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Find Charging Stations Near Me

EVgo was founded in 2010 and is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is a public electric vehicle (EV) charging network that provides fast and reliable charging solutions for EV drivers, including level 2 charging and DC fast charging.

In addition to its charging network, EVgo offers a mobile app that allows EV drivers to locate and pay for charging services,manage their account, and track their charging history.

How to Charge Your EV at EVgo Charging Network?

To charge at EVgo, simply follow the steps:

  1. Use EVgo app or our website to locate a nearby station and check charger availability.
  2. Initiate the charging session using the app, EVgo RFID card, or touchscreen interface.
  3. Connect the charging cable to your EV.
  4. Monitor the charging progress through the app or touchscreen display.
  5. Once your EV is fully charged, end the charging session and disconnect the cable.
  6. Return the cable to the holster to make it available for the next customer.

EVgo Charging Speed

EVgo charging stations offer level 2 chargers that provide charging speeds of 22 to 43kWh, which translates to roughly 15 to 30 miles of range per hour of charging.

For faster charging (around 15 to 45 minutes), look for a Level 3 charger, also known as DCFC, which delivers up to 350 kWh. However, EVgo's DCFC chargers may not be compatible with all electric vehicles.

EVgo Charging Station Cost

EVgo charging station costs vary based on the location, charging speed, and your EVgo pricing plan. EVgo offers several pricing plans, including:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: With this plan, you will pay a $0.99 session fee and a $3 reservation fee (if applicable) each time you charge.
  • EVgo Basic: This plan has a $0 session fee, but you will pay $3 per reservation. You will also be charged a monthly membership fee of $0.99.
  • EVgo Plus™: With this plan, you will not be charged a session or reservation fee, and your per minute/kWh rate will be discounted. The monthly membership fee is $6.99.
  • EVgo PlusMax: This plan offers the same benefits as the EVgo Plus plan, but with a lower per minute/kWh rate. The monthly membership fee is higher at $12.99.

EVgo Rewards Program

EVgo provides a rewards program for its customers nationwide. You are automatically enrolled and receive five points for each dollar spent on charging your electric vehicles with EVgo. Additionally, you can earn extra points by engaging with EVgo on social media, visiting the EVgo Rewards website, and participating in other activities designed to surprise and delight EVgo drivers.

When you earns 2,000 points, you are eligible for a free fast charge, which is equivalent to a $10 charging credit from EVgo.

The Number of EVgo Charging Stations

EVgo operates more than 850 fast-charging stations in more than 30 states and 60 metropolitan areas, providing EV drivers with convenient access to fast charging services.

In addition, EVgo further expands the reach of its charging network by offering more than 1,000 fast chargers and 20,000 Level 2 chargers through EVgo and its partners.