Top 20 EV Charger Manufacturers in Europe

Looking for the EV charger manufacturer in Europe, and have difficult in identifying which one is right for you? Here's the top 20 EV charger manufacturers in Europe for your reference.


Ever wonder who the top EV charger manufacturers in Europe are?

The race from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles has been on for a while now, and while that is good for the environment, it certainly does not come without its share of difficulty. One common challenge is locating a suitable EV charger manufacturer that understands all your charging challenges and can meet your requirements. Fortunately, several top-notch manufacturers in Europe have innovative solutions and have the requisite experience to meet your requirements. If you are ready to meet them, then let’s dive in.

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Top 20 EV Charger Manufacturers in Europe

Here are the top 20 EV charger manufacturers you’ll find in Europe today.

1. Eaton Corporation

  • Headquarters – Dublin, Ireland
  • Year of Experience – 1 year (2021)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO FCC
  • Company Introduction – Although Eaton Corporation is an established name with over a century of existence in various sectors, especially in the automotive industry, it is somewhat of a latecomer to the EV charging manufacturing party. After it acquired Green Motion – the Swiss EV charging station manufacturer, it has focused its resources on manufacturing EV charging stations for different categories of EV owners, including residential, business, and workplaces. Eaton has been committed to green energy and a clean environment even before it went into the EV charging sector, receiving awards like the CALSTART Blue Sky as far back as 2008. With over 97,000 employees delivering services in over 170 countries worldwide, Eaton is well-positioned to take a large share of the EV charging industry in the coming years. Eaton is also traded on the New York stock exchange and has a total asset of 31 billion US dollars and a revenue of over 17.8 billion US dollars.
  • Products Offered – Level 1,2,3 charging units and accessories.

2. Siemens

  • Headquarters – Munich, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010)
  • Certificates – CE, EMC, EN, RCD,
  • Company Introduction – While it has existed as a corporate entity for more than 175 years, Siemens venturing into the EV charging industry only picked up in 2010 when it launched a series of EV charging stations. Their products are manufactured with various EV interests in mind, including wall-mounted residential charging units and multi-level public and business charging stations. With a wide network of charging infrastructure, Siemens is pushing its objective of a cleaner, safer environment. They have an ambition of installing over a million charging stations across the US alone by 2025 and are also expanding their charging networks across other countries around the world, including the remote parts of Africa. Siemens is also collaborating with some automotive manufacturers like Volks Wagen to power their EVs and to ensure they meet their green energy objectives.
  • Products Offered – Standard charging stations, Fast-charging stations, Dual plug charging stations, AC/DC charging stations, and charging accessories.

3. BP

  • Headquarters – Milton Keynes, England
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates – CE, EN, ISO, UL, ENERGY STAR.
  • Company Introduction – BP diversified its oil and gas investment to manufacturing EV charging stations in 2018 when it acquired a foremost manufacturing giant in the EV charging industry, Chargemaster. Since then, it has developed and manufactured some of the most intuitive EV charging systems in the market, leveraging its well-established infrastructure, revenue, and networks across Europe. Since acquiring Chargemaster, it has also increased the capacity of EV charging station manufacturing from the already installed 45,000 charging stations to more than 174,000, installing over 2,000 charging stations monthly. They are well-positioned to serve home charging needs as well as property and businesses who have EV owners as customers and employees. Additionally, their advanced manufacturing technologies, which integrate sophisticated processes and equipment into the production of EV chargers, enable them to produce cost-effective and efficient EV chargers.
  • Products OfferedHome charging stations, fast-charging stations, DC rapid chargers, AC charging stations, and charging accessories.

4. Shell Recharge Solutions

  • Headquarters – London, United Kingdom
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – ISO, UL, CE. EN
  • Company Introduction – With over 275,000 public charging stations around Europe, Shell Recharge Solutions is a formidable EV charging infrastructure provider in the European market. Since it ventured into the green energy production industry, as part of its commitment to reduce carbon footprints and emissions globally, Shell Recharge Solutions has invested heavily in the production of charging stations around Europe. It is consistent in its objective to increase the total charging stations under its wide network to accommodate different EV owners as well as businesses that serve these EV owners. What’s more, Shell Recharge Solutions is constantly developing smart EV charging solutions that solve the pain points of EV drivers in their plight to enjoy their transition from fossil-fueled cars to EVs. Consequently, their products often include regular and rapid charging solutions that maximize the local power grid in every situation.
  • Products Offered – Regular and Fast-charging stations, AC/DC chargers, and charging accessories.

5. Schneider Electric

  • Headquarters – Cedex, France
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014)
  • Certificates – IEC/EN, CE, CB, OCA, OCPP, UL,
  • Company Introduction – With over 180 years of existence in energy manufacturing and support, Schneider Electric has been at the forefront, championing the production of innovative electrical devices. However, its journey into manufacturing EV chargers only began in 2014 when it partnered with ChargePoint – one of the biggest EV charging service providers with a vast network of EV charging stations. Together, they’ve increased the number of charging stations installed across Europe with a seamless and enjoyable EV charging experience for EV owners and drivers. Schneider Electric has made a significant investment and sure is reaping the benefits with a revenue of over 28 billion euros in 2021 alone. They also have a workforce of highly qualified and passionate individuals numbering more than 166,000 across the globe.
  • Products Offered – EV fast chargers, parking charging stations, wall-mounted chargers, residential chargers, and charging accessories like charging cables and adapters.

6. Bosch

  • Headquarters – Gerlingen, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 9 years (2013)
  • Certificates – FCC, UL, CSA, SAE, NEC, IEC.
  • Company Introduction – While it has a long history of quality manufacturing in many industries, Bosch’s decision to enter the EV charging sector in 2013 has been one of the fascinating moves for the EV community. Its primary purpose – to reduce the cost of owning an EV charging station, has been very successful over the past nine years. This progress is only possible because of the formidable structure with longstanding and well-defined manufacturing processes in place over their many years of existence. They are also very invested in research and developing ingenious EV charging solutions for their teeming customers both in Europe and worldwide. With more than 300,000 associates globally, Bosch has been able to apply for over 4,500 patents worldwide and is constantly seeking new ways to make EV charging experience more intuitive and enjoyable for every EV owner.
  • Products Offered – Rapid charging stations, regular home charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, charging accessories.

7. TotalEnergies

  • Headquarters – Courbevoie, France
  • Year of Experience – 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO, IEC, UL
  • Company Introduction – TotalEnergies is a beacon in the energy industry and has been for 98 years. It was no wonder they decided to take part in the EV charging sector back in 2018 with the acquisition of G2mobility – a major player of 10 years in the EV charging manufacturing industry. This move allowed them to show their commitment to producing green energy and a cleaner environment. One of their motivations is the quest for a reduced carbon footprint caused by the enormous emission from fossil-fuel vehicles. This ambition has seen them manufacture and install many charging stations geared to meet various EV owners’ needs. Its unique selling point is as a fully integrated EV charge solutions provider with manufacturing, installation, networking, and payment infrastructure at the core of its business. They also cater to various EV charging needs, especially EV owners who need to quickly charge their EVs while on the road.
  • Products Offered – Fast chargers, home charging units, charging accessories.

8. Renault

  • Headquarters – Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Year of Experience – 2 years (2020)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, FCC
  • Company Introduction – Having spent close to 7 decades in the automotive industry, Renault decided to cast its net into the EV charging industry waters very recently. Since then, Renault has been very dedicated to providing innovative charging solutions for various EV owners. Their unique charging solutions, which include recycling old batteries to store and power charging stations, have proved efficient and cost-effective in meeting the needs of EV owners. They also collaborate with several suppliers and companies to build a charging station network. This is enable it reach more EV owners and close the gap of inadequate charging locations for EV drivers on the road. So far, this collaboration has helped Renault connect with more EV users over the past few years.
  • Products Offered – Regular and fast chargers, home and business charging stations, adapters, cables, and sockets.

9. Enelx

  • Headquarters – Rome, Italy
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Enel X is an emerging manufacturer of EV charging solutions across Europe. Since inception, it has partnered with major automotive manufacturers to help power their electric vehicles using EnelX’s expertise in manufacturing EV charging stations over the past five years. Enel X’s experience spans many industries, with automation as a major tool ot is using to drive intuitive access to their services. With a significant investment in research, they’ve developed innovative and intelligent EV charging solutions creating a vast network of chargers that help EV drivers access mobile power while on the road. Their revenues exceed 470 million US dollars with a staff strength of more than 3,000 employees who are behind the many successes of Enel X. Additionally, they have exceeded over 50,000 charging points across Europe and the world with an ambition to reach 736,000 charging points worldwide by the end of 2022.
  • Products Offered – Residential EV chargers, public charging points, smart charging accessories.

10. ABB

  • Headquarters – Vasteras, Sweden/Zurich, Switzerland
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, ISO.
  • Company Introduction – ABB has been known as a quality manufacturer of electrification devices for 34 years. This same quality has been brought to the EV charging scene, with ABB manufacturing some of the most innovative charging stations worldwide. Their plan is to continue innovating new charging solutions with a sizeable investment in research and development, which has recently been increased to 5% of total yearly revenue, which brings it to more than 400 million US dollars. They have also built a 10 million US dollar production facility covering 3,600 sqm in Delft, Netherlands, with another 30 million US dollar facility in Italy covering about 16,000 sqm. This facility houses 120 specialists saddled with the responsibility of developing new EV charging solutions for their teeming customers. ABB has installed over 17,000 charging points across Europe with the vision to do more very quickly in the coming years.
  • Products Offered – AC/DC charging stations, public fast-charging stations, charging accessories.

11. RWE

  • Headquarters – Essen, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates –. UL, IEC, CE, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Though it has over a century of existence and experience as an energy generation and distribution company RWE’s venture into the EV charging business has only existed since 2009. It initially partnered with the German carmaker Daimler AG to manufacture and install public charging stations for its EVs. However, RWE has since grown into a global name with over 5 billion euros in investment. It has also installed over 4,000 charging units around Europe and continues to invest in building and installing more charging stations over the coming years.
  • Products Offered – Standard home charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, charging accessories.

12. Engie

  • Headquarters – La Defense, France
  • Year of Experience – 5 years (2017)
  • Certificates – FCC, ISO, UL, CE
  • Company Introduction – With over 75,000 charging stations installed across Europe and globally, Engie is not a minion in the EV charging industry, especially with the acquisition of several EV charger manufacturing companies. Engie’s venture into the EV charging industry has only been five years old. However, they’ve managed to do a lot in these few years. Firstly, it acquired the Netherlands-based EV charger manufacturer EV-Box in 2017 and then went on to also acquire Charge Point Services in 2019, making it one of the most prominent players in the industry. It employs over 158,000 workers and has revenue that surpassed 60 billion euros in 2018, with its shares traded on the Euronext exchanges in Brussels and Paris. With this many successes, Engie is not resting on its oars as it plans to increase its charging station network across Europe and the world in a few years.
  • Products Offered – Home EV chargers, business charging stations, AC/DC charging stations, charging accessories.

13. Keba

  • Headquarters – Linz, Austria
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates – CE, UL, FCC, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Keba’s establishment precedes its leap into the EV charging business by 41 years. And while they’ve had 13 years of consistent production and installation of several EV charging units across Europe, their experience in the industry is significant. This Austrian-based EV infrastructure manufacturer took a bold step with its first home charging unit back in 2009, but today has installed over 150,000 charging units both in Europe and across the globe, making it one of the leading brands in the industry. Keba’s objective is to reach as many EV drivers as possible across Europe and the rest of the world. As such, it is investing huge sums in production facilities and research to dole out innovative and easy-to-use charging units to various EV owners.
  • Products Offered – Home EV chargers, business charging units, charging accessories.

14. EVBox

  • Headquarters – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Year of Experience – 12 years (2010)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO, IEC.
  • Company Introduction – EVBox is a leading European manufacturer of EV charging stations with over 20,000 business subscribers and over 350,000 EV charging stations installed globally. With 12 years of industry experience and a formidable team of experienced professionals, EVBox is highly placed among industry producers of EV charging stations globally. Their range of innovative charging solutions ensures that they keep a top-level ranking in the industry. But the thing is, EVBox has evolved over the years from installing a few charging stations across Europe to installing thousands of units globally. This trend will continue as more drivers switch from fossil-fueled cars to electric vehicles. Additionally, EVBox strikes partnerships with other companies to extend its expertise and increase its reach. They also invest huge sums into infrastructure, production processes, and research.
  • Products Offered – Modular home charging stations, Ultra-fast charging stations, commercial charging stations, workplace charging stations, and charging accessories.

15. Efacec

  • Headquarters – Matosinhos, Portugal
  • Year of Experience – 10 years (2012)
  • Certificates – ISO, CE, UL
  • Company Introduction – While the company started as an electrical machines company back in 1948, its emergence as a fast-charging infrastructure manufacturer for electric cars only began in 2012. Yet, EFACEC has quickly transformed itself into one of the largest electric vehicle charging station manufacturers in just ten years, developing the most versatile fast-charging units in the market. Its target markets are the residential, public, and business EV charging individuals who seek fast-charging solutions for their electric vehicles. While it is a Portuguese company serving the European EV markets, EFACEC also serves other countries outside of Europe like the US, UAE, and Brazil. More importantly, the company grew its manufacturing capacity by 100% one year after inception and has continued to grow, employing over 2,000 employees and posting revenue of over 500 million euros.
  • Products Offered – Fast charging stations, Ultra-fast charging stations, charging accessories.

16. Heliox

  • Headquarters – PH Best, Netherlands.
  • Year of Experience – 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates – ISO, CE, IEC
  • Company Introduction – With an outlook to propagate green energy services across Europe when it was established in 2009, Heliox has grown in leaps and bounds in the European EV charging manufacturing industry. With over 1,600 rapid-charging stations installed across Europe and the world, Heliox is slowly but surely edging out some big players in the EV infrastructure market. In its 13 years of existence, Heliox has developed some of the most innovative yet budget-friendly EV charging stations in the world. Furthermore, they are spreading the application of their charging stations to many industries, including marine and mining industries providing suitable charging solutions for their e-trucks and other port and mining equipment. And while their primary market has been Europe, they have managed to spread their tentacles to capture other markets in other countries, setting up facilities in Romania, Slovakia, and Indonesia.
  • Products Offered – Rapid charging stations and charging accessories.

17. Zaptec

  • Headquarters – Stavanger, Norway
  • Year of Experience – 6 years (2016)
  • Certificates – CE, ISO, FCC
  • Company Introduction – As a rapidly-growing green tech company, Zaptec specializes in developing and manufacturing EV charging stations and successfully delivered over 5,000 charging units in just two years after its inception in 2016. In over six years of existence, Zaptec has designed, developed, and manufactured some of the most ingenious EV charging systems, establishing its presence in other European countries like France, the UK, Sweden, and Germany. It has also been recognized internationally for its designs with the Red Dot Design Award for 2022. But more importantly, Zaptec’s charging stations are designed to accommodate future changes in charging requirements with the ability to reallocate unused power for charging EVs. Zapotec targets single and multi-family homes, businesses, and workplaces requiring EV charging infrastructure with intelligent, functional, and advanced technology.
  • Products Offered – Standard charging stations, fast-charging stations, charging columns, wall-mounted chargers, and charging accessories.

18. Wallbox

  • Headquarters – Barcelona, Spain
  • Year of Experience – 7 years (2015)
  • Certificates – CE, FCC, ISO, SAE
  • Company Introduction – With over 100,000 charging stations sold globally, and with plans to reach 150,000 installed charging stations, WalBox is no pushover in the industry. The Spanish-based EV charging systems manufacturer has been in business for seven years and has since built some innovative level 2 charging stations targeted at residential, business, and workplace charging facilities. Established by two individuals who used to work for Tesla, WallBox has recently raised 330 million US dollars in a Special Purpose Acquisition Company deal that has enhanced their manufacturing processes. Besides its manufacturing facilities in Spain, WallBox also manufactures plants in the US and China and has its products sold all over Europe and globally in 67 countries. WallBox plans to install 500,000 charging stations annually by 2030.
  • Products Offered – DC fast chargers, level 2 AC chargers, charging accessories.

19. Webasto

  • Headquarters – Stockdorf, Germany
  • Year of Experience – 8 years (2014)
  • Certificates – CE, IEC, ISO
  • Company Introduction – Webasto group was established in 1901 as a home appliance manufacturer. However, it has progressively advanced its manufacturing capabilities over the years and has ventured into other businesses, including EV charging station manufacturing. With a huge investment in research and development, Webasto has developed a series of fast-charging stations tailored to various categories of EV charging requirements. These requirements include businesses, residential apartments, homes, and workplaces. With the acquisition of AeroVironment’s Efficient Energy Systems (EES), Webasto has increased its ability to efficiently develop innovative charging solutions for the teeming EV users in Europe and worldwide. While its base is in Germany, Webasto also has other facilities worldwide, including China, Poland, Spain, Portugal, and 46 other locations.
  • Products Offered – Wall-mounted charging stations, AC/DC charging stations, charging accessories.

20. Electrly

Electrly Banner Dark
  • Headquarters – Shenzhen, China
  • Year of Experience – 7 years, (2015)
  • Certificates – EN, ISO, CE, IEC, SAE
  • Company Introduction – Electrly is a leading EV charging station manufacturer with innovative products that has effectively served different categories of EV users with different requirements. These requirements range from business, workplace, and public places to residential needs. While it was established in 2015, the combined experience of its highly experienced workforce comes up to over 20 years. Additionally, it is well invested in research and development that has allowed the release of innovative EV charging solutions that make it easy and intuitive for EV owners to charge their vehicles. While its manufacturing facility is based in China, covering 10,000 sqm, Electrly adequately serves diverse customers across Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Products Offered – Home charging units, Public fast-charging stations, AC/DC charging stations, charging accessories.


Finally, getting a suitable EV charging manufacturer that satisfies your requirement should not be difficult, especially if you are looking for your supplier’s in the European market. However, the first thing you should lock down is the source of electricity, especially if you are looking at getting an EV charging station for your home. This will usually determine the type of charging unit you can install. Ultimately, considering a Chinese manufacturer like Electrly can serve your purpose, especially if you are on a budget and still desire the quality other European brands deliver.

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