EV Charging for Parking Operators

EV Charging for Parking Operators

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Power Up Your Parking Business with Seamless EV Charging

As electric vehicles gain popularity, the demand for charging stations in parking areas is on the rise. By incorporating our charging solutions into your parking lot, you can draw in more EV drivers and generate new revenue streams.

Electrly has also developed an intelligent management system to help you effortlessly operate and manage the EV charging infrastructure.

Power Up Your Parking Business with Seamless EV Charging

How We Can Benefit You and Your Customers

  • Enhance EV Parking Experience

    With our electric vehicle charging stations, your customers are able to charge their EVs while parked, eliminating the risk of running out of power on the return trip.

  • Boost Customer Traffic

    Our chargers are universally compatible with all EVs. You gain a business advantage over competitors lacking this service and attract more new customers.

  • Increase Revenue Stream

    By attracting new EV drivers, you can grow your business and supplement your income streams by charging them for using your charging stations.

  • Convenient Payment Method

    You can integrate the payment system of your parking facilities into our management system, making it easy for customers to pay for parking and charging at once.

  • Smart Management Controls

    Our Smart Control feature allows you to remotely monitor and manage your charging stations and provides valuable data such as peak and off-peak hours.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    You have complete control over the pricing of your charging services. You can customize the prices during peak and off-peak hours to maximize your revenue.

Recommended Products

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    Business Series Wallbox

    An easy-to-use, effortless-to-manage commercial charging unit with a minimalist design. The perfect charger for the parking lots.

    • Max Power 22kW
    • Smart App Control
    • WiFi Mesh Technique
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
  • goods img

    TS02 Series

    This simple and robust charging unit can provide stable charging for 2 vehicles at the same time. The perfect fit for your parking lots.

    • Max Power 22kW
    • 2*Type 2 Sockets
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
    • OCPP
  • goods img

    PD 20 Series

    With its advanced smart charging features, lower power requirements, and high energy efficiency, it is the perfect solution for charging EV while parking.

    • Max Power 20 kW
    • CCS2 Cable
    • Compact Design
    • MID Certified Electric Meter
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    TF 60 Series

    Turbo FC60 delivers a power output of up to 60 KW and offers tremendous reliability and flexibility. It is an ideal solution for the parking areas.

    • Max Power 60 kW
    • Ethernet/4G/WiFi
    • Max Efficiency 95%
    • AC & DC Compatibility
  • goods img

    RF 120 Series

    Rocket FC120 is a DC fast charger. With this EV charging solution, you can easily provide EV drivers with a fast, safe, and convenient charging experience.

    • Max Power 120 kW
    • Max Efficiency 95%
    • AC & DC Compatibility
    • Type A RCD
  • goods img

    Power Plus

    As the name suggests, Power Plus delivers a strong output of 240kW. With easy authentication and powerful safety features, it represents efficiency and reliability in any commercial setting.

    • Strong Power Output Up to 240kW
    • IP54 Protection
    • RFID Authentication
    • High Charging Efficiency of 95%
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Fully-loaded Electrical Protection

Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

Our customizable white-label EV chargers are designed to help parking operators provide a branded EV charging experience for their customers. The chargers can be personalized with your logo, offering a consistent look throughout your parking facility. This solution improves brand recognition and benefits your parking operations.

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Customizable White-Label EV Chargers

Smart Energy Management Solutions

Smart Charge
Remote Network Management

Our load balancing feature ensures proper power distribution and prevents the parking facility grid from being overloaded in real time. Parking operators can also set maximum power limits to distribute power consumption evenly and save more costs.

Smart Charge
Remote Network Management

Why Going Electric With Electrly?

  • In-house Manufacturing

    Manufactured with the highest quality in our factory - all EV chargers.

  • One Unit MOQ Policy

    Test and validate your business idea with 1 piece of order.

  • Factory Direct Prices

    Take advantage of our low prices without any middlemen.

  • Wholesale Discounts

    Buy in bulk and get a great discount with Electrly.

  • Warranty

    Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty.

  • After-sales Support

    Contact our after-sales support team whenever you need.

How Our Services Work

Simply tell us what you need and we give you a customized, perfect solution.

How We Work
  • Tell Us What You Want

    Get in touch with us and let us know your EV charging requirements.

  • Get a Customized Solution

    Our professional team will collaborate with you to create a tailored solution that caters to your needs.

  • Receive a Free Quote

    If everything meets your satisfaction, we'll give you a free quote with product and service details.

  • Place Your Order

    If the offer sounds good to you, you can place your order and make the payment.

  • Expect Fast Delivery

    When everything is set up, we'll schedule the production immediately and get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

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Go-To Charging Solution for Your Parking Lot

🔝 Attract EV ownersGrow your parking business
💯 Hassle-freeRemote monitor and management
🗃️ IntegrableBilling with your existing system
💰 FlexibleSet your own pricing plans

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  • Multiple charging levels available

  • Compatible with most EVs

  • Scalable for all types of businesses

  • State-of-the-art safety features

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