Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Switzerland

Are you looking for quality EV charger manufacturers in Switzerland? This is the right article for you, including years of experience, company introduction, and their popular products.


While EVs are rapidly expanding globally and are becoming common in Switzerland, still the country needs to catch up with the majority of the world. But the demand to purchase EV charging solutions is also growing.

Where can you get the most efficient charging solutions for electric vehicle (EVs) chargers? If you are looking for quality EV charging stations, and trustworthy and popular EV charger manufacturers to buy from, this is the right article for you. It is an overview of the top 6 EV charging manufacturers in Switzerland, including years of experience, company introduction, and their popular products.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Switzerland

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 ABB 1892
2 Green Motion 2016
4 Designwerk Group 2008
5 GOFAST 2016
6 EVTEC 2010

1. ABB

  • Address – Affolternstrasse, 44, 8050, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 130 years
  • Certificates – NEMA 3 & IP 54, CHAdeMO, CCS-1, CCS-2
  • Company Introduction – ABB company comes on the list of innovators of Electric vehicles, EV chargers, and EV accessories production businesses. The company has already set the goals with its products for reliable, emission-free, and smarter mobility. They also make sure of the availability of EV chargers for every EV driver living in any area around the world. They are not like any other company working for 10 to 20 years but have sustained their position in the market for more than 130 years. Their product list contains all of the EV-related products and technologies, no matter if it is AC EV chargers or DC EV chargers. Other than chargers, they are providing Control Room Solutions, Low Voltage Products and Systems, Drives, Industrial Software, high and Medium Voltage Products, Robotics and more.
  • Products Offered – type 2 EV chargers, Public EV chargers, commercial EV chargers, fast EV chargers.

2. Green Motion

  • Address – Chemin de Maillefer 61, 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Year of Experience – 7 years(2016)
  • Certificates – IEC 61851-1, IP54, IK08, IK10, IP55
  • Company Introduction – Green motion EV charging company is now a part of Eaton power management firm. The goal is to spread electric vehicles to every part of the world for a green and greener Earth. Before merging with Eaton, they were one of the creators and market leaders in electric vehicle charging solutions, their EV charging products are professional, safe, convenient, and cost-effective for every single electric vehicle driver, in various public buildings, and parking lots. They help you to build, sustain or upgrade structures with a complete set of EV chargers, advanced software, and power management systems so you can meet policies, enhance profits and decrease CO2 to zero. Eaton, the mother company of GreenMotion, is providing many other solutions to different industries. If we talk about EV chargers then the company has products compatible with every electric vehicle.
  • Products Offered – DC EV chargers, high-powered EV charging stations, AC EV charging stations, Type 1 EV chargers, Type 2 EV chargers, EV charging accessories.


  • Address – Via G.B. Pioda 14 – CH-6900 Lugano, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 40 years
  • Certificates – /
  • Company Introduction – CAVOTECH company has been working in marketing for more than 40 years. They provide services of selling and installing EV charging points and have the mission to become the leader in the provision of sustainable mobility to create a healthier lifestyle and increase the happiness and prosperity of citizens. In addition to creating economic car electric chargers, the company is also developing electric charging solutions for ferries, boats, ships, airplanes, heavy-duty vehicles, and trains.
  • Products Offered – Smart Plug-in charging system, Automatic EV chargers, E-Ferry chargers, EV charging accessories, E-Truck chargers.

4. Designwerk Group

  • Address – Wülflingerstrasse 147, 8408, Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 14 years(2008)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO, GB/T
  • Company Introduction – Designwerk group founded in 2008 provides EV power management and charging solutions to the world. The company has three main product lines- E-trucks, fast electric vehicle chargers, and batteries. Thes EV chargers can charge anything from small or big commercial vehicles, private cars, heavy duty construction machines, sports cars, or loading trucks at airports. Designwerk is providing DC fast charging only which can charge up to 600km in an hour. Their products include mobile EV chargers and Wall EV chargers. Customers are happy to order from the company as they are delivering orders in the shortest time.
  • Products Offered – mobile fast EV chargers, DC fast EV chargers, high power EV chargers, EV charging accessories.


  • Address – Aargauerstrasse 182, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 6 years(2016)
  • Certificates – CHAdeMO
  • Company Introduction – GOFAST is the emerging EV charging company but it is spreading all over the country. The company has many national partners and international partners such as Ibis, SOCAR, AMB, and AE. Any EV driver can use their Charging stations as they are compatible with all types of e-cars even with is the only company that provides all the plugs of various e-cars in all the charging stations such as AC, DC, CHadeMO, type1-2, etc. You can charge your car up to 200km in just 10 minutes at GOFAST charging units.
  • Products Offered – DC EV charging solutions, Type 2 EV charging unit, dual power EV charging stations, AC EV chargers, Plug-in EV Charging stations


  • Address – Evtec AG, Kriens-Obernau, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 12 years(2010)
  • Certificates – IEC, ISO, IP 54, EN
  • Company Introduction – EVTEC was inaugurated in the 1980s but work on EV charging was started in 2010 and from then it is working as the provider of electric Vehicle Chargers with international partners from all around the world. The company’s products have a low release of carbon and are sustainable. EVTEC products are named similarly to different types of coffee, for example coffee Cerretto & charge, Ristertto & charge, Sopeso & charge, and cappuccino & charge. EVTEC has launched V2X Suisse project which is the first ever large scale EV charger Swiss test in which they are providing charging from 2 sides.
  • Products Offered – Fixed charging solutions, Mobile charging unit. DC fast EV chargers, AC EV chargers, Type-2 EV chargers, EV charging batteries.

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Electrly has a comprehensive quality control system and their products can conform with the requirements of the ISO quality assurance system. Because of the high quality with affordable price, Electrly EV chargers have a large market, sold to the UK, US, Germany, Australia, France, and etc.

Moreover, all of their EV chargers go beyond your hopes as regards of service, efficiency and life thanks to their proficiency in design and manufacturing of EV chargers.

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If you have interest and demand for EVs chargers rise then you should know that the number of EV chargers manufacturers is also increasing. In this blog, you have learned about the most renowned EV chargers manufacturers from Switzerland and which ones might best suit your budget, lifestyle, and general needs. Also, it is essential to remember that one of the main differences among EV Chargers manufacturers can be the warranties that they provide with their products to their customers.

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