products Offered – Ultra- fast charging stations, high-powered charging stations, plug-in charging stations, Flywheel charging stations, Power boosters.

3. Gnrgy

  • Address – Raziel, Ramat Gan, Israel.
  • Year of Experience – 13 years(2009)
  • Certificates – IP54, IP56, IP55
  • Company Introduction – Gnrgy company approved for the installation of electric car recharging points and has the mission of contributing to the development of sustainable mobility to achieve healthier municipalities and more well-being for citizens. In addition to generating economic growth with a collaborative model, Their objective is to participate in the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with viable technical solutions that include optimizing energy resources. Gnrgy installs more than 16 million charging stations in 6 big countries. They have attained a global reputation in just ten years of experience by providing peerless quality services.
  • Products Offered – V2H chargers, Mini charge spot, V2W charge spot, Polo charge spot, flexile charging solutions, wall mounted charging unit, dual power charging stations.


In the given article, I have listed the best EV manufacturers in Israel. These EV charger manufacturers were selected based on their growth and product prospects. These companies are working in electric vehicle fields. They are creating and supporting residential and commercial charging networks. But still, I recommend a thorough search about EV charging station manufacturers and then give preference to the stores of the manufacturers themselves.

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