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Smart Home Wallbox

Experience Next-Level Home EV Charging with Our Smart Home Wallbox.

Smart Home Wallbox

Charge Your Car at Home the Smart Way

Discover the sleek and compact Smart Home Wallbox, a residential EV charging solution that comes with intelligent control, wireless connectivity, and enhanced safety features.

  • Max charging power of up to 11kW

  • Advanced WiFi mesh network connectivity

  • Comprehensive smartphone app management

  • Universal OCPP compatibility & flexibility

  • Certification:


Why Our Smart Home Wallbox?

  • Intelligent Control & Connectivity

    Effortlessly manage your EV charging sessions with our Smart Home Wallbox, which offers advanced control, superior connectivity, and a streamlined user experience for ultimate convenience.

    • Robust wireless communication through Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

    • Seamless integration with OCPP communication protocol and CMS

    • Schedule charging sessions via the app

  • Secure & Safe Charging

    Ensure the safety of your EV and home with the Smart Home Wallbox's top-tier protective features, intelligent monitoring, and secure charging management.

    • Multiple layers of electrical protection

    • IP65 weatherproof; resistant to rain, snow, dust

    • Smart app control for secure home charging management

  • Flexible & Versatile Options

    The Smart Home Wallbox is able to suit your preferences, with maximum cable compatibility, different access methods, and flexible mounting options that adapt to your unique charging needs.

    • Choose between Type 1 or Type 2 charging cables for compatibility

    • Multiple access options: app operation, RFID authentication, or plug and play

    • Can be wall mounted or floor stand mounted to fit any space

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The Perfect EV Charger for Automakers and Homeowners

The Perfect EV Charger for Automakers and Homeowners

The Smart Home Wallbox offers a space-saving and user-friendly charging option for electric vehicle drivers, suitable for both automakers and residences.

Support and Warranty Assurance

We take pride in providing effective customer care through our all-inclusive service offerings, which feature a stress-free installation guide, an extensive warranty, and dedicated support.

  • Effortless Installation Process

    Effortless Installation Process

    Your home EV charging equipment comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide, meticulously designed to streamline the setup and help juice up your car right away.

  • Two-Year Comprehensive Warranty

    Two-Year Comprehensive Warranty

    We prioritize your satisfaction and offer a generous two-year warranty from the departure date, delivering worry-free and reliable charging experiences.

  • Dedicated 24/7 After-Sales Support

    Dedicated 24/7 After-Sales Support

    Our committed after-sales support team is available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have about your EV charger. Benefit from exceptional customer service whenever you need it.

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Smart Home Wallbox

Smart Home Wallbox

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Rated Power7kW / 11kW3kW7kW
Rated Voltage230V AC / 400V AC230V AC230V AC
Maximum Current32A / 16A13A32A
Charge ConnectorType 1 / Type 2 cableType 1 / Type 2 cableType 1 / Type 2 cable
Certification StandardEN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018
Dimensions328*180*86 mm(H*W*D)195*74*43 mm(H*W*D)233*150*70 mm(H*W*D)
Net Weight3.2 kg1.9 kg2.9 kg
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

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