Top 4 EV Charger Manufacturers in Norway

Want to locate the best EV charger manufacturers in Norway? Do not know where to find those Norwegian EV suppliers? Here' s the top list for you.


Electric vehicles that have become popular these days are often called “EVs”. However, when you buy an EV, it’s more convenient to have an EV charger at home. With the widespread use of eco-friendly electric vehicles, the demand for EV chargers is also increasing. Therefore, the number of manufacturers developing EV chargers is increasing, and there are many people who are actually in trouble as to which manufacturer’s EV charger to choose. Therefore, we will introduce a recommended manufacturers list of EV chargers. Let’s hold down the brands related to electric vehicle chargers that are recommended as the best EV chargers’ companies.

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I. Top 4 EV Charger Manufacturers in Norway

Rank EV Charger Manufacturer Year Established
1 Zaptec 2012
2 Easee 2018
3 Mer 2009
4 ABB /

1. Zaptec

  • Address: Zaptec Charger AS, 4068, Stavanger, Norway
  • Year of Experience: 10 years (2012)
  • Certificates: ISO15118
  • Company Introduction: Zeptec is a manufacturer of quick chargers and power conditioners for EVs and is an electric vehicle charger-related brand with an attractive high dividend yield. The secret of their success is that they bring together the latest technology with human centered layout of model. This offers efficient and highly intuitive EV chargers which ensure makes the use of personal electric transport easy for everyone. They are delivering a leading approach by applying green-tech charging solutions. In just a span of 4 years, Zaptec EV chargers’ company has received a number of national and international awards such as NAF Best in Test (2022), RED DOT Design Award (2022, 2021).
  • Products Offered: Eco-friendly EV chargers, Fast EV chargers, home EV chargers, business EV chargers, Type 2 EV chargers, EV charging accessories.

2. Easee

  • Address: The Easee Loft, 4/1, 106, Hope St, Glasgow, Norway
  • Year of Experience: 4 years (2018)
  • Certificates: IP54 certification, EN 61851, IEC 61008, IEC 62955
  • Company Introduction: Easee Electric Manufacturing, a power company for in-vehicle and industrial machinery, is a brand related to electric vehicle chargers that was created in 2018. The company is known for producing the “robotic EV chargers” high-power quick chargers for EV vehicles. Easee is a company which has gained success in a very short period of time. From starting with just 3 employees, they now have 300+ employees and a number of sales offices in major countries. Easee plans, layouts and produces its EV products in Scandinavia and at present they are exporting to 17 countries in Europe. They aim big and are struggling to become one of the leading firms in green technology not only in Europe but also in the world by 2031. They are manufacturing products for home charging, commercial building and apartment blocks EV charging.
  • Products Offered: type 2 EV chargers, fast EV chargers, AI EV chargers, EV chargers accessories, commercial EV chargers

3. Mer

  • Address: Kjøita 18, 4630, Kristiansand, Norway
  • Year of Experience: 13 years (2009)
  • Certificates: /
  • Company Introduction: Since 2009, Mer now has more than 670 fast charging stations at more than 260 charging stations throughout Norway. Mission is to make travel environmentally friendly, easy and accessible for everyone. They aim to expand and improve charging offers further. They find location as the crucial point to install EV charging stations, so they already planned along main arteries, in shopping centers and grocery stores. The charging stations that will be established will mainly consist of Lightning Chargers, but they will also use fast chargers and normal chargers, as they know car owners are willing to spend a little more time.
  • Products Offered: Lightning EV chargers, Fast EV chargers, type 2 EV chargers, home EV chargers, public EV chargers, Normal EV chargers

4. ABB

  • Address: ABB AS, Snarøyveien 30, building M
  • Year of Experience: 130 years
  • Certificates: IEC, UL
  • Company Introduction: ABB company is one of the pioneer firms in Electric vehicles and accessories manufacture businesses. They have laid the grounds for a prospect of reliable, smarter, emission-free mobility, and available for everyone and everywhere. They have been working in the market for more than a century. Their product line includes every EV related product and technology such as AC EV chargers and DC EV chargers. This is not just the end, ABB believes in diversity, they are dealing in vast areas of Control Room Solutions, Drives, Industrial Software, Low Voltage Products and Systems, high and Medium Voltage Products, Robotics and many more.
  • Products Offered: AC EV chargers, DC EV chargers, commercial EV chargers, fast EV chargers.


There is no doubt that the global EV shift is trending, and it is certain that the demand for electric vehicle chargers will inevitably increase. We have explained in detail about the recommended manufacturers of EV chargers. Each manufacturer’s EV charger has its own characteristics, so be sure to understand the characteristics and performance of the EV charger before making a selection. Electrly EV chargers manufacturing company in China has the best personalized solutions for every electric vehicle. They understand their clients. That’s why providing affordable prices, compatibility and best quality product line.

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