How to Wholesale EV Chargers from China?

Ever wonder wholesale EV chargers from China? Do not know how to wholesale from the reliable EV charger manufacturers? Here's the guide to help you get EV chargers that meet your needs.

Becoming a wholesale EV charger supplier in China doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges.

Often manufacturers must climb many hurdles to be successful in their line of business. These hurdles often include capital, equipment, efficient production processes, and human resources. However, making wholesales to another country, especially from a country like China, seem to come with additional baggage, and EV chargers from China are no exception. Nonetheless, all these challenges shouldn’t limit your success with the correct information and approach.

This article gives you all the information you need to succeed as an EV charger wholesaler from China. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

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I. Why Import Wholesale EV Chargers from China?

The benefits of getting tools and devices like EV chargers from China come with a whole level of benefits compared to importing from other countries. The reason is simple. China’s manufacturing industries are backed by its government and can offer superior benefits when standing side by side with other countries. Here are some benefits that make China stand out

  • Affordability: This benefit is perhaps the most important as it ensures that individuals with a meager budget can also take advantage of quality EV chargers for their electric vehicles. The availability of a massive pool of workers in the EV sector ensures that production cost is low, and prices of EV charges are also affordable.
  • Wide Options: A variety of EV chargers are available in the Chines market, targeting different needs of EV users. Hence, you won’t have a shortage of options to meet your needs if you import your EV charger from China.
  • Quality: Chinese manufacturers are very invested in research and development, making them one of the best places to get quality EV chargers at par and sometimes above what you get from American and European counterparts.
  • Quick Delivery: China is known for the prompt delivery of orders to customers based on their consistent long-time experience exporting goods and equipment to other countries. Hence, they know the process involved and can quickly pass any hindrance from delivering your EV charger to you quickly.
  • Custom: Due to their heavy investment in research and development, Chinese EV manufacturers are known for their numerous innovative EV charging solutions. This innovative stance allows them to provide custom-made EV chargers to solve specific charging issues.

II. Advantages of Wholesale EV Chargers

Buying EV chargers wholesale comes with numerous benefits, chief of which is reducing costs. The costs include manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, which you can significantly reduce if you order your EV chargers from wholesale. The manufacturers’ cost of production is also significantly reduced, and they can offer their products at a comparatively reduced cost.

Also, the stress involved is immensely reduced when ordering EV chargers in single units. Since you’ll be moving the items in bulk, the packaging and effort you put into contacting necessary agencies, including logistics and freight agencies, will only be done once.

III. Wholesale vs. Retail EV Chargers

When comparing wholesale to retail EV chargers with other products, certain factors often repeatedly find their way into the conversation. For instance, the type of individuals involved in both often differ. Businesses often tend to buy wholesale instead of retail, which significantly reduces their unit cost of purchase. Individual users are more in the retail bracket as they are necessarily not buying to make profits but for use.

Also, order fulfillment for wholesale is usually not hampered by location as the manufacturer considers the quantity worthy of the troubles involved. On the other hand, location can be a challenge to fulfill retail orders if the distance is too far.

For the manufacturers marketing to businesses who buy wholesale is usually done on a one-on-one basis instead of retail sales, where marketing often requires mass media.

IV. Where to Buy EV Chargers Wholesale?

While most people are often frustrated trying to get an EV wholesale manufacturer is not because they do not exist but because most wholesale buyers don’t know where to look. Here are some very effective ways to get EV chargers from wholesale manufacturers.

  • Online Store: By far the channel with the highest number of EV charger wholesalers, online stores are often set up by EV charger manufacturers to reach prospective buyers locally and internationally. A single search online for EV Charger wholesalers will reveal millions of results from which you can choose. The challenge, however, is the sieving through a high number of manufacturers available to get a suitable one. Fortunately, there are search operators like AND, OR, NOT, etc., that you can add to search queries to filter the result leaving the most relevant ones for your perusal.
  • Trade Fair: China offers some trade fairs and exhibition events where manufacturers come to advertise their products to prospective buyers periodically. These events allow buyers to meet EV manufacturers physically and assess their EV chargers to see if they meet requirements before placing orders. These manufacturers often give good discounts to wholesalers.
  • Top EV Charger Manufacturers: Getting articles and posts about top EV manufacturers is a good source of EV charger wholesales. These manufacturers have an extensive history in the industry. They have established themselves as trusted businesses that can deliver quality EV chargers in good time and at great wholesale prices.

V. How Much do Wholesale EV Chargers Cost?

There are many criteria that EV charger manufacturers consider when putting a price on their products. Here are some price categorizations used by different EV charger manufacturers.

  • Charging type/ charging levels: The charging type and level is a popular pricing criterion used by many EV charger manufacturers. EV charger exists on three levels, including Levels 1,2, and 3, where level 1 chargers require less power input and are the slowest chargers, and level 3 chargers require the highest power input and are the fastest chargers. Naturally, level 3 chargers often cost more based on this fact and can incur another cost during installations.
  • By smart features: Features that make EV chargers more intelligent, accessible, and easier to use often involve infusing some technological applications. These applications have a cost of development and often increase the cost of the EV charger once integrated with the charger.
  • By power and supply: Energy and power supply also determine the cost of EV chargers as specific components ensure that the charger can accommodate the power input. The higher the power input a charger can handle, the higher the cost of the component required by the charger, which ultimately increases the cost of the charger.
  • By design: The design is another pricing criterion that manufacturers often use. It takes more resources to make aesthetically pleasing EV chargers than basic chargers that are simpler.

VI. How to Select the Right Wholesale EV Chargers Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Selecting a suitable EV charger manufacturer requires careful thinking and planning based on the requirements that satisfy your needs. You may investigate some considerations when deciding on the manufacturer that can meet your requirements.

  • Innovation: This factor lets you know if the manufacturer invests in research and development to make EV chargers that can solve various challenges for EV owners. It is also important to provide a suitable EV charger that meets a charging challenge without adding unwanted or excessive features.
  • Quality and Reliability: The quality of the EV charger produced by a manufacturer is vital in assessing their production management systems. This criterion is required if the level of quality you require is very high. Also, the manufacturer’s reliability is crucial as it gives you a confidence level in their abilities to manufacture what you both agreed.
  • Certificates: The standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection procedures that the manufacturer follows are another vital factor. The reason is that internationally accepted standards and requirements often mean that their EV chargers can be used internationally in many countries if the manufacturers follow these standards in their manufacturing processes.
  • OCPP System: The communication protocol between the charger and the EV is another important consideration to examine before selecting a manufacturer. Different manufacturers often choose OCCP (Open Charge Point Protocol) based on the local EV charging protocols. Hence, you risk running into the danger of an incompatible EV charger if you don’t consider the OCPP system of the manufacturer.
  • Price: Very pricey EV chargers are not necessarily the best, especially when similar manufacturers offer the same quality of EV chargers at very competitive prices. Consider this critically before selecting an EV charger manufacturer.
  • R&D Experience: The commitment and consistency of a manufacturer’s investment in research and development significantly determine their level of innovative product release. Putting this factor into consideration when selecting an EV charger manufacturer gives you a better chance of selecting a suitable one that specifically meets your needs.

VII. How to Buy Wholesale EV Chargers Online from Electrly?

Buying EV chargers online from Electrly electric car chargers manufacturer is very straightforward and does not require much effort if you follow the steps.

① Consider Type of EV Chargers: After you’ve noted your requirements of the kinds of EV chargers you are looking at, go through Electrly’s website and choose from the category of EV chargers available that meets your requirements. Whether you are looking for home EV chargers or business location chargers, you should find one that suits your requirements.

② Think about the Power and Charge Connector: The power and charge connector must match the EV and location. For instance, home EV chargers and public EV chargers have different power requirements. Likewise, connectors for level 1 and 2 chargers are not the same. So, make sure you are picking the correct charger that matches the power supply and connection requirement.


③ Confirm the Product Quantity: Ensure that the quantity of EV chargers you require is accurately indicated. Sometimes, ensuring you get the number of zeros right can be lifesaving. You don’t want to indicate 20 when you mean 200.

④ Get the Free Quote: After confirming the order quantity, ensure that you get a quote from the sales team.

⑤ Confirm the Quotation: Make sure you confirm the quotation noting the numbers, including quantity and the type of EV charger you ordered.

⑥ Pay and Schedule Production: Electrly requires 50% payment before commencing the manufacture of the EV charger and the remaining 50% to complete the payment before packaging and shipping the EV charger to you.


To wrap up, wholesale EV charger from China is highly beneficial and can be more as the number increases. However, knowing your requirements is the first step to getting it right, and ensuring that you understand the right criteria in selecting a suitable manufacturer is key. Nevertheless, the requirements for importing from a reliable EV charger manufacturer like Electrly are equally essential as you can quickly settle things like your choice of EV charger, quotations, payment, and production schedule before ordering. Ultimately, getting an EV charger that meets your needs is the end goal.

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