How to Choose Your Mercedes-Benz EQB EV charging stations

This guide gives you all the necessary considerations to choose a suitable charger and supplier for your Mercedes EQB EV. Let’s get started.

This guide gives you all the necessary considerations to choose a suitable charger and supplier for your Mercedes EQB EV. Let’s get started.

Designing and manufacturing a Mercedes Benz EV charging station is not easy considering the performance quality of Mercedes Benz as an automotive manufacturer over the years. Looking at the fossil-fueled vehicles manufactured by Mercedes Benz will give you an idea of the pressure they must overcome to achieve their objective in the EV industry. However, for their EQB EV, choosing a suitable charging station is key to an enjoyable driving experience and increasing the lifespan of the EQB EV battery. This guide gives you all the necessary considerations to choose a suitable charger and supplier for your Mercedes EQB EV. Let’s get started.

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I. Mercedes-Benz EQB EV charging stations


II. What Mercedes-Benz EQB Drivers Need to Know about EV Charging

What Mercedes Benz has done by launching into the EV space is that they’ve taken their 2 new EV offerings – the EQB300 and EQB350 and have modeled them using the Mercedes GLB class. The EVs both generate decent 288 and 324 lb-ft torques, respectively. However, the EQB300 has a single electric motor while the EQB350 variant has dual electric motors producing 225 and 288 horsepower, respectively. Other features of the EQB include the infotainment systems, emergency braking systems, and lane assistance.

III. Mercedes-Benz EQB EV Charging & Range


The EQB has a range of 250 miles with its 66.5kwh and a 420V battery similar to its Audi counterpart, the Q4 e-Tron, has. This battery specification makes it suitable for short and long-distance traveling, though intermittent charging will be necessary for long-distance travel. But depending on the charger type and the battery usage, the Mercedes Benz EQB’s charging times will vary. Nonetheless, a type 2 charger is often recommended for short-distance travel with an approximate charging time of 7.5 hours for a 10% to 100% charging capacity. In contrast, a rapid charging station with a capacity of 110kw, which can charge from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes, is suitable for long-distance travel.

IV. Connector Types and Charging Rate

You charge the EQBs using home and public fast chargers. Nonetheless, their charging speed will significantly depend on the chargers and connectors used in different scenarios. For a home charger, a type 2 connector with a charging rate between 7.4kW and 11kW is often suitable. In contrast, a CCS connector is more proper for rapid DC charging with a charging rate of 113kW.

V. Mercedes-Benz EQB EV Charging Times

The charger category employed in charging the EQB will determine the time spent charging this EV. For example, using a type 1 charger can take up to 40 hours to fully charge the battery from 10%. However, a type 2 fast charger will significantly reduce this charging time to about 7.5 hours to charge from the same 10% to a full battery. Still, a rapid DC charger cuts this time to a blistering 30 minutes for a 10% to 80% battery capacity. Nevertheless, the battery size and the level of depletion will also play an important role in the time spent recharging the batteries.

VI. Differences in the Power of the Chargers

EV chargers are generally categorized into three, including types 1, 2, and 3 chargers, and here are their differences.

The type 1 charger is often considered the slowest charging station because it uses a 120V power supply specification available in homes and residential dwellings. Luckily, this is also the cheapest charger as it often requires no installation or installation cost. Also, overnight charging is usually very cheap as the electricity cost is low during the day, being the off-peak power consumption period.

The type 2 charger is faster than the type one with its 240V power supply specification. However, it is a bit costlier, requiring installation and installation costs. Also, the electricity cost is more expensive as this is used mostly during peak periods of electricity consumption.

The type 3 charger is the fastest of the three chargers mentioned here with its 480V power supply is also the most expensive. Not all EVs are equipped to use these chargers as the onboard charging capacity must accommodate the high voltage delivery to the batteries. Also, special charging connectors are often required to use these type 3 chargers. Fortunately, the EQB has an onboard capacity to accommodate this voltage.

VII. Mercedes-Benz EQB EV Charging Cost

Usually, the cost of charging any EV depends on specific factors, including the locality, battery capacity, and the type of charger in question. However, charging a Mercedes Benz EQB will cost between $21 for full battery charging at home to $19 for a 20% to 80% battery capacity charge using a public rapid charging station. But note that this estimate may change depending on where you drive your Mercedes Benz EQB.

VIII. How to Choose the Right EV Chargers for Your Mercedes-Benz EQB?

Here we show you the most important considerations you should have when in the market to purchase the right charger for your EQB.

Driving pattern– If you drive mostly within the city and never have to travel long distances on the highway, a type 2 home charger will be sufficient for your charging needs seeing that your EV battery wouldn’t have been significantly depleted by the time you get home in the evening to charge it. On the contrary, if you do mostly long-distance travel, you might have to plan your route to ensure that you regularly locate fast charging stations along your route to keep the battery of your EQB boosted continuously.

Battery size– The battery capacity of your EQB can also significantly determine the type of charger suitable for a blissful experience when driving your EQB. A type 1 or 2 charger often suffices for low-capacity or small-sized batteries as the time to charge small-sized batteries is relatively lower. However, the big-capacity battery will require a charger that can quickly ramp up the power reserve in the battery, and a fast-charging station is often the best in this regard. Here is why.

Budget– You’ll need to consider the cost of installations and sometimes logistics costs after purchasing the charging station, as some suppliers do not add these costs to their prices. Likewise, maintenance costs are also important, especially if you’re purchasing a rapid charging station for commercial purposes.

Supplier credentials– The credential of the supplier is a must-check when buying a charger for your EQB as this will offer you some insights into their credibility. Information like years of experience, the total number of supplied chargers, and the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers help ensure that you select the right supplier for your EQB charger.

Quality– The manufacturer’s commitment to quality is also key to choosing the right EQB charger, as quality often indicates the longevity of the charging station.

IX. Where to Buy the Mercedes-Benz EQB Wall Charger?


To save you the headache of moving in circles, we’ve highlighted some of the best places you can purchase a suitable EQB wall charger.

Search engines– A quick search for EQB wall chargers will reveal millions of manufacturers and suppliers with different charger specifications and quality. However, a little bit of savviness will help you quickly find what you are looking for, including using search operators like “+” and “-” to add or remove some unwanted results. Additionally, searching for Chinese suppliers of EQB wall chargers will give you some of the most innovative and price-friendly suppliers like Electrly, as this Chinese supplier is one of the most quality and price-friendly suppliers in the industry.

Trade fairs and exhibitions– A periodic exhibition of equipment, machines, and devices in China, usually once or twice a year. Attending such trade fairs will give you the platform to meet many suppliers and manufacturers of wall chargers with the opportunity to ask questions and receive instant answers. More importantly, you can get a good discount on your purchase after a first-hand experience with these devices.

Online stores often have pictures of well-categorized and sectioned products, including equipment and devices like wall chargers. You can sort these products using prices, type, or capacity to make your selection process easy and fast.

X. Electrly Advantages for Mercedes-Benz EQB Owners

Here are some qualities that make Electrly outstanding among its counterparts in the industry.

  • Innovative– Electrly is heavily invested in research and development powered by its team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, including engineers, technicians, and scientists. This combination of human and capital resources helps Electrly roll out some of the industry’s most innovative EV charging solutions.
  • Certified– Some of the most coveted certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, UL, SAE, and IE, give Electrly international credibility and a compliant rating that gives customers assurance of quality and safety.
  • Affordable– Being strategically located in the heart of the Chinese tech hub has given Electrly a competitive advantage in sourcing the best hands in the industry with a reduced production cost. These factors, in turn, help to present very affordable and highly competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Reliable– With a consistent track record of timely delivery and excellent turnaround time, Electrly has kept its reputation locally and internationally as a reliable partner to many customers.
  • User-Centric– Their innovativeness further helps Electrly to manufacture fit-for-purpose chargers that fit users’ requirements.


In conclusion, the Mercedes Benz EQB is both a statement of functionality and luxury without the unpalatable consequence of environmental pollution caused by fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. But more importantly, it shows the possibility that technology can bring the right person or organization in the driving seat to light. Still, all these enhancements and advancements in the EQB will be lost without selecting a suitable charging station for the EQB. Also, the right consideration of budget, quality, supplier credibility, battery size, and driving pattern are essential when buying a suitable charger for the EQB. Nevertheless, selecting a reliable EV charger supplier like Electrly with the right certifications, innovations, quality commitments, and competitive pricing will reduce your burden.

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