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FLO Charging Network Overview

FLO is Canada’s largest EV charging network and one of the biggest public charging service providers in continental North America. FLO is installing charging stations for electric car drivers across the States and the Provinces, from bustling cities like Toronto and New York to the remote regions of Alaska and Saskatchewan.

In addition to public charging stations, FLO also provides high-speed home charging solutions for residential uses as well.

Here’s all you need to know about FLO charging stations.

FLO Charging Station Specs & Speed

The FLO network has various EV charge points spread around Canada and the US. You’ll find Level 2 chargers (for business locations and day-stay parking lots) and DC Fast Chargers (DCFCs, colloquially known as Level 3 chargers).

Most Level 2 chargers are equipped with SAE J1772 connectors with either 6.2 kW (the most common) or 7.2 kW of power delivery. FLO’s Level 3 chargers typically deliver 50 kW of charging power, while there are also 25 kW and 37 kW models available to cope with specific vehicle charging capabilities as well.

How to Charge Your Vehicle at FLO Stations

Charging your vehicle at a FLO station is simple. You don’t need to become a FLO member to use their facility (although there are a few reasons it’s a good idea!).

  1. To charge your vehicle at a FLO charge point, you will first use the FLO charging station locator above from Electrly to find the closest FLO charging station near your area. You can also use the FLO official network map as well as the FLO mobile app to check charger prices and availability.
  2. After navigating to the best charging station, park your vehicle at the charge point. You will then need to use your app or FLO card to authorize charging.
  3. Open your vehicle’s charge port, and plug in the station’s connector. Look for indicators or displayed information on the screen of the charging unit to confirm the charging status.
  4. When done charging, remove the charge connector and kindly put it back in the station’s holster for the next driver.

FLO Charging Prices

Most FLO charging stations typically charge by time rather than per kWh. While each one is different, here’s what you should expect. You can use FLO charging stations in either Canada or the US, and make payments in either currency.

FLO Level 2 Charging Prices

Most Level 2 FLO charge stations cost CAD 1.50 per hour (and most are 6.2 kW). However, prices may vary between locations. Some charge points are free to use; some are CAD 1.00 per hour, up to CAD 2.50 per hour plus a standing charge.

In the States, prices vary significantly. You’ll find a good number of free charging stations. Most are either a flat rate of USD 2.00 per hour or USD 1.00 to USD 1.50 for the first hour or two, with a significant price increase for any subsequent time.

FLO Level 3 (DCFC) Charging Prices

Level 3 FLO charge points usually cost CAD 20.00 per hour or CAD 0.25 per minute, which are equivalent to CAD 0.33 per minute or CAD 15.00 per hour, respectively. You’ll also see these price conversions listed on some stations.

There aren’t many DCFC charge points in the US yet. However, with the existing few Level 3 FLO charge points in several states, they have a few price ranges below:

  • USD 0.30 - 0.35 per minute (USD 18.00 - 21.00 per hour) for 50 kW stations
  • USD 0.40 per minute (USD 24.00 per hour) for 50 kW stations
  • USD 0.45 per kWh for 100 kW stations.

Payment Methods

As a FLO member, you can pay your charging bill via your account balance. You can link your credit card to your FLO account to pay for the bill directly or add credit to your account.

If you aren’t a FLO member, you will need to input your email address and payment information at the charge point manually.

FLO Network Membership

FLO Registration

Registering for the FLO membership is simple. Here are the steps to register yourself as a FLO member.

  1. Visit the FLO account sign-up page and create an account.
  2. Enter your name, phone number, email address, and postal/ZIP code.
  3. Add your payment information to add credit to your account.
  4. You are now a FLO member!

Benefits & Perks

Being a FLO member comes with many benefits.

  • Get access to BC Hydro, ChargePoint, E-Charge Network, Electric Circuit, and Shell Recharge Solutions included in your FLO membership.
  • Receive money-saving offers directly to your email address.
  • View live progress, credit amount, and account details directly from the FLO app.
  • Use Apple or Google Pay to top up your FLO account credit.
  • Access to a 24/7 EV charging support network.