Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Austria


It can be really frustrating getting an EV charger from an unreliable manufacturer. This post will guide you to the top 6 ev charger manufacturers in Austria.

It can be really frustrating getting an EV charger from an unreliable manufacturer.

This feeling is often the case with most new EV owners who don’t know where or how to get a reliable manufacturer that can supply an EV charger that meets the required specifications. However, some brands and manufacturers have extensive experience in the EV industry and can meet your requirements and give knowledgeable advice, for instance, on future needs and challenges. This post will guide you to some of these domiciled manufacturers in Austria. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Austria

Here are the top manufacturers of EV chargers you’ll find in Austria.

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Swarco 2008
2 Keba 2009
3 Go-e 2015
5 Smartfox 2016

1. Swarco

  • Address – Blattenwaldweg 8 Wattens, A-6112 Austria
  • Year of Experience – 14 years (2008)
  • Certificates – UL, FCC, ISO, CE
  • Company Introduction – As one of the frontrunners of the EV charging industry, SWARCO started its endeavor of manufacturing reliable, innovative, smart, and accessible EV chargers in Austria. However, the story was over 50 years ago when SWARCO was incorporated as a traffic management solutions provider in 1969. Fast-forward to 2008, SWARCO has expanded into other ventures, including building EV charging infrastructure. With over 5,000 dedicated employees in more than 70 countries, SWARCO designs and manufactures ingenious charging solutions that use renewable energy to charge EVs. Their target customers are various EV users who have home, commercial, and public charging needs. They are quickly ramping up production to increase the number of chargers in their network and reach more EV drivers both in Austria and other European countries and other parts of the world. They have installed over 10,000 EV chargers, with over 7,000 in the UK alone.
  • Products Offered – Home EV charging stations, workplace charging stations, public rapid charging stations, charging accessories.

2. Keba

  • Address – Reindlstraße 51 4040 Linz, Austria
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL, FCC
  • Company Introduction – Keba is among the leading manufacturers of EV chargers with its roots in Austria but rapidly increasing its network worldwide. It was established back in 1969 primarily to manufacture heating devices. However, KEBA has quickly analyzed the need for the future and found this need 13 years ago in the EV industry over the years that follow. It pioneered its wall box EV charging unit back in 2013 and has consistently developed innovative EV charging solutions. Their over 250,000 installed wall-mounted chargers speak volumes of their commitment to reaching more EV drivers as possible. As one of the largest manufacturers of EV chargers in Europe, it is committed to manufacturing quality and reliable devices. Additionally, the demand for its charging stations has continued to grow and will remain as many other drivers transition from fossil fuel vehicles to EVs.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted EV chargers, charging cables, adaptors, and other charging accessories.

3. Go-e

  • Address – Satellitenstraße 1, 9560 Feldkirchen in Carinthia, Austria
  • Year of Experience – 7 years (2015)
  • Certificates – ISO, CE, UL.
  • Company Introduction – Starting in 2015 with its pioneering bicycle motor project, Go-e has recognized the need to meet the challenges of EV charging with a cost-effective and sustainable solution. With a design geared towards space-saving and portability, Go-e presented the EV world with its first wall box charging station in 2017. Subsequently, it has produced several innovative designs that address other EV charging challenges, including smart load controls, intuitive access, and payment integration. Furthermore, Go-e is investing heavily in technological processes to drive a more functional and customer-centric solution for its EV charging systems. Its production facility in Carinthia, Austria, boasts of some of the most advanced production equipment, including automation lines that help them meet its objectives. Go-e is intensifying its efforts to reach more EV users as it expands its network to 20 other European countries with 100 dedicated employees, ensuring that every Go-e product succeeds.
  • Products Offered – Portable charging stations, mountable charging stations, AC fast chargers, and charging accessories.


  • Address – Stempfergasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • Year of Experience – 6 years (2016)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO
  • Company Introduction – With its 6 years of EV industry experience, Volterio has always looked to solve the EV charging challenge from a unique angle. Since partnering with an automotive OEM giant, it has sought to reduce the hassle of charging EVs by deciding to manufacture an automatic non-contact charging system. Often referring to its device as a charging robot, Volterio’s quest is to make charging EVs smart and free of stress allowing drivers to charge their EVs in record time and without worrying about parking accuracies. Another of Volterio’s ambitions is to make its charging solutions affordable and accessible to all EV drivers, not limiting them to luxury EVs. Therefore, it is investing heavily into research and collaborating with key stakeholders in the EV industry to make its goal a reality. Its designs are very intuitive, functional, and above all, customer-centric.
  • Products Offered – Robotic charging system, AC/DC charging station, charging accessories.

5. Smartfox

  • Address – Niedernfritzerstraße 120, 5531 Eben im Pongau, Austria
  • Year of Experience – 6 years (2016)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, FCC, ISO, EN.
  • Company Introduction – The ability to optimize the charging capabilities of most charging stations is still a challenge for most manufacturers. Smartfox’s unique selling point is that its charging stations are built to intelligently optimize power consumption when charging EVs. Consequently, its 6 years of experience as a charger manufacturer has been put to good use, producing some of the innovative charging stations in the industry today. But that’s not all. Smartfox chargers use solar power to innovatively solve the challenge of excessive dependence on the local power grid. This arrangement can leave an excess supply of power intelligently switched from a 1-phase to a 3-phase charging arrangement, increasing the efficiency of the charging station in the process. Smartfox is constantly developing new ways to optimize power consumption while charging Evs with its innovative charging solutions.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted EV chargers, power controller, charging accessories.


  • Address – Europaplatz 2, Stairway 4 3rd Floor Vienna, 1150 Austria
  • Year of Experience – 10 years (2012)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL, ISO.
  • Company Introduction – Smatrics, a leading e-mobility solutions provider, was established as a subsidiary of the German company Verbund AG to provide full-scale EV charging solutions. Its exploits in the last 10 years pit it with the top brands in the industry today. As the biggest and only nationwide provider of fast charging stations in Austria, Smatrics has carved out a niche by providing several publicly available high-powered charging stations throughout Austria. But wait, there is more. one of its main goals is to reach as many Ev drivers as possible and, as a result, is putting all hands on deck to produce charging solutions for home charging units and charging solutions for companies with fleets of EVs. It is also committed to a cleaner and safer environment with its power source coming from green renewable energy.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted charging units, public charging stations, charging accessories.


In the end, you need to confirm that you know your EV charging requirements to ensure you are getting the right service from the right manufacturer. Still, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the Austrian market as there are still numerous outstanding manufacturers in other places like the Chinese market. A good example is Electrly which has more than 35 years of consistently delivering superior EV charging solutions to EV users worldwide. Its charging stations are one of the most affordable globally as they are strategically located in the Silicon Valley of China – Shenzhen, where they can easily access top professionals in the EV industry. Their track record of quality manufacturing speaks volumes of their success and credibility.

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