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Volt Go - A25

Charge up with Volt Go - A25, your top pick for Level 2 EV charging!

Volt Go - A25

Charge Faster at Home with Volt Go - A25

Explore our Volt Go - A25, a compact EV charging station that comes with max power of up to 22kW for a fast charging experience.

  • Stable power output of up to 22 kW

  • IP55, highly waterproof and dustproof

  • Fingerprint authentication for faster access

  • Stylish design with various color options

  • Over voltage protection, no tripping

  • Over temperature protection with real time monitor

  • Certification:


Reasons to Choose Volt Go - A25

  • Safe Charging

    The Volt Go - A25 meets the highest quality standards and comes with multiple safety protections to give you and your customers the safest charging experience.

    • Highly waterproof and dustproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

    • Equipped with leakage protection device to ensure safety during usage

    • Featuring real-time monitoring and automatic adjustment to avoid over-temperature and over-voltage

  • Simple Operation

    The user-friendly design and straightforward operation of Volt Go - A25 make charging your EV a convenient and hassle-free experience.

    • Designed with an emergency stop button to stop charging immediately during unexpected situations

    • Comes with LED indicators that show charging status visually and clearly

    • Allows users to schedule charging slots through the app to take full advantage of off-peak hours

  • Flexible Options

    Our Volt Go - A25 also provides many options to cater to various charging needs and preferences of different users.

    • Provides three different models to meet different output power demands

    • Multiple access methods, including support for multi-person fingerprint authentication

    • Various enclosure color options, suitable for different decoration styles and settings

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Highly Suitable for Business in Different Industries

Highly Suitable for Business in Different Industries

With its powerful performance, the Volt Go - A25 is not limited to home charging. It is also a good fit for the following industries:

Trustworthy Warranty and Support

Your satisfaction is our top priority. When you purchase Volt Go - A25 with Electrly, you can rest assured that you're getting the best.

  • Installation Guide

    Installation Guide

    Along with the Volt Go - A25, you'll receive an easy-to-follow installation guide to quickly install and set up the charger.

  • 18-Month Warranty

    18-Month Warranty

    For added peace of mind, we offer an 18-month warranty on every Volt Go - A25 we sell.

  • 24/7 After-Sales Support

    24/7 After-Sales Support

    No matter when you encounter any difficulties with Volt Go - A25, our support team is there to provide you with prompt assistance.

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Rated Power7kW / 11kW / 22kW7kW / 11kW / 22kW7kW / 11kW
Rated Voltage230V AC / 400V AC / 400V AC 230V AC / 400V AC / 400V AC 230V AC / 400V AC
Maximum Current32A / 16A / 32A32A / 16A / 32A32A / 16A
Charge ConnectorType 1 / Type 2 cableType 1 / Type 2 cableType 1 / Type 2 cable
Certification StandardEN IEC61851-1:2019,IEC 61851-1:2017,IEC 61851-21-2:2018EN IEC61851-1:2019,IEC 61851-1:2017,IEC 61851-21-2:2018EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018
Dimensions300*180*120 mm(H*W*D)300*180*120 mm(H*W*D)328*180*86 mm(H*W*D)
Net Weight3.8kg3.8kg3.2 kg
Warranty18 months18 months2 years

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