EV Charging for Entertainment Venues

EV Charging for Entertainment Venues

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A Simple & Versatile EV Charging Solution For Entertainment Venues

Setting up the all-level-supported charging products from Electrly at your recreational establishments can offer reliable andeasy-to-use EV charging services with needed convenience for your customers.

Your business will have the potential to become the first pick for EV drivers and develop into the multi-functional tourist attraction with future opportunities.

Power Up Your Parking Business with Seamless EV Charging

Level Up Your Entertainment Businesses With Our Services

  • Provide Add-on Services

    Offer parking-charging services with our charging equipment for your customer so they can make use of their vehicle idle hours and “refuel” during their visit. This allows them to fully explore your businesses without having EV mileage anxiety afterward.

  • Generate Additional Revenue

    Building a fully functioning charging station with our commercial-grade charging hardware within your property to make a profit by redistributing electricity. It can be another considerable source of revenue in addition to your already profitable businesses.

  • Reach Sustainability Goal

    Our efficient EV charging facility at your entertainment business location is a practical measure to show your support for the transition to clean energy, while demonstrating your environmental protection ambition.

Recommended Products

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    Electri Charge - A23

    Explore Electri Charge - A23, a level 2 EV charger with smart control and maximum safety protection. With an output of up to 22 kW, it is the ideal EV charger for residential and commercial use.

    • Max Charging Rate up to 22kW
    • WiFi Mesh Supported
    • Type 1 or 2 Connector
    • Smart Mobile APP Control
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Customizable Cable Length
  • goods img

    Electri Charge - A19

    Electri Charge - A19 is a powerful level 2 EV charger with a maximum output of 22kW. With an IP55 waterproof rating, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    • Maximum 22kW Output
    • RFID Authentication
    • 5.0 Inches LCD Screen
    • Optional Charging Connectors
    • Over voltage protection
    • IP55 Waterproof Enclosures
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    Electri Charge - A20

    Featuring smart charging control, dynamic load balancing, and comprehensive safety protection, Electri Charge - A20 delivers a convenient and peace-of-mind charging experience

    • Up to 22kW Charging Power
    • Smart APP Control
    • Type 1 or 2 Charging Cable
    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Secure User Identification with RFID
    • OCPP Communication protocol
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    Electri Charge - A21

    With its top-notch quality standards, intelligent charging control feature, and customizable charging connectors, Electric Charge - A21 is the perfect solution for all your EV charging needs.

    • Up to 22kW AC Charging
    • Compatible with All EVs
    • Dynamic Load Balancing
    • Built-in PEN Fault Detection
    • Highest Electrical Safety
    • Easy Indoor / Outdoor Installation
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    Volt Go - A27

    Featuring Level 2 charging capability, quick fingerprint unlock, and smart connectivity access, Electrly’s Volt Go - A27 is the perfect solution for charging EVs at any location.

    • Max Power up to 22kW
    • WiFi Connectivity
    • Fingerprint Recognition
    • Fully-loaded Electrical Protection
    • IP55 Rated Dust/Water Protection
    • Quick Installation & Setup
  • goods img

    Recharge Pro - A4

    With Recharge Pro - A4, EV owners can benefit from its versatile charger setup, simple status indicator, and remote WiFi access, all to bring you a smart, quick and easy charging experience.

    • Max Power 9.6kW
    • Wall-mount/Floor-stand Support
    • 3-color LED Charging Indicator
    • Plug & Play
    • WiFi Connectivity
    • Type 1 Connector
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    Road Charge - A11

    Explore Electrly’s Road Charge - A11, a simple, secured, and smart home charging solution with features including LED status indicator, RFID authentication, and remote control over WiFi App.

    • Max Power up to 22kW
    • Remote WiFi App Access
    • IP65 Rated Dust/Water Protection
    • OCPP 1.6 Protocol
    • LED Charging Status Indicator
    • RFID Authentication Support
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    Road Charge - A10

    Electrly’s Road Charge - A10 offers maximum versatility with built-in Type 2 socket, ready to handle EV charging needs in all situations with weatherproof resistance, RFID unlock, and smart WiFi App control.

    • Max Power up to 22kW
    • Type 2 Charging Socket
    • RFID Authentication Support
    • 3-color LED Charging Indicator
    • Remote WiFi App Access
    • IP54 Rated Dust/Water Protection
  • goods img

    Business Series Wallbox

    The Business Series Wallbox chargers from Electrly offer smart control features and stable power delivery, allowing all users to charge their EVs confidently and satisfactorily.

    • Max Power 22kW
    • Smart App Control
    • WiFi Mesh Technique
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
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    TS02 Series

    The TS02 Series, know as our Twins Series Pedestal, is the ideal solution for shared electric vehicle charging with cutting-edge features and dependable performance.

    • Max Power 22kW
    • 2*Type 2 Sockets
    • OCPP Protocal Support
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
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    TF 60 Series

    The Turbo FC60 offers tremendous reliability and flexibility with both AC and DC connectors for drivers to enjoy a convenient and efficient charging experience.

    • Max Power 60kW
    • Ethernet/4G/WiFi
    • Max Efficiency 95%
    • AC & DC Compatibility

Your Business, Your Design

All of our commercial-grade EV charging products are customizable that support a certain level of exterior modifications from the factory.

Our white-label chargers can then be fitted right into your business style after being equipped with your exclusive design.

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Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

All-Round Charging Management Solution

Smart Charging Management
Remote Network Management
Online Billing & Payment
Detailed Statistics & Reports

The featured dynamic workload balance function automatically controls the output of each charging unit based on real-time power loads. This measure can ensure maximum security and efficiency of your charging unit operation.

Smart Charging Management
Remote Network Management
Online Billing & Payment
Detailed Statistics & Reports

Why Choose Electrly?

  • Order Just 1? No Problem

    Want to test our product first? No problem. Our MOQ policy allows our clients to order starting from 1 unit, making the product trials easier for our future partners.

  • We Are The Manufacturer

    We produce all of the charging units in our own production line. Without a third-party manufacturer involved, our QC procedure guarantees the safety and reliability of our product.

  • Deal with The Factory Directly

    Working with Electrly means working directly with the factory and manufacturer, and you will not encounter intermediaries or price differences.

  • Bulk Purchases, Bulk Discounts

    Take advantage of our bulk sale policy! Purchase multiple units at a time for your business to enjoy cheaper discounts.

  • Worry-free Warranty Policy

    We provide a worry-free factory warranty for all of the products we sell, and we will take full responsibility for all of the defects and malfunctions of the product itself.

  • Post-sale Support

    When having questions or issues while using our products, you can always contact our customer support team and get assistance within 24 hours.

How Our Services Work

Simply tell us what you need and we give you a customized, perfect solution.

How We Work
  • Tell Us What You Want

    Get in touch with us and let us know your EV charging requirements.

  • Get a Customized Solution

    Our professional team will collaborate with you to create a tailored solution that caters to your needs.

  • Receive a Free Quote

    If everything meets your satisfaction, we'll give you a free quote with product and service details.

  • Place Your Order

    If the offer sounds good to you, you can place your order and make the payment.

  • Expect Fast Delivery

    When everything is set up, we'll schedule the production immediately and get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

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The Ready-to-go Charging Solutions Loaded With Business Potential

🎡 Parking with chargingProvide add-on services
📣 Increase visibilityMake your business stand out
💵 Earn passive profitsGenerate additional revenue
🌏 Support green businessReach your sustainability goal

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  • Multiple charging levels available

  • Compatible with most EVs

  • Scalable for all types of businesses

  • State-of-the-art safety features

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