Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Canada

Looking for the best EV charging station manufacturers in Canada, but do not know where to find? Here's the 6 best EV companies for you. Come and have a quick look.


The life of the electric car requires an appropriate infrastructure to charge them. Therefore, along with the boom in electric cars that began a few years ago, many companies were created to manufacture, sell and install charging stations and EV chargers, not only intended for private use but also used by charging networks. Therefore, currently, among the manufacturers of chargers for electric cars, both Canadian and foreign manufacturers can be distinguished, providing a wide selection of this type of device. Given below is the list of top EV chargers manufacturers in Canada, based on their annual sales and product quality.

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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Canada

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Enel X 2017
2 FLO 2012
3 Grizzl-E 2001
4 SWTCH Energy /
5 The Electric Circuit 2012
6 Hypercharge 2018

1. Enel X

  • Address – 360, Industrial Road, San Carlos, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 6 years(2017)
  • Certificates – ENERGY STAR, IP66, UL, IK10, NEC, FCC, IP65, CCS, CE, CHAdeMO, RCM, IC, CALeVIP
  • Company Introduction The Italian company Enel X is the project of Enel Group which was founded in 1962, from the very beginning has been associated with the renewable energy and electromobility industry. Currently, just in 6 years, Enel X is one of the most modern enterprises that deal with the production and distribution of its products not only in our country but also abroad. Among them, we can distinguish, among others, AC and DC fast EV chargers, as well as electric car charging stations. Their charging stations are most popular with the name juice-box. The company has received many awards such as SEPA Power Players Award, PLMA Award, Fast Company Award, Edison Award, and E&E Award, etc. Although Enel X electric car charging stations are certainly much less known, opinions about them are more positive than the models offered by other manufacturers.
  • Products Offered – AC EV chargers, Fast EV chargers, home EV chargers, commercial EV chargers, EV charging accessories.

2. FLO

  • Address – 2800 rue Louis Lumière, Suite 100, Quebec, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 10 years(2012)
  • Certificates – ISO, NFC, ICES, FCC, CTEP, CSA, UL, CHAdeMO, CCS1
  • Company Introduction – FLO is a subsidiary company of AddEnergie, a North American leader in electric vehicle charging solutions. FLO and its parent company, AddEnergie have installed over 60,000 EV charging stations, spread all over America and Canada, utilized on commercial points, public spots, and residential areas. FLO electric car charging stations are AC or DC models. Depending on the needs of future users, they are equipped with an RFID card reader, as well as the attached cable. In addition, FLO also offers a comprehensive solution in the form of the EV Charging Expert software, which allows you to manage and monitor the operation of the charging station in a convenient way.
  • Products Offered – Level 2 EV chargers, DC fast EV chargers, commercial EV chargers, AC EV chargers.

3. Grizzl-E

  • Address – 90 Gough Road, Unit 2, Markham, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 21 years(2001)
  • Certificates – NEMA, UL, CCS1, CHAdeMO
  • Company Introduction – Grizzl-E is a Canadian company that was founded in 2001 and started its activity with the production of software. In the following years, it changed to the research, development, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. Today, this brand is known primarily for the production of EV chargers. In 2020, however, it decided to expand its activity and create its first electric vehicle charge. Among the models it produces, you can find both DC and AC charging stations. In addition, they are additionally divided into three main categories in terms of who they are intended for: private, business, and public. Grizzle-E home charging stations are Wallbox devices, it also produces free-standing charging stations, which are perfect for parking lots in front of company premises or for public applications. These chargers are the most affordable items in the whole market.
  • Products Offered – AC EV chargers, Level 3 EV chargers, smart EV chargers, portable EV chargers, business EV chargers, EV chargers accessories.

4. SWTCH Energy

  • Address – 7 Queen Elizabeth Blvd, Toronto, Canada
  • Year of Experience – /
  • Certificates – UL, CHAdeMO, CCS-1
  • Company Introduction – SWTCH Energy delivers end-to-end EV charging stations and energy management solutions. The company ensures that all of its technologies are based on open communication standards. Although the SWTCH ENERGY is a newly developed brand, its products are characterized by high-quality workmanship and aesthetic design. Its charging stations also feature modern solutions that sometimes distinguish them from other competing models on the market. In addition, the wide range of devices deserves a big plus, in which almost everyone will find the right charging station for themselves, no matter how it is to be used. Their product line includes chargers for private EV drivers, and public and business stations. They also provide consultancy and advice about electric vehicle equipment.
  • Products Offered – Type 2 EV chargers, AC EV chargers, DC fast EV chargers, residential EV chargers, commercial EV chargers.

5. The Electric Circuit

  • Address – 75, René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  • Year of Experience – 10 years(2012)
  • Certificates – CHAdeMO, CCS-1
  • Company Introduction – Since 2012, The electric circuit is working on the production and distribution of charging stations, and is completely attached to this industry. Its solutions were created primarily to be able to charge models of electric cars of every brand. Till now, they have installed more than 3,400 EV charging stations which include 600 DC fast-charging stations, a few of them categorized in superstations. They believe in quality that’s why their product line has few items but is certified. Level 2 charging stations, 24 kW, 50 kW, and 100 kW DC fast-charge stations are their setups and are installed in North America and Canada.
  • Products Offered – Type 2 EV chargers, DC fast EV chargers, public EV chargers.

6. Hypercharge

  • Address – 310 – 1008 Homer Street, Vancouver, Canada
  • Year of Experience – 5 years(2018)
  • Certificates – NEMA, TUV, UL, ISO, IK08, IP3X, FCC
  • Company Introduction – Since its launch, Hypercharge is a Canadian brand that has been dealing exclusively with the production of devices and solutions for charging electric cars. A modern approach to the electromobility industry and constant care for the high quality of the offered charging stations for electric cars are the reasons why the company is currently considered one of the most popular brands. The main focus of Hypercharger is on certification and quality assurance that’s why they have gained a number of certifications in a small span of time. Among the charging stations, one can distinguish primarily wall-mounted models intended for installation in homes and parking lots. In addition, the company also produces floor-standing charging stations, available in many different variants to choose from.
  • Products Offered – Type 2 EV chargers, residential EV chargers, DC fast EV chargers, commercial EV chargers.


The faster and more powerful types of electric car chargers are offered by these manufacturers. In addition, these manufacturers of chargers and charging stations for electric cars also ensure that their parameters are best suited for local citizens. That’s why more and more charging stations equipped with chargers from these manufacturers are being built in Canada. I hope this list will help you while buying EV chargers for your own electric vehicle.

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