Top 10 EV Charger Manufacturers in the UK

Look for the best EV charger manufacturers in the UK? Find it difficult to locate a suitable EV charging manufacturer? This article will answer all of your questions.


Are you in the UK and have been sourcing for the best manufacturers of EV chargers in the UK?

The gradual integration of electric vehicles into the auto world has been rising, gaining momentum year in and year out. However, most EV users often find a common challenge: locating a suitable EV charging manufacturer.

Luckily, technologically advanced producers are also springing up, especially in the UK, and we only provide you with the best of the best in this piece. Join us as we introduce them to you.

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Top 10 EV Charger Manufacturers in the UK

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 BP 2018
2 Eaton Corporation 2021
3 Pod Point 2009
4 Elmtronics 2014
5 Andersen EV 2015
6 Rolec 1990
7 Ohme 2017
8 Project EV 2012
9 EO Charging 2015
10 Myenergi 2016

1. BP

  • Address – Milton Keynes, England
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates – CE, EN, ISO, UL, ENERGY STAR
  • Company Introduction – BP has manufactured some of the most intuitive EV charging installations in the market, and this was actualized as a reason for its diversification in 2018 after it overturned its oil and gas portfolios into the EV charging industry and acquired one of the topmost manufacturers of the EV charging solutions, Chargemaster, in the industry. With this feat, BP has expanded its manufacture of the EV charging systems from 45,000 already installed stations to over 174,000 stations. It was able to influence the renewable energy market through its revenue, already running infrastructures, assets, and its customer base network.
  • Products OfferedDC rapid chargers, home charging stations, AC charging stations, fast-charging stations, and charging accessories.

2. Eaton Corporation

  • Address – Dublin, Ireland
  • Year of Experience – 1 year (2021)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO FCC
  • Company Introduction – The Eaton Corporation, to some degree, is a household name in varying sectors, especially the automobile industry. And like BP, the Eaton Corporation also had to acquire Green Motion, a Swiss EV charging systems manufacturer, to boost its manufacturing of EV charging equipment and stations to and for the users of EV charging tools and accessories. Although The Eaton Corporation has acquired over a century of industry experience, its commitment to a clean environment and green energy is why it has channeled most of its resources to manufacturing EV charging solutions. This has earned it among the top and the best with awards to indicate its long-standing interest in the sector. It is a bit of a latecomer, but it has over 97,000 employees, servicing customers in over 170 countries. The Eaton Corporation is primed to take the spotlight and the lead in this industry, given a few more years from now.
  • Products Offered – Level 1, 2, 3 charging units and accessories.

3. Pod Point

  • Address – London, England
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Pod Point is another leading manufacturer and supplier of EV charging for over a decade of service to its users. Since its inception in 2009, Pod Point has supplied over 137,000 charging outlets and provided over 6200 charging stations for public use at various spots all over the United Kingdom. Pod Point has also installed different workplace and fleet EV users of different types of automobile brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Nissan, among others. It has accomplished a wiring project with top real estate developers and managers in wiring up electrical equipment in these buildings. Pod Point’s presence and influence in the UK have supplied over 593 million miles of electric driving over its 13 years in this industry.
  • Products Offered – Twincharger, home, and commercial charging.

4. Elmtronics

  • Address – Durham, England
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014)
  • Certificates – CE, I-REC, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Elmtronics, recently acquired by Mer with affiliations to Statkraft, is a major manufacturer of EV charging for fleet and workplace products. With products like Mer Eve and Mer Eve Mini (AC) and Wallbox (DC), fast charging tools are well-suited for workplace purposes which is the reason it’s among the topmost manufacturers in the renewable energy industry. Elmtronics (Mer) is an electric vehicle charging supplier with colossal renewable energy production that utilizes 100 percent renewable energy and zero-carbon by using hydro, solar, and wind. We integrate with other Statkraft businesses to tailor EV charging, storage, and electricity packages.
  • Products Offered – Mini fast charging (AC), Wallbox EV charging station, DC Rapid charger.

5. Andersen EV

  • Address – London, England
  • Year of Experience – 7 years (2015)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – the philosophy backing Andersen EV is that going into electricity is more than an ethical choice. It embraces the future and creates a new and different way to live. This is why it is one of the pioneering companies in the EV industry. It is also challenged by the disappointments EV users encounter when choosing a charge option or point. Its Andersen A2 is specifically designed for optimal EV home charging solutions. Andersen EV is a company that aims to assist homeowners with conducive, secure, and safety standards with its product usage as it combines solar charging, winding systems, remote locking options, and energy monitoring features in its innovative home charging products. Andersen EV charge points intend to tackle a disparity in electric vehicle production.
  • Products OfferedHome charging stations.

6. Rolec

  • Address – Boston, Lincolnshire, England
  • Year of Experience – 30 years (1990)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO, OCPP
  • Company Introduction – Rolec Services is an electrical development company with over three decades of electrical industry experience but over ten years of experience in manufacturing outdoor EV charging options. Rolec Services has a technical support staff of over a hundred and its major facilities in San Francisco, USA, and France, but it is headquartered in Boston, England. Rolec has designed, supplied, and installed numerous EV charging points in noteworthy locations. Its range of AC Fast and DC Rapid EV charging bays are successes among its users and various businesses. Rolec provides EV charging solutions appropriate for both home and commercial points and workplaces and fleets. Many EV drivers and businesses take advantage of some of its OZEV grant-funded charging bays when they acquire and install EV charging points in their homes or workplaces.
  • Products Offered – EV Home Smart, Workplace charging stations, fleet charging solutions.

7. Ohme

  • Address – London, England
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Ohme is a privately financed EV solutions provider developing smart charging options for more sustainable electric vehicles (EVs). Ohme’s smart and intelligent charging options assist in estimating the required power for a journey and charge to the right amount required. Ohme intends to keep EV charging at low costs and reward its consumers with smart charging options. It aims to remain the world’s most reliable smart EV charging platform. Ohme is passionate about transitioning from fossil fuel to renewable energy, which fosters its commitment to creating a better and smarter charging experience for EV drivers nudging them to charge at off-peak periods, which is likely to reduce cost and be profitable on the payment for charge basis.
  • Products Offered – EV Smart Wall Charger, EV Smart Charger Cable, Home wall charger.

8. Project EV

  • Address – Burton on Trent, UK
  • Year of Experience – 10 years (2012)
  • Certificates – OCPP, CE
  • Company Introduction – Project EV, an offshoot of Project Better Energy, aims to drive EV charging solutions to the apex of all EV solution providers with EV at its core in a bid toward decarbonization via green and renewable energy. With major automobile brands integrating EVs into their future automobile manufacturing, Project EV purposes to be the smartest EV charging system supplier. Its versatile products range from floor to wall installed EV charging ports and stations all over the UK and Europe with technology that delivers high output charging systems and allows EVs to be charged at optimal performance. Charge point outputs range from 73Kw AC to 300Kw DC in all charging stations. Project EV product range is packed in the sleekest form, with OCPP compliance and complete electrical and temperature proof protection. Fully tested also to meet European standards.
  • Products Offered – Rapid & Ultra Rapid DC Chargers, Charging Accessories, Fast AC Chargers, 3 Phase Untethered EV Charger

9. EO Charging

  • Address – London, England
  • Year of Experience – 7 years (2015)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – With the latest FT1000 rankings released recently by the Financial Times, EO charging is ranked 45th on the list. EO, which represents Electricity Online, is on the move to creating a new EV charging ecosystem that allows EV drivers power of energy autonomy. With recent transitions, EO seeks to build charging solutions with the ability to shift consumers’ and business owners’ mindsets alike. It is aimed first at the fleets as its vision believes the transition starts from there. Consequently, it isn’t just positioned to manufacture hardware and software but to make available EV solutions that electrify the fleet irrespective of your state on the EV transition journey. With an employee base of about 50-100, EO is equipped with the right hands to manufacture and supply the best and most reliable EV charging solutions. EO develops some of the best smart electrical vehicle chargers and innovative software suitable for workplaces and homes.
  • Products Offered – AC and DC charge points

10. Myenergi

  • Address – Grimsby, UK
  • Year of Experience – 6 years (2016)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Creating a sustainable future via green energy and eco-smart technology is the core of Myenergi’s mission. Myenergi is persistent in the transformation of the living and working environments. This is why it has gathered a competent and passionate team of experts and professionals energized by creating green and sustainable energy solutions. Myenergi supplies over ten thousand homes and workplaces worldwide with its green energy products, which doesn’t only assist the national grid but also energy flow in the home and public spaces. Some of its eco-friendly energy solutions technology include the eddi, zappi, and have. With over six years of designing and fabricating renewable energy equipment for an eco-smart home energy flow control, Myenergi has an employee range of 250-500 experts who supports its vision.
  • Products Offered – Charging stations, charging accessories.


To wrap this all up, renewable energy is gradually gaining momentum in the automotive industry, with so many eco-smart technology systems getting set up globally. These top manufacturers are taking the lead in the UK. But before we draw the curtains, a noteworthy manufacturer of EV chargers with the best pocket-friendly and cost-effective renewable energy supplier is Electrly. Although not based in the UK, Electrly is equipped with experts in the industry that help manufacture EV charging solutions for various EV drivers worldwide. And with various quality assurance certifications such as the EN, CE, ISO, etc. Electrly is your reliable plug for all things EV solutions.

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