Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Finland

Many EV owners make a mistake approaching an unreliable manufacturer. To help you avoid this mistake, we have put together in this post the top-of-the-range EV charger manufacturers available to you in the Finnish market.


It’s a trap.

Buying an EV charger from an untested manufacturer can often open a can of worms in the end. This can lead to frustrations as so many unanticipated challenges arise. Since chargers are essential devices for electric vehicle (EV) owners, it is only logical that identifying a suitable EV charger manufacturer will be more crucial. However, many EV owners make a mistake approaching an unreliable manufacturer first. To help you avoid this mistake, we have put together in this post the top-of-the-range EV charger manufacturers available to you in the Finnish market. So, without further ado, let’s meet them.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Finland

Here are the top 6 Finnish EV charger manufacturers you should know about.

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Fortum 2010
2 Ensto 2012
3 Kempower 2017
4 Innohome 2020
5 eChargie 2017
6 Unified Chargers 2017

1. Fortum

  • Address – Keilalahdentie 2 02150, ESPOO, Uusimaa Finland
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO, EN FCC.
  • Company Introduction – Though the government of Finland funds Fortum, it still functions efficiently, breaking different barriers and limitations in the EV charging space. While it was set up primarily as an energy generation, distribution, and operation enterprise, it has also found the need to develop innovative solutions for the challenges EV drivers often face in charging their vehicles. EVs were not so popular back in 2010 when they decided to enter the industry. However, envisaging that EVs will eventually be the vehicle of the future, it didn’t take long before deciding to take a stance. Fortum targets the Finnish EV market focusing on the gap for EV owners who find it difficult to quickly top up their batteries while on the road.

For this reason, Fortum has been developing fast chargers across the length and breadth of Finland to mitigate this pain and has been successful. It is also expanding its network into other Nordic countries to share the same value in its markets. It has so far installed over 2,000 charging stations, 600 of which are in Finland with 700 fast chargers.

  • Products Offered – high power chargers, public fast chargers, charging accessories.

2. Ensto

  • Address – Ensio Miettisen katu 2 PO Box 77 Porvoo, 06101 Finland.
  • Year of Experience – 10 years (2012)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL, ISO, FCC.
  • Company Introduction – As a third-generation family business initially set up some 60 years ago as an electricity distribution company, Ensto has gone very far and is presently achieving some remarkable feats in the EV industry. With a decade of developing and manufacturing some of the most outstanding charging stations in the EV industry, Ensto’s impact has been felt by various categories of EV owners. Its versatile EV charging stations ensure that EV drivers can easily access their charging stations no matter their location. So, either at home, at the workplace, or a shopping center, Ensto’s charging stations are designed to meet these categories of EV chargers. What’s more, they combine digital advertisement with some of their charging stations to give businesses the benefit of reaching more customers.
  • Products OfferedHome EV charging stations, public fast chargers, charging accessories.

3. Kempower

  • Address – Hennalankatu 71, 15810 Lahti, Finland.
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL, ISO.
  • Company Introduction – Though established as a welding machines supplier back in 1949, Kempower has since repackaged its services to include EV charging stations. Having invested more into research in 2009, Kempower realized the importance of a charging station that meets the specific requirements of various segments of the EV charging industry. This spurred the creation of several prototypes of charging stations. However, it wasn’t until 2017 before the efforts yielded a commercially viable charging station. Their EV charging stations are renowned as sleek, functional, and durable even in the harshest of environments. With its production facility in Lahti, Finland, Kempower continues to manufacture quality charging stations that can hold their own anywhere.
  • Products Offered – Portable dual charging stations, modular fast-charging stations, dynamic charging poles, and charging accessories.

4. Innohome

  • Address – Itsehallintokuja 4, FI-02600 Espoo, Finland.
  • Year of Experience – 2 years (2020)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO, IP.
  • Company Introduction – While its incorporation was done in 2005, it wasn’t until 2020 before Innohome began manufacturing EV charging stations. Its unique selling point is a smart EV charging station that offers EV owners intuitive and easily accessible charging solutions. While Innohome is starting from its home turf, it has quickly extended its network to other Nordic countries like Norway, an early adopter of electric vehicles. Also, the Innohome sub-niche within the broader niche of EV users is the home charging category, where ease of use is by far the pain point that stands out. Its design has been made to last with high durability, versatility, and reliability.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted EV chargers and charging accessories.

5. eChargie

  • Address – Spårentie 2, 33960 Pirkkala, Finland.
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL, ISO.
  • Company Introduction – eChargie was established in 2017 as an EV charging solution provider with an exceptional solution. eChargie provides a compact add-on charging device that is easy to latch onto any public charging socket to allow EVs to recharge their batteries. The simple device is easy to install and is very compact and powerful, allowing multiple EVs to charge at once. Having proven to be a viable idea, the Finnish environmental ministry quickly backed it up with early-seed funds. Business Finland also supported it with R&D loans which helped it speed up production. eChargie has spread its tentacles beyond the Finnish borders to connect with a larger Nordic market as the demand for EV chargers soars higher in that market.
  • Products OfferedPublic charging stations and charging accessories.

6. Unified Chargers

  • Address – Peuraniitty 5B56, 02750 Espoo, Finland.
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, UL
  • Company Introduction – Unified Charger was established in 2017 to solve a couple of issues that face most EV owners. Its designs are geared toward home EV charging requirements that are often faced with the challenge of balancing dynamic electrical loads. This situation often happens with the simultaneous use of heavy electrical appliances. Adding an EV to the list often poses the problem of overloading the electrical system. Fortunately, Unified Chargers’ design uses intelligent dynamic load balancing to optimize power consumption. Also, Unified Chargers aims to solve the challenge of affordability by offering flexible payment plans, including leasing and paying in installments, to make its fast-charging stations easily affordable to all EV owners.
  • Products OfferedDC fast chargers, AC charging stations, intelligent EV charging systems, charging accessories.


In conclusion, the Finnish market is rife with so many quality EV charger manufacturers. However, quality manufacturers are not exclusive to the finish market. With countries like China also boast equally quality EV charger manufacturers. An excellent example is Electrly EV charger manufacturer which has had an outstanding and consistent successful record for 35 years. Also, its strategic location in the Chinese Silicon Valley of Shenzhen gives it an advantage over so many EV industry professionals and experts, keeping its manufacturing cost low. This low production is why its highly competitive prices with the same quality as its European counterparts. Electrly is also compliant with internationally acceptable EV standards, including UL, CE, EN, FCC, and ISO.

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