Top 3 EV Charger Manufacturers in Denmark

If you want to buy EV chargers in Denmark market but do not which EV company is right for you. Here's the article for all of your doubts.


EVs are here to stay, and they’re here to stay for good.

The demand for EV chargers is growing significantly as the EV market expands. During the projected timeline of 2021-2028, the EV charger market is estimated to reach $103.6 billion in value at a CAGR of 26.4 percent.

There have been recent announcements from the Denmark Government about transportation reform. It is one of the greatest strategies to reduce pollution and total dependence on petroleum imports by using electric automobiles. Let’s have a look at the top three manufacturers of EV chargers in Denmark.

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Top 3 EV Charger Manufacturers in Denmark

Here are the top manufacturers of EV chargers you’ll find in Austria.

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 E.ON 2000
2 Clever 2009
3 Sperto /

1. E.ON

  • Address: Dirch Passers Allé 76, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • Year of Experience: 22 Years (2000)
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001
  • Company Introduction: In the year 2000, the energy firms VEBA and VIAG merged to become E.ON. E.ON, headquartered in Germany, was placed 56th in the Arctic Environmental Responsibility Index (AERI) in 2021, which includes 120 oil, gas, and mining corporations that operate in the Arctic Circle. The company’s goal is to show you why it’s a fantastic time to transition to an electric car, whether you just purchased one or are contemplating one in the near future. Their smart chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle quickly, intuitively, and easily at home. Depending on the kind of electric car you have, they have two Wi-Fi-enabled smart chargers to choose from. Whatever your charging needs, they’ve got a charger that will work with your EV regardless of its technical specifications or price range. For E.ON, achieving net-zero energy is a challenging but vital goal; therefore, they’re dedicated to a sustainable energy future.
  • Products Offered: Electric vehicle home chargers, commercial charge points.

2. Clever

  • Address: Støberigade 14, 3. sal, 2450 København SV
  • Year of Experience: 13 Years (2009)
  • Certificates: NA
  • Company Introduction: Clever is the top charging company in the country’s capital city of Copenhagen. The company has improved its electric vehicle charging infrastructure and charging choices for consumers and businesses around the nation since its inception in 2009. Clever presently seems to have more than 2,300 accessible public charging sites in Denmark, and by the end of the year 2025, Clever will construct more than 10,000 more charging points around the nation. NRGi and Andel have a 94.9 percent stake in Clever, a co-owned energy and fiber infrastructure company (5.1 percent). The company has made it its mission to make the switch to electric transportation as simple as possible by providing charging options that work for everyone. To do this, they enlist the assistance of real-world customers in the creation of their products and services by discovering and removing common roadblocks.
  • Products Offered: EV home charger, commercial charging stations, and charging cables for cars.

3. Sperto

  • Address: Sperto ApS, Nattergalevej 6, 1, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year of Experience: NA
  • Certificates: NA
  • Company Introduction – Founded by electric drivers, Sperto is powered by electric drivers and designed for electric drivers. As a result, the company was born out of a true passion for electric vehicles and the expertise that comes with them. Whether the client is a corporation, a municipality, or a private individual, they have a strong professional dedication to finding the best possible solution. Customers may even purchase a single charger from them. Housing groups, businesses, and municipalities may all benefit from this service. All tiers of Sperto ApS are expanding. There is a significant increase in the number of consumers, employees, and public charging stations in Denmark. As a result, they’ll keep adding people and money to their platform in order to make it stronger.
  • Products Offered – EV portable chargers, EV charging stations, and EV charging stands.


A growing awareness of the environmental impact of fossil fuels and increased expenditures on electric cars and charging stations have helped the electric vehicle industry develop significantly during the last few years. Charging equipment and infrastructure is being developed and deployed at strategic places around the country by a variety of corporate and public sector entities.

To make charging stations more readily available, some EV manufacturers have formed partnerships and collaborations with companies that specialize in charging equipment and infrastructure. A number of different industry participants are pursuing the introduction of more affordable and quicker charging options for electric cars via R&D investments.

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