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Rocket FC120

Attract and retain customers with our smart Rocket FC120 fast chargers!

Rocket FC120

Rocket FC120, Your Ideal Commercial Fast Charger

With a high efficiency of 95%, our Rocket FC120 charger can output power up to 120 KW. It is OCPP compliant and supports both AC and DC charging. Additionally, its built-in safety mechanism sets it apart from other charging units.

  • Max power output of 120 KW

  • High charging efficiency of 95%

  • Compatible with AC & DC

  • Type A RCD residual current protection

  • Certification:


Rocket FC120 Perks at a Glance

With Rocket FC120, setting up commercial fast charging can be as easy as a breeze.

  • Super Fast Charging

    • Maximum power output of 120kW

    • Enduring current of up to 200A

    • Efficiency of 95%

  • Highly Efficient Charging Connectors

    • Two CCS1 or 2 DC charging connectors

    • Allow simultaneous charging for two vehicles

  • Flexible Operation

    • Plug and play

    • Started with an RFID card

    • Mobile app control supported

  • Highly-Graded Protection

    • IP54-rated ingress protection, upgradable to IP65

    • Over- or under-temperature protection

    • Overload or surge protection

  • Smart Connectivity

    • WiFi, 4G, and Ethernet connection supported

    • OCPP-compliant communication with the management system

    • POS terminal integrable for hassle-free credit card payment

  • Safe and Reliable

    • Type A RCD to mitigate residual current dissipation

    • ISO15118 compliant plug and charge feature

    • Produce less heat

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Rocket FC120 Is Tailor-Made for Your Business Needs

Rocket FC120 Is Tailor-Made for Your Business Needs

Rocket FC120 can offer high performance and safety across various industrial sectors:

Customer Support & Quality Assurance

We offer a customized installation guide, prompt assistance, and a two-year warranty to bring you peace of mind.

  • Installation Guide

    Installation Guide

    We offer expert guidance for installing chargers based on your local conditions. You'll also receive a manual and the chargers upon delivery to assist you.

  • After-Sales Support

    After-Sales Support

    Our support staff will be there for you every step of the way. Any issues you have while using the charger will be resolved swiftly by our experienced support.

  • 2-Year Warranty

    2-Year Warranty

    We provide a 2-year warranty service starting from the date of purchase. If you encounter any defects in our products, our support team will promptly help you solve the issue.

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Rocket FC120

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Rated PowerUp to 120 kWUp to 60 kW20kW
Rated Voltage400V AC400V AC400V AC
Maximum Current200 A200 A33A / 45A
Charge ConnectorType 1 cable / CCS2Type 1 / Type2 cable / CHAdeMO / CCS2Type 1 socket / CCS1 / CCS2 / CHAdeMO
Certification StandardCECECE
Dimensions750*525*1830 mm (L*W*H)750*400*1830 mm (L*W*H)730*500*420mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight240 kg185 kg30 kg
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

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